Final Answer

Running within herds
following sense giving goals
occupied by rat race
all turning around oneself
quest for more governs the world

Distance from one's source
fake reality takes over
causing endless pain
blindfolded from suffering
no answer without question

Resolved diseases
eliminated symptoms
cause never questioned
rehearsal of dependence
deepens separating split

Misused forms break down
unbearable tension grows
suppressed with pills and tricks
authoritarian blinds guiding blinds
no questions ask - no healing

Life goes on - how long?
Happiness seems far away
what sense has my life?
All my dreams faded away -
from where can come an answer?

Thrown back to myself
I pause and ask: - - - who I am?
Wondering quietly:
Who's asking will find answers
arrived from far - able to see

Being - has a source?
Then 'source' must be within me!
I'll turn towards it now...
aware of my existence
dropping all distraction!

Unknown space opens
old securities vanish
straight jacket untied
Freedom: Nothing left to loose
bird's flight beyond horizons

Answers and questions
falling into One: B e i n g
Worn out self image -
beliefs and bright concepts -
confirmation games are gone

I am the seeker
a quiet observer in peace
connected to earth
finding answers within myself
standing firm observing clouds

Worries forgotten
goals gave sense - now left behind
Relating to life
responding to reality
close encounter with myself

Whatever shows up
trusting the quest of life's flow
I am the answer
Existence's precious gift
finally one with my source

25. 1. 09

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