Concepts... Rules...
   For many people the intention to relate consciously to daily circumstances, will still be a concept they can't live, because they are not ready for it, although attracted by the idea. Attraction at least can  allow a certain openness to receive the basic information which can be used as a 'working concept'. This concept you can practice in your daily circumstances, for this you don't need to come to FalconBlanco, your unconscious backgrounds can show up where ever you are, furthering self knowledge and your growing process.
The person who lives the concept consciously, is going beyond it and so the written or spoken form of concepts has no importance anymore.
   The same with the "NOS" of FalconBlanco: There are no 'rules', it is just a question of lifestyle. The lifestyle we live at FalconBlanco does not include the consume of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, so there are no rules necessary. Whose lifestyle is different will not feel comfortable here and so will not come... Who is not bound to habits like smoking, making money, etc. will not need any 'rules' and will also not have any reason to reject rules. Any restriction, made for whatever reason, will not be felt as limitation to one's freedom. So if this is a problem for you which might not allow you to feel good, then better considerate to stay away from the idea to be a visitor at FalconBlanco.
   If the 'Stress Release Exercise' is part of your life or your meditation you are used, you know the benefit of it and you probably don't want to miss it anymore. It is an essential part of living at FalconBlanco. So if this is not part of your life style, then don't come to FalconBlanco. Please!
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