I'm an Artist

I am on the pathless path to 'wholeness': Life force is nourishing the creative fire within me
Melting outwards into shape, into form. Manifesting itself through my self-expression
I am the channel in my process of transition, constantly changing with the inner flow
Symbols of inner energies - coded unconsciousness, trying to rise into my awareness -
visible signs
With satisfaction comes stagnation: I am caught in forms of repeated fantasies
A dreamer, repeating his dream again and again.
Not understanding the meaning of it and not asking for it
Not knowing, that dreams are attempts to connect unknown energies
with conscious awareness
My ambition and urge to express myself constrict the force
My work of art imprisons me - by using it to confirm myself
Confusion and fight result form suppressing and holding


Do I need to struggle through a long path of learning?
Will I have to suffer to let go of the old, to clear up, -
to give up fighting and struggling?


Being aware of my motives and myself, relating to my reactions inside and outside
responding to echoes triggered by my self-expressions, going with the flow more and more
I am on the pathless path to wholeness
My creative process becomes a flowing and playful one
My work of art is losing its importance: ash from a burning process, - left behind
Experiencing the flowing gives me joy
Going beyond the limitation of symbols, life becomes my creative process
Art and life are ONE
A happening in time and space - going beyond time and space
The impossibility of expressing the 'other dimension' ceases
I have grown beyond myself. - I have found myself and so my 'wholeness'
I am the path, - I am the One