Haiku contest...

Reading all these Haiku
sophisticated silly words
I start to get angry

Thousands of poems
written in traditional way
filling megabytes of space

True, each one is an individual
and personal expression
needing to show oneself

To show what?
The most artistic way
to hide ones feelings?

Not allowing to go beyond
old frogs perspective
finding wide inner horizons?

Hundreds of years
of high culture in not showing
finding substitutes in nature?

Symbols standing for emotions
so the smile on ones face
may stay untouched?


4. July 1997, 2:35am

I accept the limitation of 5+7+5 syllables, this helps me to work on my expression. But I refuse
to stay just with nature elements not being allowed to express through abstract words. Tradition
has its value, without doubt. Just it should not keep us in a cage so that we can't go beyond
behavior patterns. Or is repressing ones feelings not a pattern? The result in japanese modern
life is obvious and slowly a few people starting to get out of it. This is a hard job because
tradition holds them back, as well people who are holding on are clinging on their tradition. With
all respect, but I am not going to join this game. I will write how I feel that I need to express
myself - and of sure my feelings are included! So even I will stay with certain rules of Haiku, I
might not be allowed to call these poems Haiku, but I don't care. I am expressing myself and I
will try to share this with other people how like this way... If there is anybody who would like to
discuss this subject with me, please email me.