Why do people smoke?

BeiYin: When people start to smoke, mostly when they are young, then it is very much a social thing. They want to demonstrate that they are grown up, doing things the adults are doing, so they feel that it looks Ďcoolí. But then they get addicted. The nicotine has a numbing effect on  ones mind, although some smokers say that smoking stimulates their thinking. But probably this is just an excuse to justify their silliness. 
People who are smoking are trying to release their stress and so they smoke excessively when there is more stress. But they canít release any stress by smoking, they only reduce their response to situations that create stress. People who are in a conflict situation smoke a lot with the same reason, but they canít help finding a solution by smoking, it only reduces their response by numbing them. ĎBut then they need something that stimulates them and so smoker need to drink coffee. It looks like that nicotine goes together with caffeine. We can observe this everywhere.
It is not just stress because of outside difficulties. There is another more subtle reason why people smoke. A conflict situation can be caused by coming to the moment in ones life when nothing seems to make sense, there is confusing because things didnít work out how one wants it and then there is just too much one should deal with, but one feels impotent to deal with life and coming to the point falling into a void. The smoker doesnít want to deal with this situation and somehow it works he/she fills the void with smoke, paying very expensive with this when rejecting the given challenges of daily life.
Smoker are not willing to confront openly a conflict situation, smoking is the best way for them to hide. This is dramatically serious, because if they do not relate and respond out of their full capacity, then they get stuck in their personal evolution and this also has a serious effect on their whole system. Nicotine is toxic and weakens the system, but this is not the most serious. When ones sindividual growing process is intentionally blocked, then this accumulates energy and tension and this will bring ones system out of balance in its weakest point. It might be that the system destroys itself through a disease or the smoker has destructive tendencies, manifesting aggression and violence in his/hers surrounding. This might happen verbal or in form of emotional threatening and in extreme cases they are provoking others to use their reaction to be physically violent.
It is difficult to relate to smoker, because they donít want to look at themselves. They donít ask for help and they reject any help. They are in a spiral of self-destruction and they draw others into it. That is probably the main reason why smoker doing so hard if they want to quit smoking even when they are effected by their habit and seriously sick. It seems not only a personal problem but also a social one. This society is formed and ruled by smokers and hardly anybody is questioning the situation and wanting seriously to do something about it. 
There is another aspect why people smoke.
Because they like to regret into an infantile state, where they donít need to take self-responsibility, so instead of sucking a dummy (Am. pacifier) they suck at a cigarette or cigar. It brings them back to the beautiful time when lying in mothers arms, protected, warm and secure. So when people need to confront situations in daily life that are not giving this satisfaction they would like to have when they were a baby, then they grab a cigarette. People are not conscious about it and they indeed donít want to look at it and they get really angry if one question their habit and they react the same as a baby if you take away the pacifier (!). 
Probably people drink for a similar reason, if they suck on a bottle then this is the same and works the same as a dummy-pacifier! So it is obvious that people donít want to grow up! And it is easy to understand why they get angry if lifeís situations are threatening, when forcing them to grow!
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