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How can we know it's our true calling?
Why so many people crave being treated like garbage in a relationship?
Is it ever morally permissible to lie? Under what circumstances?
Why people are violent and destructive?
Why always we face problems?
What is God?
Is the ancient definition of "god" something that man could not explain or....?
Why is life so boring at the moment?
Conflict situations...?
How do you fight anger?
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?
What is the best way to kill myself?
Deep down, doesn't it sometimes bother you to be ignored even
though you don't like to admit it?
Why does silence make people nervous? *
Dog lovers... what dog made the biggest impact in your life?
Help me with my Husband?
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Have you ever thought about how you'd like to die!!!?
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If it were up to you, how would you spend $ 2,400,000,000,000 (2.4 trillion) dollars?
When there is balance and freedom of mind?
How important is self honesty?
Should the human race be destroyed?
Is knowledge objective? Is truth objective?
How is awareness 'realized'?
Are instincts the best guide to follow?
Is what you have right now the best that there is?
Of Six and a Half BILLION people residing on this planet is there not ONE who can say They have seen GOD?
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What is soul? Are you a soul in your body?
Why change is always resisted in organizations?
Why stupid, ignorant people are happier then conscious ones?
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Is change possible?
Can you change a person's being or perspective in life?
What is a 'transformational change'?
Is it really the philosophers' task to change the world?
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If you were given 30 seconds to air live on TV, what would you tell the world?*
Why do people smoke?
If you knew one thing to change the course of the world forever… what would you do?
How can we be free from fear?
How do you change something bad about you?
Do some other people seem like robots to you?
I am a man - but feel and think like a woman - what should I do?
How can we know it's our true calling?
BeiYin: We will know after realizing that we are conditioned by our human nature being identified with our concepts and self-image. Pretending to be in a certain way, lying to others & ourselves, bound to the survival needs of our personality. Clearing our unconscious background & going beyond, we will know…

Why so many people crave being treated like garbage in a relationship? What is it?
BeiYin: Part of human nature is to find 'self confirmation' for one's existence, which mainly means being confirmed in one's self image and concepts, these are forming one's world view. Included are one's feeling and body sensations. Being grown up under circumstances which created lacks and deformation, these are also part of the 'personality' and the individual seeks also confirmation for these negative forms. Having a inferior complex and feeling not 'worth' to be treated well, self confirmation will received by being treated bad and the suffering with it is part of the 'game' in which one is trapped. This only can change by finding one's true values, going beyond established self images. How this can be done? Through regularly meditation practice. It might be possible through psycho therapy and other techniques but for sure meditation is the most natural and secure way. The problem doing it is that indeed it will change one's self image and this is not wanted if the individual is not 'ready' for it. Probably it needs quite some more suffering...
Is it ever morally permissible to lie? under what circumstances?
BeiYin: What is called 'moral' is a cover up for our human nature in which lying and pretending is an important survival game. Observing this within oneself and ones surrounding, then realizing truth and understanding reality, one can free oneself from lies.
Why people are violent and destructive?
BeiYin: People carry too much accumulated frustration and anger, this urges for an outlet? Or is it that these people are structured by lacks in early childhood experiences and also later and then choose ‘being bad’ as a way to get attention from others? They might have tried with being brave & good but it didn't work. 
Established behavior is part of the personality, the individual is identified with it, so by being violent and destroying things and people, this gives the feeling of power and with this the feeling of existence. The more violent one feels more 'realized', not falling into a void. There has been and is so much violence in this world and there seems no change since history with it. Punishing people doesn't help, either education. Religion and moral guidelines hasn't helped much or even caused the contrary? How can one deal with ones frustration and anger not reacting these out with violence? When too week to be violent, people are mean or damage others hiding behind a screen...
Why so many people crave being treated like garbage in a relationship? What is it?
BeiYin: Partof human nature is to find 'self confirmation' for one's existence, which mainly means being confirmed in one's self image and concepts, these are forming one's world view. Included are one's feeling and body sensations. Being grown up under circumstances which created lacks and deformation, these are also part of the 'personality' and the individual seeks also confirmation for these negative forms. Having a inferior complex and feeling not 'worth' to be treated well, self confirmation will received by being treated bad and the suffering with it is part of the 'game' in which one is trapped. This only can change by finding one's true values, going beyond established self images. How this can be done? Through regularly meditation practice. It might be possible through psycho therapy and other techniques but for sure meditation is the most natural and secure way. The problem doing it is that indeed it will change one's self image and this is not wanted if the individual is not 'ready' for it. Probably it needs quite some more suffering...
Why always we face problems?
BeiYin: The problem is that we don't face problems. Mostly we try to avoid to relate to what shows up, putting things we don't like under the carpet. If we would face a problem, dealing with it in a creative way, then we might find out, that what we see as a problem is caused by our own attitude, our own individual position and condition. Then we might find out, that solving the problem the only real way is to do something about ones own, mostly unconscious structure and background. Changing this, the problem is solved. This tells, that 'problems' are an important part of our 'growing process', without, we would stay without change in stuck conditions. So the 'problem' is a precious mean if we are willing to face it, seeing it as something positive and challenging. 
What is God?
BeiYin: "God" is a word, standing for a symbol, an idea, an image and a concept. This can represent a belief in which emotions are completing the mental concept. The dilemma is, that a concept inhibits often the realization of it. On the other hand, "God" can be an experience which then goes beyond words and concepts. A report of this experience will end up in a concept, giving satisfaction and a certain security.

Is the ancient definition of "god" something that man could not explain or...?
...was he explaining something he could explain? Just because you do not understand it does not hold much water.
BeiYin: Any explanation or definition even though coming out of an direct spiritual experience and not out of an already formed and established concept, will be made to a new concept or integrated into one that already exist. Concepts are part of the personality and the individual is identified with them, getting ones feeling of existence out of it. That was the same in ancient times and is still today. Founders of religions were obviously still too simple minded in ancient times and had not enough self knowledge and knowledge about human nature, otherwise they would have known, that humans always use every thing for their personality games, to protect themselves from the unknown finding security... using beautiful ideas, for example of 'Love and Harmony', integrating these into their self image, but continue living their primitive survival instincts, causing destruction and suffering. Not wanting and not being able to go beyond...
Probably the best would have been for founders of religions, just to live a normal daily life, not even teaching, but giving an example with their attitudes and their behavior, without talking about any sublime experience, but telling people if they ask, because they are touched by their presence, to sit down to do a simple exercise: Being aware of their pure existence and breathing... The world now would look quite different and there would be real growing and realization of love and harmony...
Why is life so boring at the moment?
I thought this was supposed to be the best time to be alive, but I'm not feeling it.
BeiYin: You make a general statement as conclusion of your personal limited reactions. Life is boring for you because your expectations are not fulfilled. What are your expectations? Can you dare to look at it? Where are they coming from? Are these something you want to compensate the lack you have? etc.
An error is to fill ones life with excitement by consuming all kind of entertainment. That's part of the big business as there are so many people bored not knowing what to do with their life. The system does every thing to keep people dump to keep them as customers for their dubious products and entertainment...
The key to get out of your condition when feeling so bored, might be that you be aware of yourself in all aspects of your existence, - without judging it. Be aware of your body sensations, your feelings, your thoughts. Relate to it and feel your existence, without forcing, without manipulation. Be aware how different places and different people have an influence on you in your different levels of existence. Respond by expressing yourself, being aware that this is a reaction coming from your condition. Try to be sensitive not doing harm to others. You will soon be able to enjoy even small things and life will open up to you with all abundance, there is no space left for boredom. 
Conflict situations...?
BeiYin: Conflicts arise because we need to deal with people and circumstances and then it shows up that these are not what we would like it to be. We have a specific view, a standpoint gained throughout our life. We are identified with it, it forms our personality and we are holding tied on this and defend it. Other people have their own specific position and do the same, so when not being able to confirm each other, then conflicts occur. Having the need to come nearer together in spite of the differences, we suffer and try to bridge the gape, finding something common which connects us. This might lay on an deeper level and makes the separating facts less important. In this process coming nearer to our own source... 
Understanding, that differences are part of the personality and as more we clear up ourselves, as more we can see where conflicts come from and we will be able to solve these more easy, being able to go beyond our limiting conditions. 
How do you fight anger?
BeiYin: Don't fight against your anger! It is widely known that mostly when you fight against something then you make it stronger if you can't eliminate it totally. So what is a better solution?
Anger is a reaction. Right? So why one is reacting? First it might be good to be aware of the anger when it arises, then maybe realizing, that what provokes it on the outside, mostly people or circumstances or situations, is not the real reason. The real reason lays within oneself. Mostly because the concept, ones self image, dreams and illusions are not met by daily reality. What shows up in our daily life situations is not what we would like it to be or a person is not responding to us or behaving in the way we would like it. It also might happen that we don't succeed in something we want. Then we react with anger, directed to the outside or ourselves. Being aware of our own conditioning, we can decide, if we really want to hold on this, realizing that it limits us, then we might want to drop this, now being able for this to do, because we are conscious about our condition, maybe formed long ago through education or other influences. 
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?
 I'm a candidate for one of those new drugs they have out on the market for it, but I refuse to take those kinds of chemicals which just cut some symptoms, but have side effects which on the long run make it even worse...
BeiYin: I wouldn't take any of those drugs, I don't think this will really help, it is just suppressing the problem and then it might show up on another level where you need more chemicals, going into a spiral of suffering. 
I didn't know that they put a name on this kind of problem. But I know what it is: I have suffered all my life from it. 
I was mostly left alone even as a little baby, because my mother was working all day, I also was growing up without father, being alone nearly all the time or sometimes I had malicious baby sitters... I have been alone nearly all my life. And now? 
Adult attention deficit disorder: The last days I felt pretty bad, the place is full of people, nobody ask me if I need something. My shoulders are hurting and I hardly can lift something, nobody ask me to carry some boxes of fire wood for me, etc. etc. Today somebody called me when they came back from the daily trip and told me that they brought a lot of clothing. So I went there and all the people had already selected armful of stuff for themselves, there were some woolen hand knitted socks left, three pairs and a lot of woolen very beautiful gloves. I said that I don't want anything else but that I will take the socks, because I have only one pair of thick woolen socks which I am wearing since two months. Then I was told that I can only have one pair, because the other people also are wanting them. 
I through them back and left and I didn't feel that I wanted to go to have dinner with these people. Now I sit here with cold feet because my fire is out and it is really cold. 
I am thinking about dropping the whole community intention. Probably this all is part of my 'attention deficit disorder'. 
I am working since thirty years on this project, twenty years pretty alone, or just with paid workers, often I was working fifteen hours a day, sweating, suffering, without vacation for years, without diversion or entertainment. Then nearly being killed, being robbed and betrayed several times, etc. 
Suffering since several years from Fibromyalgia as a result of years long stress and hard work and accidents caused by other people and then I am being told that I only can have one pair of socks!!! I am getting older, I have no health insurance, no social security, no savings... I don't care, I can live under a bridge, I can survive in any situation, but feel alone and I don't see that this will change. This sounds sad, but I have no depressions, but I am questioning the situation and my doing and ask myself if I want to live in a group of people but still feeling and being alone, then I better live alone... So far my deficit disorder... 
So what I am expressing here comes out of my 'Adult attention deficit disorder' what means that it is subjective and colored because of this deficit, but that's how it feels to me and so this is real to me. Of course from outside it looks different and other people will see it differently. They just call me crazy, putting me in a box and that's it. Who really sees me? People are interested in themselves and only in others if they receive confirmation from them. 
I don't want to depend with my well-being on others and observing myself I can see that indeed I do not depend anymore: I feel well and quite happy with what I am and where I'm at this moment. Still some nasty people can disturb this, but not too much, at least they can't provoke me anymore that I react, because I know that they will only use my reaction for their own purpose. 
So then let's see if we can find a creative solution... So that you can stop drinking or whatever you do to overcome your depressive feelings and I can stop feeling alone! By the way: I ask myself: Who doesn't have this 'Adult attention deficit disorder'? When I look around then it seems to me that there are very few people without it. 
If the intention of my writing would be that I get some attention to compensate my 'deficit disorder', then I must be very disappointed, because there are in general hardly comments to my writings. I'm wrong: There was once a comment, telling me that I am negative and judging people. - I was always pretty convinced that life is not just a joke, but indeed sometimes I just feel like a joker, - maybe that's my way to survive in this not so funny daily reality...
By the way: I feel that I'm healed from my AADD. 
What is the best way to kill myself?
BeiYin: The best way is to let it happen by itself, like the normal people do: Just live like every body. Breath polluted air, drink contaminated water or with chemicals enriched sugar drinks, eat the normal junk food, have a lot of stress being in the rat race, joining goals offered by this society, which just manipulate people to spend their money, Buy a house with credit, marry and have children. Just do the usual things...
It will not last long, then you will get sick, that's the moment when you can decide: You can go in treatment with the established health system, which will cause a long way of suffering until you finally die or you can die without help - or you can heal yourself and die healthy and happy. That's an interesting and challenging process and will need your whole engagement because it involves your whole existence; you need to find out about all your aspects of your being. Not only the body, but also your emotions, your mind and other levels going beyond all what you have experienced until now. Indeed fascinating! And the result might be, that you will be completely healed and are able to die healthy and without suffering. 
That's one way, the other is that you start right now to ask yourself some questions and find out why you want to kill yourself. If something is nothing worth, then you might throw it away and then after you find out, that indeed it had a value you didn't recognize but then it was lost... So better be careful and do some effort before you do something that is definitely. Your decision might come out of accumulated anger, frustration and disappointment. Why this has accumulated? Was it because your dreams, illusions and your expectations were not fulfilled? From where did you receive those images and concepts and had made them to your own? These pictures had given you motivation and going for it had given you energy, and then when reality did not meet your expectations, then you got angry and this again and again... until you came to the point to give up because your energy went down too much. Better to look at the background and discover that those images doesn't serve you, they can't give you real fulfillment and happiness, so then why not look for better ones and go on? Take self responsibility and don't depend on others and what is offered. Find out in the first place about yourself, there is much more you will discover which will give you real motivation and new energy. The key might be that you find new ways to express yourself. You might have an artistic talent you don't know yet... It is not about demonstrating to the outside who you are, then you will depend on responses. First feel well with yourself, all the rest will follow, but not the other way around. 
Does this sound right? Then find out more. Ask questions to yourself and then to others, you will receive answers. Go on, try it... 
Deep down, doesn't it sometimes bother you to be ignored even though you don't like to admit it?
BeiYin: Who doesn't want to be seen? Of course it bothers me when I'm ignored. I had this experience many times in my life and often I was asking myself: Am I invisible? How it is possible that some people totally ignore me? Of course this bothered me. 
You are right; it probably has to do with being different. Indeed I always felt different and still I am, more than ever before. But now it bothers me not that much, I just observe it. I can understand why some people don't see me. If something or some body is different, then there is something 'unknown' and this irritates people, but they don't want to be irritated and the best way is to ignore. 
I can say that over the last years I didn't feel ignored in public, in contrary and that is because I get in contact easily and talk to people as if I know them since long and show my interest, this works and even with people when they are busy and that is because I don't ignore them and that's what they are used, so when I give them my attention, then of course they don't ignore me. But it happens that I'm ignored some times when I talk in a group of people, especially when it has to do with pointing out something personally what goes against the self image of this person, then it shows that ignoring what is said, is an effective defense. But then it happens when I point this out, then the person ignores me totally or as a last defense leaves the room... 
So I guess being ignored has a lot to do how one behaves and is treating others, even when not saying anything, probably it is ones attitude one has established and what shows just in ones face or body expression.
If one feels rebellious or is angry or frustrated and so somehow doesn't want much contact with people, then one will ignore people as felt too much and then one is not attractive to others and also will be ignored. So changing ones inner condition will change ones attitude and people will react differently.
Why does silence make people nervous?
BeiYin: Because people don't want to confront themselves: Silence gives them the opportunity to be aware of themselves and this they try to avoid by keeping themselves busy all the time. When they don't do something, then they still keep their senses occupied by letting the radio or TV run. If there is silence then they feel uncomfortable as if falling into a void. If they can't keep their senses occupied then they think, having fantasies of all kind, but they hardly think about themselves or they are aware of their emotions. People are filled with accumulated anger and frustration, being in silence then all this might come up, so silence must be avoided. The pressure of the inside load is strong and needs to escape, mostly looking for occasions when people confronting outside situations and others, then they react and let their tension out, having a good reason by giving the fault to the other or the circumstances. When in silence then this possibility is not given and if emotional reactions are coming up, then the fault can't be given to any body else than to oneself. So silence must be avoided. 
If people would accept silence and the thoughts and emotions showing up, then they could use this to clean up their background, they could release their accumulated load. But they don't know that this is possible and the common behavior and attitude is to avoid any reflection about oneself. Unless one is somehow more advanced in ones personal evolution and is questioning oneself. Then one might be able to take silence and even look for it, for example walking in nature or just sitting in a quiet place. One can even do it intentionally doing various exercises, like yoga, Tai Chi etc. or one can do meditation or a 'StressReleaseExercise' using silence in the most effective and creative way. Then silence will not anymore make one nervous but give release and relaxation. Unfortunately these possibilities are still widely unknown or better said not yet integrated in peoples daily life and attitude; mainly because there is resistance against every thing that can make them reflect about themselves, like  silence.
Dog lovers, what dog made the biggest impact in your life?
BeiYin: I can say that all dogs I had in my life had an impact on me, I can't say which one had the strongest. I loved them all and when they left me, there have been five over the last thirty years, then it was always hard for me to say good-bye to them and each of them I miss, but I can feel their presence still in my heard. They were very personal and great characters, each of them in their way. Now I live with two dogs and they are also very special. I can't imagine that I could have been without my dogs all over the years and I only can say that I appreciate having had them and still have such giving friends...
Help me with my Husband???
I don't really want an answer, I just want to pour my heart out...
My husband hurt me last night. He threatened to break my hand and then he twisted my fingers back... It really hurt! He also threatened to take my 8 month old daughter away if I tried to leave him. I don't know what to do anymore!!! I do love him and in a year's time, this is the third time ever he's hurt me.
BeiYin: There is no doubt that your husband is sick and for sure you should not take his violent behavior any longer. As it seems not possible that he changes, you need to leave him. He is too sick that he can stay reasonable when you would talk to him and tell him that you want to leave. Don't do it. Just leave and go somewhere he can't find you. 
An other aspect is that there is no coincident, you met him and were attracted to him for whatever reason. 
I am convinced that whatever happens in our life, is exactly what we need in our personal growing process. If we can see it like this, then even heavy happenings will be not just negative. 
You are angry and depressed, this is understandable, but this is alone your responsibility and you need to work on this. You can't change your husband, but you can change yourself. The first thing you can do is to observe your reactions. You are getting angry, be aware of it when it happens. You don't need to let it out, this is too provoking for your husband, he doesn't want you to be angry and if you are then he is reacting violently. So observe your anger and then you will see where it came from and what have caused it. The same when you are depressed. You might see, that the reason is, that things are different than you have expected them to be. You had dreams and these were not fulfilled, because reality is different. Can you see and accept it? You have a self-image you were trying to live and it was not possible. Giving the fault to the outside and to others is no solution although every body does it. There is a lot to reflect about, to question yourself... This is a challenge and you might be ready to confront it. In so far your difficult situation is the best what could happen, even though it is painful and extremely difficult to deal with it. You are asked to get out of dependencies to take self responsibility, accept the challenge! 
This will also have a positive influence on your husband, but probably not enough to heal him. At least it might help you to leave him without provoking violence…
There is a lot more to say, but you need to ask, first yourself and then others, - the answers will come to you. 
Help Me...?
I hate my life. My family all hates each other. I don't have friends anymore... It would be nice just to talk to someone but i just have come to the conclusion that the only person I can trust is Myself so I can't tell anyone. The few people that I thought were trustworthy ....well I've come to find out their not. I've tried everything. I have been painting a fake smile on my face but I just can't anymore I'm Seriously depressed. I'm never thought I would say this but I think I only have one option left... you all know what that is. And don't tell me any phycoligiost junk cause I can't.... for certain reasons.
BeiYin: You have given 65 answers in answers yahoo. I checks a few. Most of them are very superficial, but you tried to keep yourself occupied.
Now with this question for help it is obvious, that this is a call for getting more attention than with your more or less silly answers. I don't think that is the right and effective way as it is too much fake, although the need behind is present and real. 
What kind of help do you expect? You wrote that you have tried 'everything', this is obviously not the case. 'Painting a fake smile on your face' is not a valid intent. You are depressed because you don't get what you want. So what is it you really want? Clear up a few things, then you will see clear and your depression will go away by itself. 
You have no friends? What you are doing about it? 
You are right by saying that the only person you can trust is yourself, but do you really trust yourself? It doesn't look like, because then you wouldn't depend so much on others. Get out of this dependency and find self trust and confidence. 
Read some good questions and answers and get something valid out of it. Go on!
PS: Instead writing fake messages, you should write some poems, try it, it will give you more satisfaction to express yourself in a subtle way... (Only through suffering one becomes a poet!)
What should I do if a smoker blows smoke in my face?
BeiYin: There seems no doubt possible that this person is looking for your attention. Now it depends very much who this person is, where you are at this moment and what kind of relation ship you have with this person.
I guess that you don't like the smoke in your face, so it is a provocation to which you probably react. That is all right and it is good if you observe your reaction and adapt it to the situation and the other person. 
It might be a provocation from an other man to make you angry and if you express your anger, then it is possible that this man uses this to react even stronger and for example beats you up. So better keep your anger and withdraw yourself, unless you are a champion in boxing and karate, then ask this man what he wants and why he is provoking you. If it is a woman who provokes you, then she might want to break through your reserve. If you like her then you can respond by expressing yourself openly or if you don't like her, then just tell her frankly.
You see, there are many possibilities to respond and it is the best to relate to the situation and person, being conscious about your own reactions and then reacting in the best way possible.
What's the best solution for someone stressed or angry?
BeiYin: The best solution is to solve the problem in its roots, so finding out the real cause and not just dealing with the symptom. Being angry or stressed is a reaction of ones system. Why one is reacting? Probably because the appearing outside cause is a provocation for ones individual condition. The only way to change this is to find out about ones unconscious background structure which is causing the reaction. Is it because ones self image and concepts doesn't meet with reality showing up in daily life? Are ones expectations not fulfilled? Probably you need to change your attitude first and understand that whatever appears in daily life is a challenge and urging you to relate and respond in a responsible way, what means to get out of dependencies, outside and inside. Go for it! It is exciting and creative.
I lost my motivation!I don't want to study anymore. I wish that I can drop out of school. I am too ashamed to face...
BeiYin: Get out of dependency! You exist and this is precious. Give it value in the first place. Find your well being within yourself, then you will not depend on others and not so easily influenced in your mood. Gaining self confidence you will find friends who appreciate you. You are not a failure! You do your best even though other people laugh. You are disappointed now because of the behavior of others, not accepting you how you are. There is no reason to be ashamed because you are not completing the a norm or the expectation of others. Life and what ever shows up is a challenge which helps us to grow beyond limited concepts and self images. Find out about yourself and that there is a space within yourself which is calm and happy! Society tells you something different, that you need things and certain knowledge, etc. Don't trust this, there are other values... Go for it!
How do I get myself out of bed and motivated to get things done?Help to get up and go is nowhere to be found! I just can't get going. Help!
BeiYin: Know that you are in this condition for a reason. It is a transition. You will get out of it. Ask yourself questions. The answers will show up and guide you out of the present state. Accept your condition, being aware that you are disappointed not receiving what you want. Be aware that you have expectations. These might be not realistic. It might be that you are conditioned by influences, get out of these dependencies! Trust that you get the help you need, but know that you are the one who need to act to help yourself! Whatever shows up is a challenge! Accept it and deal with it. You will see that you can succeed and this will give you satisfaction! Don't give up! Enjoy little things and go for it! One step after the other! You have the power to make decisions, try it, you will see...
How do I start a new relationship with a Higher Power?
Considering that my current relationship sucks out loud? Every time I try to be open, elements from my old relationship creep back in... and that's not cool because essentially, that relationship was toxic as could be, and full of fear, and distrust. Any suggestions? All faiths welcomed.
BeiYin: Clear up your unconscious background, which is formed by the conditioning of your past with all the traumas you had and also the lacks in your youth, the distortion of education and influences from society and every thing what you have received through people and surrounding. Be aware, that the dilemma is, that all this is part of your personality you are identified with and the human nature is, that this builds your 'personality' which must be defended against any change as it gives you a kind of security and gives you the feeling of existence. This is limited and holds you trapped, but it is in this state the only what you have. To go beyond this limited state, the best is a gentle way and this is given through 'meditation' or you can do the 'Stress Release Exercise' which is easy to do and very effective. Go to:
Doing this exercise will open you up to a 'higher power' and you can leave behind those 'toxic experiences'.
Use Stem Cell to grow Teeth?
I have just found out about the use of stem cell to grow teeth and just wondering when will it be release to the general public. Dam it I can't wait much longer. NEED New Teeth!
BeiYin: I started to investigate about growing third teeth and I read also about the Stem Cells. I have the impression that this will need much more time. They are still looking for money for their research...
I don't want to wait for ten years or more and also I don't want to depend on the health system with their teeth repairer.
We must find another way. I have heard that in China is a tribe or village, where they know how to grow third teeth. Is there anybody who knows about this? I would travel to China if I know where it is.
How about EFT? I had surprising results with it in various occasions. I will try it now with my teeth growing intention. 
EFT helped me to heal my inguinal hernia without surgery and all and every body had said only surgery could repair it. This is not true and so I don't believe in anything 'authorities' are telling! I broke my food and was told it needed surgery. I rejected this and my foot healed perfectly without it. I had Fibromyalgia and was told that there is no cure and I must live with it, describing me painkiller. I refused this and investigated myself and then treated myself. After one year I was totally healed. So why should I believe that teeth can't grow again? Yes, people think I'm crazy just because I swim against the stream. I don't care what people think about me, I do what feels right...
So let's do our own investigation.
I am 5'0 and I weight 160. I really want to go back to 120 which is the required healthy weight?
I know I need to cut sugars, bread, etc. But what's exactly a diet and how do you run? I don't have stamina.
BeiYin: The information you give is not enough to know what might be the cause for your overweight. 
I guess that it is not your diet, there will be probably an underlying reason. So you must find out about this first, other wise what ever diet you follow, will not have success or you will gain weight pretty soon again.
That you cut down sugar, bread, meat, fat, etc. for sure helps some how, but what is the real cause?
Do you have enough exercises? What is your profession? Do you sit for many hours or are you doing hard physical work? If you don't move enough, then you need exercises, you need to work out. 
It depends how old you are and how long you are in this condition. 
If the cause is not your diet and not the lack of exercises, then the cause might be, that there is an emotional problem. Are you capable to express your feeling in daily life and with the people around you? Or are you too vulnerable and are easily hurt? Then this might be the cause: You are protecting yourself with an armor of fat and you can't be without this, so the protection will build up again when you loose it. Then the solution only can come if you work on your emotions and become independent from others, being able to express yourself freely without fear to be hurt. 
How can I practice meditation and does it really help me with my problems?
BeiYin: Meditation is the most effective to rise your awareness, which is the most important to answer any question in your life. 
If you have the urge to meditate then it is possible that you come to a meditative state just by sitting down... But then often falling into an old pattern of doing, which might not be possible to avoid, because one is not aware of it. So you are right to ask for help. I will give you now advice how to meditate, so after this you can just start with it. There is no ritual necessary just plain information and a clear advice. 
One can meditate anywhere at any time under any conditions. To start with one might choose favorable conditions. Find a quiet place where you can be without being disturbed by too much noise or other influences. You shouldn't be under the effect of alcohol or any kind of drugs; you shouldn't be too tired or exhausted. Then if you sit comfortably, if possible with a straight back, you can begin. Twenty minutes at each meditation is enough, you can do it twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. But at least once a day and this every day. Every day!! Maybe you will need to force yourself a little bit the first few days, but then after three weeks it will be an established habit and you will do it, not wanting to miss it anymore.
Sit down and close your eyes. You are comfortable? 
You don't need to do anything, nothing at all!! You just sit there and - you are aware of it... What means that you are aware of your body sitting there. You might be aware of the silence or some noise in the far background. But you don't do anything! You are just aware of what is there. You don't focus or concentrate on it, you are just aware of it, - nothing else. Then what might happen is that you suddenly are aware that you got lost in some thoughts, what means that you went into thoughts about something, it doesn't matter what this is. That is all right and part of the meditation. What means that you don't want to avoid thoughts or any feelings, you don't suppress what comes up. Just let it happen, without judging it or giving any special importance to it. Just let it happen... and observe it. So there is a little tip which will help so that you don't go constantly from one thought into another: The moment when you are aware that you are thinking, then you just switch to being aware of your breathing. The same: You don't focus or concentrate on your breathing, you are just aware of it. Without wanting to do anything about it, just observe it! This might go on for a while and then again you find yourself lost in some thoughts. That's all right! So then you go back to observing your breathing. And so on and on... Then it might happen that there are moments when there are no thoughts and no awareness of yourself or your surrounding and it seems you were falling into a sleep. This too is all right, don't worry about it, if you were really falling into a sleep, then you will wake up soon, probably you were relaxing and needed it... Just be aware of yourself and the state of being you are now. Maybe you are indeed more relaxed or whatever... So you get up and go to your daily work...
Remember: If there is any problem showing up, the best is you read my advice again and then meditate again. If it still doesn't seem to work, then you can write an email to me and I will answer as soon as possible. If you are having difficulties and you feel uncomfortable and in turn want to stop meditating, just ask for help.
Do you find it more beneficial to meditate in the morning or evening?
BeiYin: It is the most beneficial to meditate in the morning AND and in the evening. If for some reason your schedule doesn't allow to do both, then do it when it fits best. Being that busy you might find in between some additional time, for example in the waiting room of the dentist, the rest room, waiting for a telephone connection, waiting at the traffic light or just a few minutes or seconds between two conferences. If you are so busy that even for this there is no space available, then at least take once and a while a deep breath in a meditative way or if there is no time for this, then at least a short one with the same intention.
When do you find it most rewarding to meditate?
BeiYin: It is the most beneficial to meditate in the morning to start the day in the right condition and in the evening to close the day and go to sleep relaxed not carrying stress into ones dreams. If for some reason your schedule doesn't allow to do both, then do it when it fits best. Being that busy you might find in between some additional time, for example in the waiting room of the dentist, the rest room, waiting for a telephone connection, being trapped in the elevator, waiting at the traffic light or just a few minutes or seconds between two conferences or whatever is your occupation. If you are so busy that even for this there is no space available, then at least take once and a while a deep breath in a meditative way or if there is no time for this, then at least a short one with the same intention. Depending on the time you have been meditating, after some decades you will be in a meditative state whatever you do, wherever you are, - awaken and relating and responding in the most alert and conscious way...
What's the real essence of self-awareness, and how to increase this aspect of myself?
BeiYin: The real essence of self-awareness is awareness, what means 'pure awareness' not bound to 'personality', not even to an 'observer'. So pretty beyond the evolutionary state of humans, not even desirable, although if not yet, then probably soon included in the most sophisticated spiritual concept. 
How to increase self-awareness? Self-awareness increases by itself during life, it is the most essential aspect of ones being and all development of all the other aspects leads into the increasing of awareness, although there occur blockages that seem to hinder the increasing, but these are obstacles which cause that energy accumulates and then can force a transformation, what means the step from one established condition into another more sublime. 
To increase self-awareness in the most effective way and helping all aspects of oneself to grow, one can practice 'meditation'. One can do it by oneself, not depending on others or any time or place. Information how to do it and help is available for free. 
One aspect of personality needs to be mentioned: Like all systems, also ones 'personality' has the inbuilt tendency, to hold on ones established structure and is doing everything, using all kind of tricks to survive and to defend oneself, this is inbuilt from nature and so unconscious. So whatever is used to 'increase' the awareness like meditation might be sabotaged and so rejected, by finding all kind of good arguments. Don't let this become an obstacle, convince yourself and just meditate!
Gibt es die Möglichkeit, alle Probleme die man hat, auf einmal zu lösen?Was muß man dafür wissen und/oder können?
BeiYin: In der Tat, es gibt die Möglichkeit seine Probleme auf einmal zu lösen. Obwohl dieses ein langer Prozeß sein kann und mit viel Arbeit verbunden ist. Der Schlüssel heißt: Selbsterkenntnis. Der Weg dazu ist Fragen an sich selbst zu stellen und Selbstverantworung zu übernehmen. Die Ursache für Probleme liegt nicht im Außen, wie allgemein angenommen wird, sondern bei einem selbst. Warum sind wir enttäuscht und frustriert und reagieren auf Situationen und Geschehnisse mit Ärger oder Traurigkeit? Ist es nicht so, daß wir in unserem Selbstbild bestätigt sein wollen, daß wir das Konzept welches wir von der Welt und uns selbst haben, verwirklicht sehen wollen? Und da die Wirklichkeit im täglichen Leben eine andere ist, reagieren wir und versuchen unser etabliertes Bild zu verteidigen indem wir reagieren.
Wenn wir herausfinden, daß alle Probleme dadurch verursacht werden, daß wir versuchen unser Weltbild und unsere Wünsche in diesem Zusammenhang zu verwirklichen, kann es sein, daß wir unsere Abhängigkeit und unsere Konditionierung erkennen und dann in einem Entscheidungsschritt darüber hinausgehen. Dieses kann die Auflösung aller unserer Probleme bedeuten. Was nicht heißt, daß wir den Sinn am Leben verlieren; im Gegenteil: Wir sind in der Lage, uns an dem zu erfreuen was uns entgegentritt, indem wir es als Herausforderung betrachten und als Möglichkeit zum Wachsen. Wir müssen Unbekanntes nicht abweisen und uns dessen erwehren, sondern wir können direkten Bezug nehmen und frei von Konditionierungen darauf eingehen. Allerdings sind fast alle Menschen im gegenwärtigen Stand der Evolution kaum dazu in der Lage, obwohl die latente Fähigkeit und das erforderliche Bewußtsein für diesen Schritt vorhanden ist.
Have you ever thought about how you'd like to die?
Scary thought isn't it!! Yeah, but I'd like to die in a plane crash when I'm traveling all alone... Tell me, how would you like to die.
BeiYin: I would like to die feeling good about what I have done during life time and seeing that my intention had a positive result enjoying it looking back.
Although it is possible that my intention, I'm still being occupied with, will not succeed and so I will never die... or I understand that the intention counts and that the learning process trying it was more important than the result I had with my goal.
What can I do to make the world a better place?
BeiYin: Take self responsibility, get out of dependencies. To be able to do this you need to get to know yourself. Learn about human nature and be aware how much you are conditioned by this and by society. Be aware how much manipulation is happening, etc. Clear up the mess inside yourself. Ask questions, question yourself, be critical to whatever shows up. Look behind the appearance... Develop your intuition and do what feels right: Relating and responding to what comes to you. Take action when it is needed. 
There is quite a lot you can do, you will find out yourself when you have discovered your abilities, your talents and you can follow and trust the 'call from within'.
If it were up to you, how would you spend $ 2,400,000,000,000 (2.4 trillion) dollars?
New estimates show that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will end up costing the United States - US 2.4 trillion dollars.
BeiYin: Your question details include already the best answer, there is no better answer until now to your question. 
Thinking about it I would suggest to spend the money to introduce the 'StressReleaseExercise' all over the world, to every body, starting in schools with kids from the beginning. Making it to a part of ones daily routines, every where: in companies, hospitals, police stations, government administrations, public services, universities, every where. This would be without doubt the most effective to have a positive impact to the awareness of all people. Getting out of dependencies and taking self responsibility. That's the only thing that could have the power to change something about the world situation, much more than solar panels on the roof. 
This would need only a small percentage of the money you 'offer', but unfortunately there is hardly anybody who want to support this intention and so this possibility is not used. 
I do my best to spread out information about meditation and the 'StressReleaseExercise'. I don't need money to do so and use the means that are free, like this place...
One does not need money to do something effective about ones situation and also not to change the global situation. One need to start with oneself and this is the most effective, although this is not what people want because it is also the most unused and often most uncomfortable. No money can bring one to such a step, only if one is really tired about one's rat race and being stuck in a system where no exit seems possible. But there is indeed...
Although you are asking a question that is based on a materialistic world view and on your belief that money can do every thing, go on asking and new doors will open...
When there is balance and freedom of mind?
Is "Balance," when I feel completely confident and have no questions or completely without doubt in my mind? Is this true freedom of mind?
BeiYin: For sure that's not what it is. Freedom of mind is when one is not identified with one's mind. You are in balance when you are the observer, when your awareness is in the point between the two moving parts of the balance: on one side there are the thoughts and on the other side there are the emotions, coming and going. The balance moves all the time up and down but the middle doesn't move at all. As long you are identified with your thoughts and emotions, you are not in 'balance', but the center is always in balance. The reactions: thoughts and emotions can't put the center out of balance. The quality of your feelings, being confident or not or if you have doubts in your mind or you have established concepts, doesn't really matter. This might cause that the balance gets stuck but I think you got the picture? 
'Personality' or 'Ego' never really can be in balance because it exist by being identified with the content of ups and downs of the two sides and so constantly feeling good or bad...
Does this helps? If not, continue asking.
How important is 'self honesty'?
BeiYin: Important for what? To survive? For sure not, at least it is not practiced like this. To go beyond the dishonesty which is the normal in our life, this would be the most important to find out about ourselves and our true nature. But unfortunately the less practiced in the present state of humanity. First we should realize that we are all liars, although we have adapted the self image of being honest, pretending to be something we are not. We are educated to be honest, but this is a cover, hiding the true nature of humans, using tricks to survive...
So for sure the first thing is to admit and realize that we are not honest, not with ourselves and not with others. Then we might be able to look behind and go beyond our established self image and find out more... 
This will be disappointing and shutter our world view, but will free ourselves and open new horizons...
Should the human race be destroyed?
BeiYin: I can understand your anger about what goes on with humanity and that they destroy the planet and themselves...
But destroying humanity would mean 'to pour out the bathing water with the baby'... Shouldn't we better ask why we are in this situation? Isn't it caused by ourselves? By you and me? So then what can we do about it? Being angry and finding a fault at the outside and others is the normal behavior of most and might be one of the reasons why we are where we are! So why not starting with ourselves changing the conditions? Are not our established habits and our attitudes the reason? Isn't it because we are not behaving responsible and are in dependency? The first step might be to take self responsibility and get out of dependencies. Starting to be critical about what we have been told about what we should believe, what is good for us, how we should behave, what we should ... If we are tired to be slaves, buying what we are told, thinking what we are taught, then we might come to the point where we make a decision...
We might need to admit that we are still on a very primitive state of evolution, we are not the crown of existence, probably far away of this, but we are alive and we are conscious about this, so we should start here... We have the choice and we have enough power to decide. 
Destroying ourselves? No! The situation is disastrous but we can take it as a challenge and go ahead, using our abilities and make the best out of it. What can we loose doing so? Nothing! We only can win, so let's do it!!!
Is knowledge objective? Is truth objective?
BeiYin: The fact of being in a certain condition is coming out of influences, the result is a fact and objective and does not depend on an observer, although the condition must not be stable and can even change by the influence of an observer. There is no lasting condition it only exists as a fact in the middle between past and future. There is no 'truth' in a fact, as 'truth' depends on some one who judges out of ones own condition. Or one can call it 'absolute truth', then it is just the pure fact of being. Objectivity also depends on some one who is observing and judging. If this one is human and so bound to senses and ones conditioning, then there can't be any thing 'objective'. 
Knowledge can't be objective as always bound to a limited personal condition.
There might exist states of being human, when the 'knowledge' is transcended, meaning that the individual has realized a truth by 'being' it, with this going beyond 'knowledge', which is bound to mind and emotions. This experience can be called 'objective', but when expressed and received by others the words used to describe will be instantly be interpreted and made to ones own truth, that is subjective because depending on ones individual condition. So 'knowledge' might in extremely rare individuals be 'objective', depending on the personal realization, but only if it is kept and not expressed and shared on an intellectual level.
As long as the observer is a conglomerate out of concepts (called ‘knowledge’), beliefs, dreams, images, used to form ones personality and being identified with it, as long these properties dominate, there is no objective truth and no knowledge going beyond ones own limitation. 
There might arise the question: If there exist a state of being and the experience of 'objective truth' then how can one reach this out of ones limited condition? What can one do to get out of ones limitations to reach 'truth'? Yes, there are ways, but you need to be open for it, not wanting to hold on your established conditions, defending these with all means… the first step would be that you ask questions by yourself, - coming out of questioning yourself. So do it…
How is awareness 'realized'?
BeiYin: Awareness is 'realized' by being aware. That simple.
There is no quantity of awareness, not even quality. You can't it make more or better. You can use the awareness you have to be aware, that's all. Now it depends where you focus and how you are using your established old tricks to do the same and always... Maybe you should focus your awareness to this! Or better not because then you would find out, - become aware - that you are still in the trap of your precious personality, although you have the self image, that you left this behind and are in fields of high and superior awareness. 
You are not asking about awareness, you are asking how to realize your concept about awareness, a high pitched state, which is your goal. Here it shows, that you are still in your personality trap, turning around yourself and looking for confirmation by giving 'best answers'. Your questions and answers indeed are excellent, but as more sophisticated they are, as more difficult it is to be aware of the trick your personality is using to hold you tied... Be aware of it and you will be free! But don't worry, do your daily meditation and the rest will follow...
Of Six and a Half BILLION people residing on this planet is there not ONE who can say they have seen GOD?
BeiYin: There is the scientific proof that 'God' exist. Or let's better say: If there is the scientific proof that 'God' exist, then how can this be proofed? I scientific can explain it, but then it depends totally on the person who receives the information, to understand the words used and to integrate them into ones own knowledge 'data bank', comparing it with the already stored information and being able to draw a result out of it. This needs a trained capability for which a non-scientific will not be able. So there's no way a scientific can reach one who might be familiar with some facts, but is not able to use a trained abstract thinking. So when one asks the scientific to explain the existence of ‘God’ then knowing that he can't explain it to a non-scientific person, he will probably smile and say something trivial or nothing. Do you remember Albert Einstein? He seemed to be a simple believer like others, but he came to a realized experience because he had his scientific proof of ‘God’ even though not being able to share it.
Mathematics can explain the basics to a fife years old kid, but probably this is all, logarithm and other advanced levels are out of reach for the infant. A non-scientific is like a kid, even though grown up, is not capable to grasp any scientific information and also not about the existence of 'God' or whatever word one might use to describe the same...
Not yet clear? Then let me use another example: A three years old girl loves her doll and the same age old boy loves his teddy bear. For them this is not a toy, it is alive and helps them to go to sleep holding it in their arms and it will make that the child learns to have affections and starts to express them, taking care of the loved 'toy'. Take away the doll or the teddy bear and tell the child that this is not alive and only plastic and you might open the teddy and show that there's only wood wool in it. If you go further and rip of the head, then you can do serious damage, which can cause a trauma for all life and influence and disturb all kind of relationships in the adult future. So better leave the child with the belief that the teddy bear is real and alive. The child needs it for their personal development; the time will come when it will leave the teddy and change to practice the same having done with the toy then with people. 
There is only one serious difference: The children will not get stuck and hold on their projections to their doll and teddy bear, but this is because it belongs to the growing cycle, while with ‘adults’ the holding on a belief or concept might last all life time, holding the individual in a frame of concepts and belief systems and the tragically side effect is, that the established concepts inhibit the realization of it. Unless one is really tired of ones worn out concepts, starts to be critical and questions oneself and every thing of one was influenced. Then realizing that one was dependent and even manipulated by others who had their benefit out of this. One might make a decision and take self responsibility. One will come to this point through out the training of life, if not in this one then the next one…
It is for sure that there is a growing force within each of us, this is easy to understand just by observing nature around and then we will recognize it also within ourselves. We will be able to give space, trust it and then listen to it. We don't need to give it a name, because then we have realized it by ‘being’ it and that's the only real way to proof it for oneself.
There are ways to help oneself to open up and allow letting go of worn out conditions… I have already written about it here and you will find it looking for it…
What is soul? Are you a soul in your body?
We are so much used to value every thing in material terms and also mind and emotions are in a certain way material. There every thing can be measured and proofed. In so far a 'soul' does not exist, there is no way to proof the contrary. That people believe things, are identified with it, make it to their intellectual and emotional property, defend it, die for it, etc. is no proof at all. But yes, there is something that goes beyond the material and body aspects. There is some sort of 'longing', a kind of 'inner call' and this for sure is not limited to the body or any material aspect. Also I know and I have experienced it in meditation, that there are spaces that are beyond the body, mind and emotions and for sure not bound to the material forms and not to the body, although we live mainly on this level and use it to express ourselves. One day maybe we will be capable to express from a level beyond. I have the impression that some artists can do so, I receive this in some poems and also in music. This feeling gives me trust and I can be calm and don't have the need for religious or spiritual concepts... To answer the question: "Are you a soul in your body?" we first need to find out who we are, who we really are and this will answer it.
BeiYin: "Soul" is a word, representing a concept. Where this concept came from is hard to find out, as it exist quite some time. Probably it came out as expression from someone who had an experience, which was going beyond the experience transmitted through the senses. Or it came from fantasies and the need to protect from the unknown by giving sense and a new dimension one could believe in. Who knows? One can join the traditional concept, part of religions or other traditional beliefs, or one can quest all this and do ones own investigation by asking questions to oneself: Who I am? Obviously I am the body and I am my thoughts and my feelings. What else? Bomoon is right: There is something else and this goes beyond the daily life experience and can't be sensed if one is totally caught in material aspects or in concepts about whatever. So even every body has this 'longing' for more, hardly anybody dares to go into this question because this goes into something unknown, this is frightening and so will be avoided and rejected. Unless one is really tired of struggling and turning around oneself and the daily frustrating reality. 
Satisfaction can't come out of any intellectual explication what 'soul' might be. The concepts about it are established and described in many words, what is needed is a direct and vivid experience of ones own 'soul'. Can one gain this? Yes!
How? This can't be a goal one can reach by doing certain things or being in a certain way or trying to live and fulfill a specific concept, although there is an exercise, if one want to call it like this and this is 'meditation'. Helping to go beyond thoughts and feelings, having the experience of 'having a soul'. Although I am convinced that this is also possible by living ones daily life by relating and responding out of ones awareness as good as one is capable (although meditation helps a lot, not only relaxes and so furthers ones awareness, but also opens to new fields...) What will guide to self responsibility and one will get out of dependencies and worn out concepts and self images. One will not need to find confirmation for ones existence anymore, one can enjoy ones being all together with ones body, feeling and mind, as ones existence is not limited to this and one has the direct experience with another dimension, it doesn't matter how one will call it. 
Why change is always resisted in organizations?
It seems that development in any direction is so difficult because there is so much resistance to any kind of change. Why is this so?
BeiYin: All systems, from the simple cell to the biggest organizations, have resistance against a change. This is part of the inbuilt survival mechanism; otherwise the system would easily fall apart or is vulnerable against influences coming from the outside. The once established structure, grown over long time, gives stability and so security, from which individuals within this system, gain their own profit by being part and identified with it. Personality is a system, which functions in the same way: The individual is identified with the once established structure; build by mental concepts and all intellectual knowledge. The same with the emotional structure, which is mostly unconscious and contains all traumas and received influences during lifetime. From this background reactions are triggered, reforcing the established structure. Part of the system is the material form, with which the individual also is identified and the same with all material belongings. The tendency is to add more and more, getting richer or widening ones power by adding more knowledge or emotional excitement. Anything is welcome which serves to make the system more stable and secure. The individual does anything to get confirmation for its existence on all levels, mostly all doing is directed to gain. 
A change that will not enrich or confirm the system in its existence will be rejected. Even though a change would be an evolution step and bring the system to a more advanced level, what might be called a transformational change. By doing this step, resistance and other obstacles might vanish, but to do such a step, the system must grow by itself beyond ones limitation through a growing process, which includes all levels of ones being. Manipulation or force, which is usual used, will not work on the long run... How to make a transformational change happen, is another question. There are ways to support and help, but the system must be ready for it.
Why stupid, ignorant people are happier then conscious ones? 
Stupid people do not see world as suffering and if they suffer they can be comforted by ridiculous things like religions, god, superstitions, social brainwashing (e.g. life is what u make it, u need to keep positive, etc...)
People, who see things as they are, see lots of suffering and pain in this world. They can't be comforted easily. Some like Buddha will give you ideas that are hard to follow e.g. do not attach to anything and do not desire anything in your life.
Why is that paradox that people with less brain are better off in this world?
BeiYin: To answer your question depends very much on where you are and where do you see yourself: As stupid, ignorant and with less brain, representing the huge majority or as the other extremely rare individuals like Buddha and a few more, being beyond the average humans. (Probably there will be others in between who haven't yet decided and still are a mixture of ignorant and lucid...) If your view is that people with less brain are better off in this world, then I guess that you belong to the majority.  The fact that you posted this question many times to different categories seems to confirm this, but I will check your profile and your other q&A. 
I looked at it and I see that you are new here at ‘answers’. You used half of your points to post the same question all over the place. Pretty silly isn't it? Well, let's say that you are just ignorant. 
Now as it is obvious that you belong to the first group, believing that you are better off, so I don't want to disturb you in your established state of being, because this, as you wrote it, would cause you suffering and pain and for sure I don't want give this to you. 
But are you really ‘happy’? And as you can't know anything about the happiness of conscious people, whatever you see is just an interpretation from your own limited stand point, - so you can decide to stay where you are and better don't read all the answers you will receive, or you take the risk and continue reading, maybe really reflecting about it. Anyway you will only be open for that what you want to receive, the rest or the most you will not see, that's why people are ‘ignorant’, that's the best defense. If this doesn't work anymore, then you can react with anger and find easily a reason to give me the fault. Just the usual way you ignorant, happy people behave in daily life. 
In case that you don't want to go on like this, then you might question yourself first and then there might come out some essential questions and for sure you will get an answer, here or from somewhere else. I would be happy to answer any question you might have coming out of your new attitude, although I must warn you in advance that my answers might open your eyes and then you will see ‘things as they are’ as you wrote, which then would reduce your established happiness or better said your established concept about happiness. But this is up to you.
My life's motto is...?
BeiYin: My life's motto is to relate and respond to every thing showing up in my daily life circumstances in the best conscious and responsible way I am capable, not feeling guilty if I make a mistake, understanding that all which comes to me is a challenge and a step in my growing process, so being able to be positive, even though things are tough... What brings me nearer to reality, outside and inside.
What do you think of this?
"NOthing last for ever even HAPPY MEMORIES get forgotten as TIME pass"
BeiYin: 'Time' is secondary in so far as being happy occurs in the presence and does not depend on the past and not on 'happy memories'. Being happy is the condition in this very moment and depend only on ones emotional state and this is the result of various influences and based and connected with ones whole being.
What is your earliest memory?
Many people don't believe me when I say I remember the first day I was born; just an instant. I was snugly wrapped and a figure was putting me into a glass container. I also remember the walls were a warm orange. I asked my mom was this true and she surprisingly said yes. And you?
BeiYin: My earliest memory was when I had to decide if I wanted to come back to be born again on earth. I remember that this was a difficult situation, because I know what would await me, I had experienced it before and it felt like going back from light into darkness. It was an enormous conflict and painful, I felt like been torn apart, but then I decided to go and that felt like a release. 
The next early memory was also painful when I was still in the womb of my mother and when she tried to abort me. I had to fight really strong and obviously I succeeded because I was born. I remember the strong light in the hospital room where I came out and this disturbed me. It might be that because of this my eyes all my life were sensitive and not so strong. 
Well, these were my first memories. Maybe it sounds strange, but it is also true.
What are the guidelines in making a good poem?
BeiYin: Why you want to 'make' poems? Is it because you have the urge to express yourself? 
That might be the first condition to write a good poem. But it is clear that you need to have something to express. What is it? Your thoughts, your feelings? Why in form of a poem? 
The next condition would be for a good poem that you give your poem a form. Verses with a certain line length, etc. There can be a rhyme and rhythm but not necessarily, the spelling should be correct.
The next and probably the most important condition is from where your inspiration to write poetry comes from. If you write from your established intellectual knowledge and world view, then even all other conditions are completed, your poetry will be poor and not inspiring to the reader. So you will need to go beyond your limited capacity and reach new horizons. That is real work because you need to include your whole being, even those parts which are still unknown to you and often are rejected as unwanted because these don't fit into your self image. Go ahead, there's a lot to do, it's worthwhile and you will also be able to enjoy it!
How long would u live if cancer and coronary heart diseases were curable? Say they will create treatments for most cancer types and coronary heart issues causing heart arrests, etc. how long could one live and what could cause death then?
BeiYin: You would live so long until you die, the cause would be the treatments you are receiving, causing another disease and another or clocking you up to such an extent that your system can't take more and give up. 
Why this? Because you and the whole medical system doesn't  know what 'disease' really is. They are treating the symptoms but they are not 'healing', causing side effects with their medications and then giving medication for the side effects... Who is interested to find out about the real cause of a disease, the root cause? 
Maybe 'disease' is something completely different than the established knowledge is limited to? Disease might not only caused by environmental reasons or ones nutrition or whatever one takes in. These can be the reasons on one level, the physical, but what about the mental and the emotional level? Yes, it is known that an imbalance can cause a physical disease and so these levels are also treated with medication. Oh boy!
But last not least: There might be another level causing imbalance that lays beyond all the other and what is not connected yet and because of this causing imbalance and disease. Who is asking to find out? Are we on such a low evolutionary state, that we need to suffer from so many diseases and being stuck in a vicious circle, turning around ourselves, that we first have to suffer to such an extreme, before we even question ourselves, our world view and our attitudes and habits? 
What is causing 'death'? Are we really alive? Are zombies alive? So why you want to prolong your state of being? Wake up, be alive, get out of dependencies and take self responsibility! Then you would live the utmost and able heal yourself and even find out, that 'death' is an illusion.
Who believes in life on other planets?
BeiYin: We know that there are an infinite number of galaxies out there and the probability that we posses the only planet which has developed life is so small that it would be just too silly to believe we are living on the only one. Would accepting this mean that we are not the 'crown of creation'? Better let's admit it, then after recognizing that humans are in a still very primitive state, with all the destruction and self destruction going on, because material aspects are the most important and nearly all what humans are striving for and then we might realize that religious and spiritual concepts are mainly a cover-up on top of selfish behavior. Seeing and experiencing all this, one easily can fall into disappointment and depression, as there seems no way out and no change possible. 
Just the possibility and this is more than probable, that there is life on other planets, can give us some hope that it might be in our reach that there is a growing process going on, although for us, in this short moment we can only oversee, there seems no changes. We need to look very near to observe that indeed there is some progress and this we can recognize best when we look at ourselves being aware about our inner growing. This of course has its ups and downs and we might need to observe for many years... Maybe at least twenty years... or do you think that you are the same ignorant and silly person you have been? Probably not, even though you might be more frustrated and disappointed and will have lost some part of your illusions and blown up concepts... Coming nearer to accept reality and let go some of your worries...
Well, this is a bit off topic, so I better close. 
- -
PS: By the way: I'm a visitor on this planet (so I can ensure you that there is life on other planets!) and that makes it that I see things going on here clearer. So if you want to ask me some questions, I will be happy to answer them.
- -
Oops! I should have made a smiley in my PS ;-) to make it clear that this was meant funny. Now I'm accused to have a superiority complex and other horrible things more. Well, people see what they want to see, it gives them the opportunity to spit out what they had to swallow all life long...
Why do people on this section question others and their beliefs? If you have no problem with others then why do you try to create one?
BeiYin: People question themselves and others, because they feel the urge to go beyond their established concepts. They want a proof for their beliefs and can't find it in their lives, so they need to provoke a situation where they can maybe find an answer. Or they attack other beliefs to find confirmation for their own. The same will serve who defend ones belief, so both sides are going into a kind of game, using each other to find confirmation for their own position. It is the simple thing with fighting, the one who wins feels stronger and gets satisfaction out of it, feeling more secure and feeling ones existence more. The one who is loosing also feels ones existence more by suffering, probably reacting then with anger and so going into the next fight with more energy. 
Pretty primitive, isn't it? There is not much difference in getting into a street fight or arguing here at the Internet with others. Until one becomes tired of these games and reflects about them, maybe coming to more essential questions...
Why do comets seem to be sitting so still?
BeiYin: This is an interesting question, because it tells that we can't trust our senses, we need to combine these with our critical attitude and information we have gained and stored, although these also can give us fault conclusions, so we never can be sure about what we see, hear or receive in general. Our interpretation might be far away from reality... This indeed is not funny because it is causing a lot of confusion and we waste a lot of energy going for something that is not what it seems to be... Although from a different view point, not being too much identified and stuck in ones doing, one can see ones doing as a joke, because at the end there is nothing left, after our ash has been thrown into the wind...
A fly passing in front of your nose seems to be very fast, the same fly with the same speed but ten meter away seems to fly very slow, but the same fly with same speed 100m away looks like as standing still in the air, you can also say 'sitting in the air' even though there might be no cloud or other seat available. You got it? For sure comets can't sit somewhere as they are flying much faster than a fly and a seat in space is difficult to find. 
What is your definition of a 'normal person'?
Are there any normal people left out there?
BeiYin: You should first answer this question by yourself, because what 'normal' is depends totally on your view. Obviously you see yourself as 'normal'. So what is your self-image? Your wish is that every body else should be the same, then you would be confirmed in your own image and feel comfortable.
My definition of a 'normal person' is that there is no 'normal'. Even in a group with the most extreme behavior, their own view for them is 'normal'. 
If one belongs to the same world view and attitude of the majority of people, then the fact that money and material aspects are of dominating importance in their life and this then is 'normal'. The fact that people don't like to think and reflect too much and don't like to make decisions out of their own responsibility is 'normal'. The fact that people depend on authorities and believe in them without having any doubts, this is 'normal'. The fact that people don't ask questions and if they do then they expect an answer that fits in their already established concepts, this is 'normal'. 
Does this answer your questions? If you now say: "Yeah, yes, somehow..." Then you are probably a 'normal' person. If you say: "In contrary, this makes me think of many more questions and especially questions I need to ask to myself..." Then for sure you are not a 'normal person'.
Can a person change ones personality completely?
BeiYin: 'Personality' is an illusion, created as part of the human condition and nature in its momentary state of evolution. Personality is like moving pictures projected to a screen. What you see seems to be real, people talking, fighting, suffering, enjoying, etc. But these are only lights and shadows on a flat and empty surface, although you see it in three dimensions and as real. It is just an illusion of reality. You can go into it, engage yourself, try to change something about the pictures you see. Or your personality is changed through dramatic and traumatic influences, turning you upside down. Whatever you do whatever happens to you, you are still caught in your illusionary picture world, so keeping and holding your  'personality'. Which of course is the most precious you have because you don't know anything else, as you are bound and limited to it and you are even defending it with all means. 'Personality' gives you the feeling of existence. You are getting your satisfaction and meaning of life out of it. As much as you explore and expanding it, you will still stay in your illusion, turning around and around yourself. Gaining power or becoming spiritual, you are in a cage created by yourself, imprisoned by yourself, being identified with your 'personality', no matter into which dimensions you might have changed, you are still stuck in your 'lousy personality'. You even might have the concept to go 'beyond your personality' but with this just going into a new more sophisticated dimension of illusion. 
Is your question answered? Any question more coming out of this?
I HATE MY LIFE, someone please help me? I'm asking myself why the heck am I even living for? My dad calls me bad names and tells me that I won't do anything in life.
BeiYin: You can be thankful for the challenging situation in which you are. You have the best condition to be forced to get out of dependency. If you feel good or not only depends on you! Discover the value of 'existence' and that you own the power to make decisions. It is up to you to create the condition to be happy. Then you will like yourself and others will like you. You are on a good way, what shows because you are asking questions. Question yourself and you will get answers. You are doing well, go on...
How can I help myself to be a happier person?
BeiYin: Be aware that you are trying to live your self image, which is different what you feel when reacting to the reality you are encountering in your daily life. Admit to yourself that you are pretending. Your sadness is a reaction because you can't realize your self image, you can't close your eyes confronting reality when you see that there is not much real happiness around and how much people clinging on their limiting conditions and how much humans and all the other beings on this planet are suffering and mostly caused by humans. 
Be clear about yourself and the world and accept what is there, what doesn't mean you musts find it good, but take it as part of what is there. Reactions happen through your personality. You have lost part of it. Let it go and find spaces within yourself which are not bound to images, concepts and beliefs. The best to help yourself is to do the 'StressReleaseExercise' twice a day. This is beneficial for your whole being. You will gain a new view about the world and yourself. The space will open and new horizons will be seen. You will not need to seek happiness, it will come by itself. 
How to do the exercise you can find out at my Web site. If you need further advice, you can ask me. No belief system or money is involved.
I'm very vain and hung up over my appearance, is there any point?
I'm a bpd and ptsd sufferer, I'm 30 years old. My plight now is to recover from these illnesses... accomplish a happy life... attain things I have never had.... a loving woman... friends... move away from the uk to a nice hot place but the problem is, I have prematurely aged quite bad, I'm an old 30, not a young looking 30.
I'm bald, I have physical imperfections, damaged nerves in my right knuckle... two missing teeth... at the front, bottom row. I have torn ankle tendons in my right ankle... I have a crooked little finger due to mallet finger, where I injured it. My face has aged... dark lines under my eyes...
I'm trying to save up for dental implants, but im worrying because its not like I will be able to attract an attractive partner once I have worked on my problems.
Who will want me? It's all about looks now, and looking young, having a full head of hair, young skin, full set of teeth etc. Does anyone else have an opinion about this or is aged & has imperfections?
BeiYin: Oh boy, you are a typical victim of this society with their superficial self images. Do you really believe that the physical is the most important? I can't believe that you are that naive! If you think that no woman wants you because you have some missing teeth, etc. then you have programmed yourself in the poorest way possible and with this of course no woman wants you! 
To change your established self image you will need to work on this and that's real work and not that easy as letting make an implant or putting a wick on your bald head. 
When you are talking about your healing, then the most important is that you heal yourself from your attitude and your limited self image. That's the problem you need to work on and for sure not your crooked little finger. 
Oh boy, stop this infantile games with yourself and grow up! You are ready for this!
Why do people need a label?  Why do people feel the need to define themselves with a label? Is it just me that finds this silly? 
BeiYin: People need labels, because this is part of human nature. Humans are conceptual beings in the momentary state of evolution. They are identified with their mind and the content of it. Words, ideas, concepts, beliefs, pictures and images are 'labels' standing as a kind of symbol for the 'real' thing. The dilemma is that the label inhibits to relate and respond to the reality as the label is bound to the interpretation and established background structure of the individual and so every thing showing up is filtered and colored and not seen like it really is and so the response, if there is any and not suppressed, then seldom is objective and not always adequate and fair.
So people move within a picture world, that gives a certain frame and so security, but they move like zombies, conditioned and limited to their own creation. Indeed pretty silly, but that's the average condition of humans, although with the inbuilt longing to get out of this cage and also the possibility.
What animal scares you?
BeiYin: Why a certain animal scares you? Probably it is not the animal, but the image you have build up about it and caring with you. So when you meet this animal in reality or only as a though, then you are reacting with fear. Also it can be that you had a scary experience with an animal and you are conditioned by the shock, for example when a dog bit you as a child. Then you will be afraid all your life long if you don't overcome the fear. 
The difficulty is that this fear is established and mostly unconscious and only shows up as a reaction in certain situations triggered by the outside, in our case by an animal. The person afraid of dogs will provoke dogs and it can then easily happen that a dog, normally friendly will bite this person. Isn't this curious? 
Once a young man came to our place to help. He was strong and healthy and we were glad because there was a lot of work to do. But the next morning he already left, because our dog had growled at him and he was scared and left. Our dog is the most friendly dog you can imagine and never has bitten anybody. This man came to the right place with the best possibility to get rid of his fear. But now he wasted this opportunity and will stay conditioned and limited in his acting and behavior for long if not for the rest of his life. Pretty silly isn't it? But that's how human nature is and so we need to deal with it. Better in a creative way and free ourselves from fear and limiting conditions.
What is the oldest (or strangest) thing in your fridge right now?
Inky Pinkie: There is something strange in my fridge that I took over from other people who had the fridge before. This 'thing' is in a plastic container and sealed, but the plastic is transparent and I can look through. I can't identify what it is. It looks like an embryo of an prehistoric creature. I have it now in my fridge for more than three years and it seems to grow, well, this might be my fantasy, because the container is nearly full. But for sure the color is changing over the years. When I first saw it, the color was orange with purple stripes, then the orange changed into red and the stripes into black dots. Several months later in the middle of this 'thing' appeared something like an eye, just starring at me. Really scaring. Sometimes in the middle of the night I hear some noises coming from the fridge, as if the 'thing' wants to get out. I don't know what to do. Shall I call the emergency or the fire worker? I don't dare to open the fridge anymore, the last time I did it an incredible strong smell came out and I nearly fainted, so I have sealed the fridge, bought a new one and put the one with the 'thing' into the garage. But then there were strong noises coming from there and also an intense smell. So then I left my car in the street and didn't use the garage anymore. But since a few days there comes a kind of howling from the garage and I can't sleep in the night. The neighbors start to complain and ask me if I have a wolf in my garage. I can't tell them what it is, as I don't know myself. It is a mystery and probably I need to keep it for myself. What do you think?
What's your thought on this quote?
"Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that men can understand."
-- S.D. Gordon
BeiYin: So then what is it men really understand? Isn't it that they just change one image against an other one? What do they with their 'understanding'? It gives them something to chew on or a kind of security, protecting them from a void they might otherwise fall into? With this 'understanding' they receive advises how they should behave and they can hold the 'right' attitude, holding guidelines they can follow. With this 'understanding' they can follow an authority and don't need to take self responsibility, they can stay in dependency, trusting an imaginary picture built up from projections and unconscious needs. Holding on an infantile state of being and at the same time pretending to have reached superiority. Meeting like minded others with the same understanding and so being confirmed and strengthened in ones own or fighting against other views and so making ones own position untouchable, eliminating others views by forcing ones own ‘understanding’ on all around, gaining more power and of course using it for the ‘good for all’ and all in the name of an ‘understanding’ that was brought to men, - from where, from whom? There where the ‘understanding’ ends, there one must ‘believe’… Oh boy!
Look around in what state humanity is and where they have brought the whole planet with their ‘understanding’!
You had ask for my thoughts...
What is life?
BeiYin: A question about the most essential for us 'humans' who are being alive, difficult to answer because we can't grab it. We can't see it only the outcome of it. If we know what it is, then probably also we would know the origin of it. 
Life makes that all beings grow, but also that all and every thing changes constantly. There seems destruction in changes, things disappear and there is transformation from one form or state of being into an other one. Life appears to be in a constant flow. Are there a beginning and an end, or goes it in circles? When I look at my own circles when I turn around myself, repeating happenings and the way I react to them, then it seems that my turning goes in a spiral way, with less movements coming nearer to the center. What will happen when I come to the center point, when I become the center? Will I remain in silence, without any motion? The absolute center of a wheel doesn't move, right? Maybe arriving there one will be in a new dimension? Beyond any meaning, beyond any question, beyond any understanding? Just being life, just being alive, without anymore question because all concepts are left behind and the answer is realized...
Just my reflection.
What is knowledge?
BeiYin: 'Knowledge' is the stored perception about facts for conditions, situations, and positions. This includes all levels that can be sensed and understood, so mainly the outside that can be seen. The perception is bound and limited through the personality and their already established knowledge, which consist in concepts, so all new received impressions are integrated into the already existing knowledge about it, so making the concept stronger and with it the personality. 'Knowledge' is an important part of ones self image, determining ones world view and forming ones attitudes and behavior. 
As 'knowledge' is part of ones personality, so it is seen as ones property and will be defended. It is often used to give self confirmation by going into discussions and demonstrating ones knowledge, fighting against different opinions, etc. Also writing books serves or participating in Internet groups. It often shows, that the demonstrated 'knowledge' is superficial, so the owner might be easily beaten by some one else, but then a wide scale of other ways to defend oneself can be used. Going into irrational arguments, getting angry, insulting the opponent, pointing out the weak spots in the other, etc.
'Knowledge' is rarely used to look at oneself, asking questions about ones behavior or other aspects of ones existence. If done, then the awareness of oneself will guide one to 'self knowledge' and then this kind of 'knowledge' will guide one to levels laying beyond 'personality knowledge'...
Is change possible?
I mean 'real' change. Observing people it seems that they all turn around themselves, adapted to situations but not really changing. On a global view there seems no change in many centuries. Is there evolution going on with mankind? It doesn't look like.
BeiYin: There are always changes, but mostly this is an illusion, because the movement in one's thoughts and feeling and superficial changes on the outside happenings give the impression that there is 'change'.
Before a person can do something for a 'transformational change', it needs some basic information. I will list just a few:
  • One must know and realize that a real change is not wanted, because the basic characteristic of any system is that it tries to keep oneself together in the state how it is. A change is only welcome when this means to make oneself stronger, more secure, or richer in one's property, whatever this might be... If for one reason one needs to give up something, then this is mostly causing suffering if not something else is received in exchange. Mostly a person will defend oneself against any kind of change or loss.
  • Since many generations humanity is fed with concepts and images of all kind. Idealistic dreams have grown so strong that they cover reality with a dense cloud of mist. People are identified with their self image and are looking permanently for confirmation for it. Whatever one is doing serves for this purpose. In the first place this happens on the material level but then also on the mind and emotional field.
  • People are getting their feeling of 'existence' out of their reactions on the mind and emotional level. If they don't find enough reason to react in their normal daily life, then they provoke incidence to be able to react, using other people for it - and then giving them and circumstances the fault.

  • All this has people made dependent on other people and circumstances, because all happenings, reactions, problems, things, suffering, happiness, actions, goals, excitement, entertainment and every thing else which is filling them, gives them the feeling of existence. Within this there is no essential change and there is no change possible. All stays in one's 'personal drama' and of course this can be pretty tough...
  • Part of one's defense strategy is avoiding self confrontation or questioning oneself. If one is forced through circumstances then one's system reacts and with this one can escape, by attacking, hiding or just leaving with any kind of reason.

  • Trying to change something without the basic self knowledge, is like when a dog is trying to catch one's own tail: the dog is just turning around oneself. That's what most people are doing all their life long.
    And even when people becoming 'spiritual', then they still stay with the same illusion and there is no real change. They have changed their concept and goal, but they haven't changed themselves, at least not in an essential way. Of course a 'spiritual' person will also defend one's position with teeth and claws, although avoiding extreme violence if possible... 
    Do you want to know what you can do for a real change? Then first ask yourself!
    Can you change a person's being or perspective in life?
    I want to know how to change a person's life without being pushy or is it really no way to change them?
    BeiYin: Yes one can. It depends on the person if he/she is ready for a change. Otherwise will only want to hear and is able to receive what confirms their established view and concepts and then there is no change possible. But if there is some kind of openness, because this person is suffering and looking out to find a solution, then it might be possible that by giving an example through ones own life and ones expression coming out from there, one might be able to help in a transformation. If there is no openness, then the other person will mostly find a reason to complain about not getting confirmation from you by judging you and pointing out mistakes and seeing every thing as negative what doesn't fit in their self image. Trying to give some information to clear the situation must fail, the other doesn't want to hear anything and will reject even the best intention. This can be pretty frustrating some times, when one sees the stuck position of the other and wants to help, giving a creative push and then only provoking resistance; but then this might be a challenge for ones own learning. Understanding human nature with all in parts absurd contradictions, damaging behavior and rigid concepts. When we understand this as aspects of reality, we can accept it and give space to the other... Where they can transform in their own pace.
    What is a 'transformational change'?
    In answering this myself I would answer: A change that makes one start a completely different lifestyle. One where the person is so certain that what he/she is doing on the deepest level is right and for good that there is no room for fear, or wrong actions and decisions. All actions are completely in tune with the rest of the universe. 
    This is my understanding, I am interested in hearing yours.
    BeiYin: Your explication is describing a possible result of a transformational change but not what it is by itself. Indeed, a ‘transformational change’ will have significant results, which will turn out and show in one's lifestyle, behavior, etc. There might be no fear anymore, as fear is a reaction coming out from one's unconscious background and this might be cleared up and also is the result of a transformational change. 
    Now how does this happen? If ice melts and becomes water, then this is a transformational change. If waste goes into the compost and what comes out is good earth, or if a seed grows and becomes a plant, or a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, then this we might understand as a transformational change. The problems with humans is that they can't really ‘understand’ what ‘transformational change’ in a human is, unless they have passed this change themselves, - as it includes one's whole being... ‘Understanding’ as long as it happens in the mind, just can be a concept and then this even might hinder if not inhibit such a change, because the individual does not want such a change and will do everything to avoid it. Concepts do a good job in this and there is no end in this kind of understanding. So whatever I might explain it will be added to one's already stored concepts and this will not help to further any ‘transformational change’. So that means that I have to refuse to talk about it as whatever I might express it will be used to add to your concepts. 
    So the only thing I can do is to point out why it is so difficult that there happens a ‘transformational change’. This should be a new subject, but at least I will start here: It has to do with what might be called ‘Personality’, that what we believe we are. This is not specifically ‘human’ because also animals have it, but humans are totally identified with it and that's what makes it so extremely difficult to go beyond it. The system of ‘personality’, like all systems, wants to keep itself together, for sure not wanting to lose itself, instead of this the personality is trying to gain more and more, whatever this might be: Property on all levels, security on all levels, power on all levels, etc. If there is property, then there is power. Property not only on the material level, although the tendency in our society puts the most importance on this, but after this comes the intellectual property. If one is rich, then one has the possibility to manipulate others and they will serve to get even richer. The same with intellectual properties: one can manipulate others and make them to followers or make that they do what one wants. There is no end and one can never get enough.
    Do you think those people want a ‘transformational change’? So then who might want it? Probably nobody. Those who are professionals for ‘transformational change’ are using their knowledge to manipulate the individuals and the masses for their own purpose. For example: The professionals in spiritual matters like the churches and religious organizations. What are they doing? They offer concepts and rituals. This is enough to keep people as followers and keep them quiet. (Churches are still the richest companies in the world). Next: Professionals for psychological changes: They have their techniques to treat people, charge a lot of money and if they can't help, then they describe medication: Prozac, etc. Do you think they are interested in a ‘transformational change’? Hahaha. Politicians: For sure they are not interested in any ‘transformational change’; this is so obvious that I don't need to say more about it. Medical doctors: There might be a few interested, but what happens is that they are mainly interested in treating symptoms by describing medication. Are there individuals among those professionals who might be interested in a ‘transformational change’ for themselves? Probably not, because they use their professional knowledge as part of their personality to be confirmed in their existence and if they can combine for example the knowledge from psychology with spiritual concepts then they are absolutely unbeatable and any ‘transformational change’ is kept out. Why? Because whatever might happen and whatever challenge shows up, it will be successfully rejected and put in its place where it belongs. Ones superiority will stay untouched. Change might happen always, because adaptation is necessary and wanted for one's personality, but for sure no ‘transformational change’. 
    Question: Yes, I know that ‘I’ don't want to give up and ‘I’ don't want to know about the possibility that ‘I am’ still hanging on with an intellectual concept or other kind of trick - fooling myself. So then my other question is what is the yardstick that we can use to measure ourselves - in an independent way without needing an authority to tell us - if there might be something currently needing transformation?
    BeiYin: Dropping one concept in exchange for another one is not a ‘transformational change’. But if you become aware that you are identified with your concepts and getting your feeling of existence out of it, then this might be the beginning... 
    Of course we are fooling ourselves and we are clinging using all kind of tricks. All and every thing turns around the ‘I’. If you can measure yourself? A good question. You can't, there isn't such a ‘stick’. Do what feels right at the moment, knowing that this is not a measure, but the only way to do it, because your feeling of what is right is still too much influenced by yourself: your needs, your wishes, your dreams, your self image, your concepts, your unconscious background. But if you sensitively are aware then you will observe yourself and discover the tricks you are using, again being aware that with this you are going into another game, etc. Your own reactions towards what shows up in daily life from your surrounding and from people are the best measure, if you are aware of this and observe and reflect about it, that's all.
    So better relax and trust that finally it will come to an end, what means you will not react anymore because your background has been cleared up, more you can't do. And then a ‘transformational change’ might happen.
    Question:It seems to me that it is a good thing for any individual to have some kind of change, especially to make it more in touch with its spiritual side.
    BeiYin: “Some kind of change?” Is there a real change? Or is there just a change in concepts? Does it make any difference if somebody is killed because of materialistic reasons or killed by religious reasons? For the killed person for sure it will not make any difference, although the religious motivation might give more strength to the killer... 
    What is the ‘spiritual side’ of a person? This seems to be part of an image and so has little or nothing to do with ‘spirituality’. An example: I am observing a person who is in a strong ‘spiritual transformational process’. She is pretending, although she believes totally it is true... It is not real, but this person is totally involved in it and obviously believes that she is nearly enlightened. But her daily life behavior showing up in her reactions are still totally unconscious and to such an extreme, that no communication is possible. Doing this old game of provoking reactions in another person and then using the situation to react even stronger and of course finding a reason for this and giving the fault to the other. Trying to draw the other into arguing: to win the game. If this doesn't work, because one doesn't join this game, then getting into a desperate situation with the need to pull the emergency brake. You see, it is much more complicated and the ‘personality’ owns a huge arsenal of tricky ways to defend itself that the ongoing game can continue and the personality can survive. There seems to be no limitation, but there is: There happens an inner blockage where no trick will help to find one's ‘self confirmation’.
    This is called ‘guardian of the threshold’ and keeps the door close for everybody who is not ready. There is no trick possible and always turns the pretending person back to oneself. So the last trick might be to end in total ‘craziness’ to save oneself. Pretty absurd and sad, but it works...
    But don't let us be confused by extremes. Transformational change is possible. Let's water the plants, clean the dishes and don't let us worry too much about transformation...
    Is it really the philosophers' task to change the world?
    BeiYin: "If a man has a good wife, then he will be happy, if he has a bad wife, then he will become a philosopher!" Probably because he will have a good reason to ask what sense his life has if he is suffering, while when he is happy he has no reason to ask. Then when asking and really going for an answer he will come to the result, that he will need to change himself, getting out of dependencies and taking self responsibility. From there he will be able to make decisions and respond to daily life circumstances in a different way. He will be capable to relate to whatever shows up more objective and so indeed have changed his personal world view, behavior and also his habits. And so with all this he will have changed the world, and even without any intention, it became his 'task' as he started a chain reaction...
    Enlightenment exists?
    Does it really exist? Then where are these people? 
    Or is it just a kind of 'sales argument', giving people something to go for...
    BeiYin: This question indicates that there is a lack of understanding what enlightenment really is. Or there is a misunderstanding. Probably because the last thirty years this conception became overloaded with religious and mystical luggage.
    Let us see what the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English tells us: "Enlightenment = the act of enlightening: This law is so difficult to understand that only a lawyer can provide enlightenment. 2: the state of having been enlightened: The family owed a great deal to the enlightenment of their mother's opinions about the bringing up of children.
    Enlightenment = the period in the 18th century in Europe, when certain thinkers taught that science and the free use of reason would improve the human condition."
    So far it doesn't say much to enlighten the subject. So let's continue to read: "enlighten = to cause to understand; free from false beliefs: Peter thought the world was flat until I enlightened him!"
    Aha! "Free from false beliefs" This makes it a little bit clearer: If one is free from false beliefs then one is 'enlightened', at least in this specific part, but not totally of course. So to follow the 'use of reason' it would mean if somebody is free of ALL false beliefs then this person would be 'enlightened'! It seems to me that this is still not enough. I am convinced that it doesn't matter if a belief is false or true, - as long the belief is just a belief and not realized in one's personal growing process. I even want to go further: A person is not really 'enlightened' if there are still remaining beliefs and concepts and as long one's existence is based in confirmations of one's self image.
    Resume: 'Enlightenment' is possible, but it doesn't mean that there exist or had ever exist any humans with a complete realized state of this being.
    If you were given 30 seconds to air live internationally on TV, what would you tell the world? 
    It will also be the last thing you say for the rest of your life.

    BeiYin: This is a good question and reminds me at a happening many years ago: I think it was 1972 when the Olympic games started in Munich. The moment when the president was going to open the Olympic games, a young woman took the microphone and started to talk: "People of the world..." and then the police took her away. The whole world were listening to this few words... and even though we didn't know what she was going to say, it had an effect, at least to me. I thought about it and had asked myself: What is it I would have said? And I had said to myself: If it ever happens that I have the occasion to talk in TV or radio, I will try to say something essential. In this over thirty years that has passed, I had a few occasions to talk in TV and also in the local radio and I always remembered this girl from the Olympic games. Now I am making my own videos and still I am following my intention to be essential.
    To answer your question what I would say in 30 seconds to the world, this makes me feel like if I need to put an elephant into a matchbox. It seems to be impossible, but I can try: I would say:
    "People of the world! I am given the unique possibility to talk to you all for just 30 seconds. In this time I want to share what is the most important and the most essential for me. You are all overwhelmed by information and entertainment from the best professionals. I am a simple man and can’t satisfy your mind and can’t do much to give you good feelings, but I will share the most precious possible for us all and I can give it to you right now. It is something you hardly ever can get with this medium: It is silence. Please close your eyes and enjoy the last 10 seconds filled with precious silence: right now… Be aware of your existence without distraction…” And the TV turns black and is without any sound for the remaining time.
    I checked it with a stopwatch and my talking was 40 seconds. So I try again:
    “People of the world! I’m given 30 seconds to talk to you. For what I would like to say this is too little, my heard is too full. So I will share the most precious you can receive, so please close your eyes now and enjoy the next 10 seconds. Be aware of your existence in silence without distraction, right now!” 
    And the screen turns black without sound. 
    - - -
    Thank you for this question. Now I ‘m glad that I can go and make my videos without being squeezed so much. And thank you for reminding me to be essential!
    PS: After I had posted this answer to '' I had some thoughts: The young woman who had tried to say something in the Olympic Games in 1972 now might be about sixty years old. Wouldn't it be 'funny' if she would read this answer and then remember, how disappointed she has been, when the police took her and she couldn't say more? And then now she would see, that even she had said only four words, it had an influence on the life of maybe many people... 
    - - -
    You can listen to an audio of this text. 

    One of my older videos: "Transformation"
    I believe this video is ‘essential’ but also funny… Enjoy!
    There are more and more will be made...

    Why do people smoke?
    When people start to smoke, mostly when they are young, then it is very much a social thing. They want to demonstrate that they are grown up, doing things the adults are doing, so they feel that it looks ‘cool’. But then they get addicted because of the nicotine that has a numbing effect on  ones mind, although some smokers say that smoking stimulates their thinking. But probably this is just an excuse to justify their silliness. 
    People who are smoking are trying to release their stress and so they smoke excessively when there is more stress. But they can't release any stress by smoking, they only reduce their response to situations that create stress. People who are in a conflict situation smoke a lot with the same reason, but they can't help finding a solution by smoking, it only reduces their response by numbing themselves. ‘But then they need something that stimulates them and so smoker often need to drink coffee. It looks like that nicotine goes together with caffeine. We can observe this everywhere.
    It is not just stress because of outside difficulties. There is another more subtle reason why people smoke. A conflict situation can be caused by coming to the moment in ones life when nothing seems to make sense, there is confusion because things didn't work out how one wants it and then there is just too much one should deal with, but one feels impotent to deal with life and coming to the point falling into a void. The smoker doesn't want to deal with this situation and somehow it works he/she fills the void with smoke, paying very expensive with this when rejecting the given challenges in life.
    Smoker are not willing to confront openly a conflict situation, smoking is the best way for them to hide. This is dramatically serious, because if they do not relate and respond out of their full capacity, then they get stuck in their personal evolution and this also has a serious effect on their whole system: Body, mind, emotions and beyond. Nicotine is toxic and weakens the system, but this is not the most serious. When the growing, the personal evolution is intentionally blocked, then this accumulates energy and tension and this will blow up the system in its weakest point. It might be that the system destroys itself through a disease or the smoker has self destructive tendencies, or is manifesting aggression and violence in his/hers surrounding. This might happen verbal or in form of emotional threatening and in extreme cases they are provoking others to use their reaction as a reason to be physically violent.
    It is difficult to relate to smoker on a deeper level, because they don't want to look at themselves and stay on a superficial level. They don't ask for help and they reject any help. They are in a spiral of self-destruction and they draw others into it. That is probably the main reason why smoker doing so hard if they want to quit smoking even when they are effected by their habit and seriously sick. It seems not only a personal problem but also a social one. This society is formed and ruled by smokers and hardly anybody is questioning their situation and wanting seriously to do something about it.
    There is another aspect why people smoke.
    Because they like to regret into an infantile state, where they don't need to take self responsibility, so instead of sucking a dummy (Am. pacifier) they suck at a cigarette or cigar. It brings them back to the beautiful time when lying in mothers arms, protected, warm and secure. So when people need to confront situations in daily life that are not giving this satisfaction they would like to have when they were a baby, then they grab a cigarette. People are not conscious about it and they indeed don't want to look at it and they get really angry if one question their habit and they react the same as a baby if you take away the pacifier (!). 
    Probably people drink for a similar reason, if they suck on a bottle then this is the same and works the same as a dummy-pacifier! So it is obvious that people don't want to grow up! And it is easy to understand why they get angry if life's situations are threatening, forcing them to grow!

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