What is the oldest and strangest thing in your fridge right now?
Inky Pinkie: There is something strange in my fridge that I took over from other people who had the fridge before. This ‘thing’ is in a plastic container and sealed, but the plastic is transparent and I can look through. I can’t identify what it is. It looks like an embryo of an prehistoric creature. I have it now in my fridge for more than three years and it seems to grow, well, this might be my fantasy, because the container is nearly full. But for sure the color is changing over the years. When I first saw it, the color was orange with purple stripes, then the orange changed into red and the stripes into black dots.
Several months later in the middle of this ‘thing’ appeared something like an eye, just starring at me. Really scaring. Sometimes in the middle of the night I hear some noises coming from the fridge, as if the ‘thing’ wants to get out. I don’t know what to do. Shall I call the emergency or the fire worker? I don’t dare to open the fridge anymore, the last time I did it an incredible strong smell came out and I nearly fainted, so I have sealed the fridge, bought a new one and put the one with the ‘thing’ into the garage. But then there were strong noises coming from there and also an intense smell. So then I left my car in the street and didn’t use the garage anymore. But since a few days there comes a kind of howling from the garage and I can’t sleep in the night. The neighbors start to complain and ask me if I have a wolf in my garage. I can’t tell them what it is, as I don’t know myself. It is a mystery and probably I need to keep it for myself. What do you think?
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