The Story of FalconBlanco
  E-mail exchanges during it's History     updated: 26.2.12
Rick: You are definitely attracting the wrong people to FalconBlanco if even a simple
condition such as not smoking cannot be met.
BeiYin: We do not attract the wrong people, the wrong people are attracted even though we make it very clear what the intention of FalconBlanco is and also make clear the conditions.
But the attraction from certain aspects seem to be so strong that people don't see the other conditions they don't want to see (the same as they do every where and in their daily life!) They read  what I wrote and then are using it to give a positive picture of themselves so that we accept them and of course lying about their addictions.
Rick: Where do these people come from? How do they get to hear about you? In my case, I was deliberately looking for a place where a more contemplative life could be lived in a healthier environment. Hopefully surrounded by people who like myself, were interested in life's ultimate purpose. That of expanding consciousness by going beyond the limitation's of the mind.
BeiYin: Most people find FB by searching the Internet, the same as you. As I said before: They see what they want to see and then pretend that they are interested in the same as
you are describing as your goal. For example: Since many years I know that when someone writes that he/she is interested in 'self knowledge' than this means in reality that this person is looking for 'self confirmation' by finding similar concepts to strengthen and reinforce ones own established world view and self image. In this 'spiritual' people are the worst and their high pitched sophisticated concepts give them not only a frame in which they find security, to be able to survive, but also a perfect intellectual defense. These people are talking a lot about love and harmony and of course looking for a place and other people to find it. But then when they don't get what they urgently need to confirm their concept, then they get angry and some times even react with violence. For sure the 'healthier environment' is also an attraction, but when people see that this is connected with hard work, then they react with arguments and complains not to engage themselves...
Rick: The SRE is very important for this. These people knew that meditation was a
condition. Why are they not doing it? It is not difficult.
BeiYin: Yes, it is a condition to come and stay here. Why they are not doing it? Because they are sabotaging themselves. They don't want to give up their precious personality. They don't want to loosen up their established rigid structure, not even their constant tension and this will happen when they do the SRE. They might have practiced SRE and then were more relaxed and with this something new opened up, but this is frightening because they want to hold on the old they are so used, so they don't continue to practice. Or they do it in a way that it doesn't cause any change, but don't ask me to check their practice. I'm wondering why people don't ask me anything, knowing that I have the knowledge to give them advice so that their practice can be more effective. Nothing, I have to ask them, even if I have told them that they need to do this step if they want to know something more.
Rick: Are there other reasons for them leaving? Are there other conditions perhaps that
they were not aware of?
BeiYin: They are mostly leaving because they don't get what they need: Self confirmation. There are even people who are provoking in a strong way to get this and if they can't get it, then there are even people, who provoke with the intention to be kicked out, repeating an old pattern and when I don't respond in the way they want (unconsciously) then they leave.
Rick: Why are they fighting with you? What is it you want from them that they resist so
BeiYin: I am not fighting at all, I'm not arguing, but it might happen that I point out their provoking behavior and also explain why I am not responding and what probably the reason is for their provocation. But people don't want to listen. They don't want to know about it and then they are leaving disappointed and giving me or conditions here the fault. What I want from people coming to FalconBlanco, is that they are interested to free and clear up themselves, being aware of their reactions and why and where these are coming from. That these are not provoked by the outside, but by themselves and their unconscious background, because of their past and the influences they had received. I want that people use the given space and the opportunity to encounter conditions, to free themselves. Meditation is essential for this. I can give information that can provide the understanding, but there are very few people who are ready for it and I will not spend my energy any more offering something to people they don't want. The space is given and they could make their own experiences, they could talk with me, asking what ever question, but very few ae capable to use it.
Rick: I ask because I have accepted your invitation to visit, but I do not want to walk
into a war zone of arguments between different beliefs. I have been fighting all my life
and the last thing I want are more fights as they serve no purpose of any worth.
BeiYin: I have told all people here to leave and most left already, the rest will leave within the next two months and I have updated my Web site and have make clear that I will not accept any visitors any more.
Rick: I am looking for peace.
BeiYin: As long as you are looking for peace at the outside you will be disappointed, - moving around in this world. The only way is to find peace within yourself, - then whatever you will encounter at the outside will not disturb your inner peace. The basic condition to find this peace can be built easy and effective by meditation or the SRE and because of this it is so important. 
Rick: I don't mind debating in a civil manner various beliefs or concepts, in fact I
enjoy exploring into the vagaries of philosophy or religion. As long as it is kept at a
light hearted level and nobody trying to convert anybody else to their way of thinking.
BeiYin: I agree, but most people who talk about their beliefs are not 'light hearted'
because they are identified with their beliefs and defend these with all means. Talking
with them is difficult and mostly useless, because they don't want to listen, are
defensive and use the talk only to find confirmation in it by being strong in their
position and if possible convincing the other. I'm not interested in this and pointing
out the reason of their attitude only creates extreme reactions as they feel that they
loose position.
Rick: To work together for a common goal and for the good of all. Is this not love in action?
BeiYin: Yes indeed, it is, although of course it depends from where these 'goals' are coming and why these are 'good for all'. If these goals and values are part of the given mindset from our society, then one should have a critical look, before one follows these...
Rick: Why is it so difficult to live a sane and happy life?
BeiYin: Because humanity is still in a primitive state of evolution. Humans have just started to be conscious about themselves, but at this stage they are just beginning to be aware of their thinking and feeling, but only when these show up as reactions and as humans are identified with their reactions and these give them the feeling of existence, they do
every thing to produce this feeling by repeating situations. Looking for occasions to be
able to react and if they don't find situations that serve them, then they are creating these, mostly by provoking others. Humans are strong in the stage of having developed a conceptual thinking. Concepts give them the feeling of existence and so they fight for their beliefs, concepts, self image and world view, to make these stronger, - so they can feel stronger and be happy for a moment, but then wanting more and more. This is not a sane life. That's why I express myself about 'healing oneself' explaining that healing means to be in a growing process, with ones *whole being* and not just eliminating disturbing symptoms. In so far disease is a challenge and can be used in a creative way. But it looks like I'm calling into empty space, as hardly any body listens. There is no response... But this is a challenge for me, as it is my learning and growing process. I am not depending in my actions from the response of others. I express myself and do what seems right for me and makes sense. Yes, I'm responsible to express myself in a manner that it might cause the minimum of resistance, but I do as good as I can. Knowing that whatever doesn't fit into peoples established mindset, will provoke defense reactions, so I can keep cool and let people do with my expression what they are capable for. Maybe my writings can work as a 'seed': In its time it will sprout and grow...

Update: More than three decades went by and it wasn't possible to find enough people to form a 'team' to built up and hold a creative and smooth energy. Some times when it happened for a short period, then people left for various reasons and then because of a lack of people even the necessary daily work was causing difficulties and resistance. I am getting tired and when it will not be possible that people show up who are ready and willing to engage themselves, then I will need to close the place. I have several projects that are important and I can't realize these, because I am sucked into too much work when maintaining this place...