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That's the subject of our Web site and will include various aspects, always with the view, that human life is part of the *whole* and is not separated from it, even it might look to the individual as being of separated existence. Most of problems, suffering and unhappiness are resulting from this common illusion, that shows up and is represented through the state of evolution humanity is passing. Our *growing process* is not completed and still in a limited state. Relating to Life  and responding to what shows up in one's daily conditions, situations and encounter, will delude this split during ones personal *learning, growing and healing* process. 
Our intention is, to give the space and possibility, to go *consciously* into such a process, not being absorbed by too much distraction, goals and values that are the demanding part of society. We can use a simple life style, in connection with nature, just doing the necessary daily work to maintain ourselves and the place, - to calm down and then be able to observe and reflect. Becoming aware of our conditioning and so cleaning up our established mindset and our worn out habits and attitudes. In short: Going beyond ones personality with illusions and ones fake self image, what means: *Healing oneself*.
We are sharing our findings and contribute information publicly, to support this process of becoming conscious. We want to give Information through writings and  images, sounds or other ways of creative expressions... and as the most essential and direct: Through our *Energy*, that can be received from any one who connects with us and is ready. 
.*  *  *
Who wants to participate, contributing to this process, in which a subtle awareness will play the most important part, can join our *Circle of Friends*. - With other words: You can become a member of FalconBlanco, by supporting our work from there where you are or living together with us. 
It looks very much like, that it will not happen during our life time that humanity will go beyond the commonly established mindset, to find togetherness that serves the whole and not just specific personal interests. What can we do about it? We can only start with ourselves and relate to what there is presented in our daily reality and respond the best we are capable and use what is available as a challenge to learn and to grow. We can *express* ourselves, still reacting, - more or less conscious about it and when using this as a challenge, then being able to clean up our background. We can start from where we are, having an encounter with whatever shows up - when representing our state of energy and *being*. 
(Founder of FalconBlanco)

What is FalconBlanco?
FalconBlanco was founded 1975 and in the beginning planed as an 'Intentional Community' and 'Meditation/Creativity Center'. Experience during many years has shown, that with the word 'Community' there are connected concepts and images, that doesn't meet what FalconBlanco is or is supposed to be. So then, - what is FalconBlanco? 
*It is an ongoing process*.What means, that there is no established form or concept how things 'should be'. It is a *growing process* in which people living at FalconBlanco are involved with their own personal engagement when being present, that we see as a *healing process*.

The chaos manifested on the outside level is the mirror of the individual chaos one is carrying with oneself and trying to hide or keep under control... The usual way to live in our society, is to try to fulfill ones goals and values and find confirmation for ones established self image. To gain this, people work, fight and struggle. People are not conscious about the fact, that they are living under the demanding conditioning they have received during their life and that has programed their mindset. They don't know, that all these influences are coming out of a fake reality that is created by humans with all their limited interpretation and unlimited misinterpretation! The existing picture of this world is indeed the product of manipulation, so that it provides a frame in that people can live, having a kind of security. The established power structure, that is part of the social system, is built up by the most clever individuals and that give a certain direction and stability, keeping the illusion going... 
Living out of this picture world and having built up ones personality from this, people are confronting a reality that is different than what they want it to be and so they struggle and suffer, not being able to find their realization in this. People are not capable and willing to look at themselves in a critical way and as a consequence then would work on themselves, but instead they are projecting their negativity to the outside and of course they find plenty of occasions every where to do so.

If you have done already steps to go beyond this personality behavior, then you might find a place here at FalconBlanco, where you can question yourself and get out of playing the common confirmation games. Or you had the urge for a change and you probably have already established and upgrated to a high pitched spiritual concept, that made it possible for you to survive the confusion when confronting your daily reality.   

. * * *
Now there is showing up an even more serious dilemma, when it becomes clear, that  spiritual concepts are just part of the common mindset and so obviously are coming out of the same erroneous pictures created from this people-world. As this world view is integrated part of every ones personality, so there seems no way to get out of it! Where are you now? What is your most essential question at this moment?   

We as humans in our present state of evolution are used to put things into boxes (or under the carpet if we want to hide things), and then giving names to it, making a concept out of every thing, believing that we are knowing what it is and so can control every thing. With this we feel secure, because every thing has its place. Of course we are fooling ourselves and we stay naive and ignorant, because all around us are playing the same game, supported by authorities and all what is established in our society. 
In many years it has shown, that not being supported by the common game, is a  challenge too big for most people coming to FalconBlanco. Only very few are capable to use this condition in a creative way for their personal growing and healing process. Most visitors are looking for confirmation for their established concepts and self image and it doesn't really matter if these are highly spiritual, it turns out very quick that they don't want to go beyond their picture world and they prefer to stay within their so well fitting 'straight jacket', - even though they are suffering and wanting to get out of it... And then of course it is not possible to give an answer, - if there is no question... The fact is, that there is no way to make them get out of their games. No help will be excepted. So who ever wants to come to FalconBlanco, should have done at least the first step, being aware of ones trapped condition and having the urge to get out of it. 
.* * * 

The island Ibiza has a very creative energy that can be used if one is willing and ready, but it can also result in destruction if one doesn't open and welcome creative influences. Here at FalconBlanco we need to relate and respond out of our individual condition. Here it shows, who we are as a result of all the influences we have accumulated in our life and where we are in our individually established self image and world view. Here one will be disturbed and irritated in ones picture world. Not that this is our intention, it happens because there is not the usual confirmation given from the surrounding. There might not 'like minded' and 'kindred spirits' around to reflect and confirm oneself... This gives the opportunity to look at oneself to make a critical checkup. One might find out that part of the used personal setup is worn out and one can drop it. That will allow that new perspectives show up or at least some doubts and with this some serious questions...

It has become clear that answering questions by satisfying the mind, giving new concepts that are more sophisticated than the old ones, doesn't really help and just follows the old used ways to strengthen one's 'personality'. So all talking, used to continue in one's old games or adapting new concepts, will just change one trap for another one. That is not 'healing' or 'growing' and being at FalconBlanco, one should be conscious about it. 
* * * 
At FalconBlanco we are convinced that there are ways to get out of one's 'strait jacket'. We found out, that meditation or the 'StressReleaseExercise' can prepare the necessary basic condition, using ones daily life situations, to be able to relate to the outside and also to oneself in a different way. One can stay relaxed and from there relate and respond to whatever shows up in a more objective way, observing and being aware of one's reactions on all levels. That's the way to clear up one's personal background, - that's the unconscious personal program established during one's life - and this 'clearing up' creates the condition to start to be more objective and then being able to relate and respond in a new way when taking responsibility for oneself and also how one is responding in ones daily encounters. 
This is a challenge and to live and experience this in conditions within the usual social setup it is also possible, even though the whole social system is confirming and strengthening 'personalities' within the frame of forms and mindsets. People confirm each other, whatever they do or with whom they meet, using each other for their need to be confirmed. The same has happened here at FalconBlanco long enough and we must make it clear that who wants to live here together with us, must be conscious about this personality game.
Update: At this moment we don't except volunteers and visitors, only those who want to come with the intention to become *long term members* and who complete the conditions mentioned before! 

What we are doing at FalconBlanco beside maintaining the place and ourselves?
Apart of this we want to provide information also for people outside: For all who need it and ask for it. We are distributing worldwide information about ways to heal oneself, mainly about the effective 'Stress Release Exercise', - to further awareness, growth and health. 

We investigate about alternative and holistic ways to heal oneself, furthering self responsibility and independency and we report about our search and our findings. We are using various means for this and offer at our Web site articles, answers to  questions, discussions, download ebooks, videos and audio. We are printing booklets and leaflets. We plan a series of videos to offer information.

All what we do and distribute is for free, never there is money involved. All members are doing their work because they are motivated and engaged in our projects. Our intention is to start a 'positive chain reaction', helping our fellow human beings and relating and responding to needs wherever these are showing up, - without expecting any reward. Then we all can make the surprising experience that as more we give, as more comes back... 

With this we are rising onto another level, beyond the narrowness of materialistic behavior and thinking. This is not a project or a dream, this is what we are living as a daily reality at FalconBlanco. 

We have to deal with all the personal problems we are carrying with us when living here. We are supporting each other and our common goal is to be of help for others and the urge for ourselves to get out of worn out habits and mindsets. This is real work and not everybody is capable for it, -  confronting oneself. 

* * *
People ask for a description, they want to know very concrete what FalconBlanco is and what is going on here in its essence. It is hardly possible to make this clear, because it depends too much on the subjective view of the one who receives the information. FalconBlanco is a 'process' which can be experienced. There are no frames offered in which things are happening. So people need to relate to what is there and then respond out of there own capability. What happens depend on the state of being of each individual and the outside conditions. Can one describe what 'life' is? Even a precise description can't be very concrete and will leave a lot of space for individual interpretation, there is no way to avoid misunderstanding and so expectations will be desappointed when these are not be confirmed by one's personal experience when living at FalconBlanco, because the reality here is different. So part of the work is to creatively work with the dilemma showing up. (It must be said that few people are capable to respond in a creative way, mostly they are defending their established self image and old way to see the world and themselves and so they might react with disappointment, so we need to find out in how far people are ready before they come.) 
What we are living at FalconBlanco does not fit into known concepts, unless antique wisdom are remembered, where it was said: "Know yourself..." 
Not even existing forms, like 'Intentional Communities' come near to a possible general description. So if you might ask: "Is FalconBlanco an 'Intentional Community?" Then we will answer: No, it is not! Because we are not trying to live a concept. Our 'coming together' is part of the way we are living. Many years of experience have shown that most people have problems when their expectations are not meeting with reality and is different from dreams and concepts. This is a necessary step one must have completed, before one can go further to realize a state of being that is based on *reality*, - that goes beyond any description with words... 
At FalconBlanco we are not living concepts, we are relating consciously in a responsible and creative way to daily circumstances, trusting that whatever appears, is the most effective happening to further our personal growth, what includes our conscious decisions
People sometimes ask: "What is your philosophy?"  We are NOT bound to any philosophy or belief system. We see life as our 'teacher', including more and more into our growing awareness, being active and creative - allowing to be inspired, expressing ourselves, - going beyond personal limitations, enjoying... And of course also going through our personal reactions: being sad, angry, etc. But we are convinced, that whatever shows up on the outside, happenings, situations, conditions, people, - that this is exactly what we need in our growing process. Some times this is hard to take. Real work is only possible when connected with 'trust'... 
We are conscious about the fact that NOT having concepts, except the working concept - leaves a lot of space open for individual interpretation and so people who are coming to live at FalconBlanco bring with them their self images and with this their expectation to be confirmed in their personal reality, which then are not meeting what they find here in daily circumstances and how people respond or not respond to them and so this might cause frustration and disappointment. So either people can get angry and leave the place or they relate to what is there and maybe finding out something about themselves, doing a step to self knowledge and with this leaving a bit of their 'old program' behind...

What is the goal of FalconBlanco?
To live individually one's essential existence, using daily circumstances as stepping stones towards self knowledge, allowing and opening up to fields that  transform one's personality, (finally as a self expression of love). Without any manipulation but with the trust that there is an unfolding growing process, that guides us in a natural, non violent and non manipulative way towards what could be called Health. Trusting that on our path we will receive the light we need, coming out of one's heart individually and from the Sun for all...
Writing and talking is a way to express oneself. One can give a description of one's position and the way one sees situations and receives other peoples expressions. If this opens an interchange and a communication, then this can be a way to help each other to clear things up. 
What's the idea of people coming together?
There might live together up to 20 people: Practicing the 'Stress Release Exercise', doing body exercises or Yoga, talk, work, doing some artistic self expression, share, learn and enjoy their lives, relating to simple daily  circumstances, finding a new way to deal with themselves and their surrounding, alone and in togetherness helping and healing each other. Finding individually their way to express themselves - 'coming together' by living together in a responsible way, responding to each other and to daily conditions. 
Living at FalconBlanco, there is no money involved. There is a loose structure for the living together. There are certain times for meditation and other healing exercises and the daily work to maintain the place, which must be completed, as there are no paid workers. Out of our specific lifestyle there are coming certain rules, which will not be felt as such if your way of life is similar as ours...
There is guidance available for various healing exercises. We are working together, finding out about alternative ways to do things and to deal with our environment. For example: From vegetables and fruits and other organic material and the manure of our horse (now from neighbors, because my horse died) we are making compost, which we use on our land or we exchange it. If there are enough people, we are growing vegetables and we are doing some recycling. 

Living together at FalconBlanco, there is no 'owner'. There is no boss, no guru. Who can 'own' land anyway? Owner is the one who feels responsible and takes care. We are not only trying to be friendly with people but also with plants, animals and the environment as a whole. -
Therefore people must be willing and able to set their own needs for certain moments aside. That the living together of people coming from all over the world with different cultures, etc. can function, it is necessary that every body takes responsibility and also some initiative. This can happen when there is motivation and engagement, what of course can't be there from the moment of arrival, even though one can expect to be with 'friends'. It's part of the growing process, individually and as a group. This needs some time...

What you can do to become a long term member?
We welcome people who are seriously interested to heal themselves  and who also feel the urge to help and support others. People who want to participate should be responsible for themselves and have enough motivation and initiative to step out of their old world view, habits and personal structure; with other words: Who are ready and willing to undergo such difficult process... Inform yourself about FalconBlanco by reading thoroughly our Web site. Make your comments, ask questions. After reading the "FAQ", don't hesitate to ask more questions which might help to clear up things. 
If then you are still interested, send an email or use our feedback form and tell us why you want to come, send a photo of yourself as an attachment.
Why you are interested in FalconBlanco? Is the reason because you are looking for an alternative way of life, not being satisfied with what is offered by society? Is the reason because you want to be understood when you are expressing yourself and looking for like minded and friendly people? And are you open enough to receive impulses which not only serve to confirm yourself but to have a critical look at yourself? With other words: Do you have the urge to get to know yourself, the urge for 'clarity'? Do you dare to quest yourself? To look at yourself even there might come up things you don't like? Are you ready to search for reasons in the first place within yourself not giving the fault to the outside and other people? 

We ask you not to show up at FalconBlanco without our confirmation. We would like to be more spontaneous, but our experiences during many years have told us better to hold back. 
We must insist on: 
worm.gif (3746 bytes)NO tobacco worm.gif (3746 bytes)NO drugs worm.gif (3746 bytes)NO alcoholics worm.gif (3746 bytes) NO money making

This is a question of your personal 'lifestyle' and there should not be a conflict. If you want to live at FalconBlanco, then it must be clear that these four NOS must be completed . (Read about "Rules"
What is needed is a clear YES to life with the intention to go beyond one's limitations and that includes one's own personal boundaries, what also means one's excessive urge for self confirmation! 
It is essential that people who come to FalconBlanco are interested in meditation and practicing it. Who is not interested must stay away. So then this is one of the conditions to be here. Who doesn't want to meditate shows ones lack of interest in ones own healing and growing process and then for sure is here at the wrong place... 
If there is any question, then please ask! Every thing should be clear by now, but it seems to be normal that people only see what they want to see and then they come here with illusions and expectations that can't be fulfilled. Then being disappointed and angry, complaining but not willing to look at themselves... So please let's avoid these disappointments and be clear about yourself and what you want...

To be able to understand why it is so difficult to find the *right* people for FalconBlanco, you can read an email exchange about it. Click here:

Repeatedly I was told that my writings sound too harsh and that it rejects people who might be interested to join... I agree, this might feel harsh and too direct, but I have spend the last thirty six years giving all my energy into my intention with this place and people coming and going. I don't say that it was 'wasted' energy, because having to do with people let me learn a lot, but I believe that I have learned enough now and indeed it would be wasting energy to continue with the same experience. So I prefer that people feel not attracted and stay away. Not understanding my position and what I am expressing in my writings, shows that they are still caught in their image world and so for sure wouldn't feel comfortable here... 

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