The Big Game... and what is Our Place in it?   BeiYin

Knowing that there are a few 'super clever master minds' who are manipulating the 
happenings on this planet, one might feel helpless to do anything about it and then come to the conclusion that all this war and misery is the fault of this bad guys. If we think like this then we are totally off track and completely wrong. It is a normal reaction to find the fault on the outside and then to feel like a victim. As long as we hold onto these types of conclusions, then we are in fact victims. This way of thinking prevents us from finding our own source of strength, to become independent of the ongoing Big Game. We all want to do something about the critical world situation, right? By receiving the following information we can do a first step: understanding and accepting that there is no difference between the pawn and the other pieces of the chess game and no difference from the 'Top Player' who is moving the pieces from the background of the 'Big Game'. All are moved by the same basic intention: to survive and to expend their power. 

We all have a 'personality' composing our individual structure, with the underlying motivation to survive and we all try to satisfy this urge, only that the way this is done varies according to one's individuals history. We all are looking for favorable circumstances on the outside to find satisfaction and if those are not given then we try to create them following our concepts and wishes. Seldom people question this individual structure 'itself' and it's inbuilt urge to survive. Real change of oneself can only happen by recognizing this survival structure and seeing how one reacts to all of life's happenings in a way to further the survival of this structure. Once recognized then there opens the possibility to respond to life in a way that isn't merely for the purpose of one's own survival. It must be seen that changes made by obtaining things or changing one's goals, are only done for the purpose to satisfy the longing of the personality. People say they want to change, but if they don't understand this basic way they behave, then what they do to change themselves is that they just adopt a new goal, the same intent of satisfying the personality keeps going on at the base. Our determination to manifest our fixed self-image, containing specific individual goals and mutiple inbuilt concepts, makes it not possible that we can drop all this. We might want, but it is not even possible to understand it because we blind ourselves holding on all those properties. We are totally identified with them, this is what our 'personality' is made out of and so we hold on. And even suffering so much, we hold on and on, until one day it is enough and we open our eyes... 

The only significant difference between the pawn and the master mind who is moving the pieces is that the Top Players are more conscious about the given reality, especially those of the human nature. This gives the Top Players the power to manipulate people and situations more effective than the mass of pawn who are manipulating their surrounding with the same motivation, just that their radius of influence is limited to their personal situation and underdeveloped knowledge.

To make a difference one not only has to realize one's dependencies and limitations, but also that being attached to the survival of one's personal structure is the reason that one is connected and bound into the Big Game. This realization is a process where steps are taken one at a time over one's lifetime, although people might need to suffer up to quite an extent of time before they are capable to do even the first step... The master minds have been planing their strategy for decades and whatever action we might take, this will not change the actual situation. There will be war - preparations have been made for this over a long period of time and all possible reactions are well calculated. 

The one possible element under each individual's control is that of ourselves. As long as the pawns react as pawns normally do - which is out of fear, mostly emotionally and out of control - then the reactions will be predictable. What can't be predicted or forseen is that the pawns might decide to question their own role in the game, questioning themselves to see how being bound to their personal reactive structure is a limitation and makes that they can be controlled by well known human behavioral rules.

So as an individual process, the possible next step is to stay cool and observe the happenings - which includes one's own inside reacions - not out of resignation but being alert. Finding out as much information as possible, to be able to understand the situation and the causing background. With this becoming aware that one is part of the Big Game by reacting to provocation, in the way which is planed by the Master minds because they know exactly which buttons to push.

Don't fall into the trap that you want to fight against the 'bad guys' or by doing something violent to change the situation. These are already calculated reactions and will only add fuel to the fire of the Big Game, nothing is avoided or changed by these types of reactions. Remember: To heal the world, one need to start with oneself...
To be continued...

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