Towards the Sun
                    Go on, we will meet in the center 
                    Go on burning - 
                    towards transformation 

                    Fire within will be strengthened 
                    Rising from earth to the sky 
                    it can't be extinguished any more

                    With gentle motions of my wings 
                    I will blow the misty smoke away 
                    until smokeless fire burns within you 

                    The arresting - locking chain is melting - 
                    ages of dust from time and space 
                    from ash you will arise - a true phoenix 

                    We will spread out our wings 
                    in wide circles, within - around each other 
                    we are suspended within blue horizons 

                    Our screams of joy will be the lightning 
                    piercing through dark clouds and fields of mist 
                    carrying light into veiled hearts 

                    Messengers of the ONE sun 
                    opening minds to all rainbow colors 
                    we are bridging the gap between  hearts 


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