Survival Training  at FalconBlanco updated: 10.10.04 ,  8.4.07,  15.9.08
People living in an environment which is chaotic in its depth and doesn't function creatively. There is an established way to adapt oneself to survive. This means mainly not looking at causes and backgrounds including one's own, suppressing one's reactions and using established ways to cover and compensate, including  substitutes, surrogates and all kind of manipulations. That's the adapted usual way of society to deal with chaos...

To say it precisely and to bring it to a point: Our main intention and the most important is, that we see outside circumstances as a mean for gaining insight and it is not important WHAT we do on the practical outside level, but THAT WE RELATE to what shows up, from inside or from outside, dealing with whatever this might be. Our personal reactions which are appearing during this process are a significant part of our 'relating' and are an important part of our 'survival training'. We are experiencing, that exactly those reactions are provoked in each individual, which then serve to recognize one's unconscious conditioned background structure. This is real work and sometimes harder than to move stones or pallets...

Advancing with ones survival training on a level beyond the physical, it shows that this also helps significantly to survive on the body level and one will receive much easier what one needs and doesn't spend so much energy in it and for sure not worrying about it. One will be able to observe ones old behavior and be critical about it, being able to focus on more essential needs.
The fact, that in FalconBlanco 'learning' goes much further than practicing gardening, recycling, Biodiesel production and other practical things, is obviously attracting people. 
But we must make it very clear that 'surviving' means: to survive into a new dimension beyond one's old personality. To make this possible, the 'Stress Release Exercise' is an essential part of the daily routine and who is not willing to participate daily and regularly should not come to FalconBlanco.
There is food and work for 20 people and we can also lodge about this number. Who wants to come and in case there is no more room available, can build one's own shelter. 
We are talking Spanish, English and German.
One critical comment I need to add: If you want 'your comfort', that's reasonable, and if this is the most important for you, then you better look for another place. Comfort would mean that you expect to have what you are used and that you are not willing to explore a different life style with different values. One must be willing to confront unexpected situations and circumstances and must be especially willing to deal with it in a creative way, at least wanting to find out about it. 
PS: The 'survival training' at FalconBlanco goes through all levels: Practical/fisical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is a process, individually and as a group and steps are taken, unfolding themselves, one after the other. In the first place we LIVE, and we welcome all as part of our learning process, so that we can relate and respond to whatever shows up...
PPS: Even though it should be clear what our intention is when reading this here and all the other writings, then when people show up at FalconBlanco it turns out that they have used their usual survival techniques to get what they want and that includes: Lying and pretending when it comes to describe themselves and what they want. It often shows that they believe into the untouchable truth of their self image and they don't want to be touched in this, what tells when they don't express themselves, to avoid any confrontation or even any communication. For sure they are not able to show any interest for anything else than for themselves. FalconBlanco is supposed to be a 'place for friends', helping each other to go beyond oneself and ones selfish survival games. Those people will not feel comfortable here and will leave soon. As they are pretty disturbing by holding at their dense energy, we prefer that they don't show up. 

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