Distance merged beyond all Spaces
It lifts me up to know that there are people
human beings, who want togetherness 
to receive expressions from someone else 
yet distant - reaching out to communicate

Distance has lost its limiting boundaries 
separation is melting, ready to be dropped
we are coming nearer to each other 
or is it the image of a yearning dream?

What is still keeping us in separation? 
Despite of all our search, reaching out that far
we are lonely among the multitude of men 
finding out that every one is longing for the same

May we step beside to jump over one's shadow
leaving all trouble and suffering behind 
going beyond turning around oneself 
to find the quiet center space within?

Wisdom pouring out for all from nearness
to ponder loosing nods of long hidden tensions 
giving a broader perspective on our life 
allowing to receive messages from within and out

Nearness is growing, friendships developing
surprising togetherness to be enjoyed 
opening up to an amplified exchange
we find ourselves connected to the whole 

Finally daring freely to express ourselves
realizing new levels of understanding 
giving and receiving as ways to communicate 
enjoying ourselves and others within daily life

Staying on earthen ground, achieving wideness 
we have gained to amplify the horizons of all 
breaking the boundaries of old rigid limitations
connecting hands and hearts around the planet

edit 7.6.1998