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    Hints for creative ways to deal with personal and public disasters...
Q: How can we best deal with chaos?
A: First we have to figure out why we think that it is chaos and find out about our position within it. Obviously it is something you don't like and you are afraid of. Maybe you call it 'chaos' because it is just different from what you would like it to be? Or is it because you can't control it and you can't look through, so it doesn't make sense to you?
Q: Yes, I call it chaos because it doesn't make sense to me and it is putting me into a state of desperation as I feel impotent to do anything about it. It doesn't make sense that bombs are killing innocent people like you and me who haven't done anything to cause this. We have nothing to do with those who are killing. We don't even know who does this and why. So this I call chaos and it brings me to the limit of what I can take.
A: To understand chaos, we need to look at reality and in the first place at our own personal reality. We are doing our best to fight our personal chaos by controlling everything and all what shows up as much as possible. We give to all things and to all what happens names, labeling it and putting it into boxes. If everything has it's place then we feel secure believing we can control it. If something unknown shows up we  are very concerned to find as fast as possible the adequate drawer to put it in. We have a wide range of all kinds of label systems and our established concepts serve best for it. For everything that can't be proved or explained, we have our belief system, which relates the unknown with something we were told by an authority and in this way giving us security. 
If a child being in the dark is afraid of ghosts, then the parents will tell the child that ghosts don't exist and so the child doesn't need to be afraid. But from somewhere the child had heard about ghosts and believed in it so there will probably remain a doubt and so also some fear. The child may believe so strongly in the authority of the parents that the existence of ghosts is not a question anymore or the trick is used to leave on the light (solving the problem momentarily) - but the fear will stay and appear again when its dark…
Q: Yes, I see why I feel insecure and see why the violent happening is causing chaos. It doesn't seem possible to look behind the happening myself to find out the real cause and what the media and authorities are feeding us is contradictory and doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense anymore and the only way to deal with it seems to find the guilty people and punish them for what they have done. This seems the only way to bring order into the chaos. So when I have to vote to elect a new leader, then I will need to choose the one who promises to use all means to eliminate the cause of violence and chaos.
A: There are a lot of promises out there on the public stage. Isn't it pretty obvious what the game is?
Q: How can I know about it?
A: Only if you look at your own games. Then you will understand how you fit into the whole. Then you will understand that there is no separation and that there is a relation between what happens and to whom it happens. You already understand that it is not like most people want to see it, that there is order and everything works fine and then somebody is doing something and with this causing chaos. It is much more complicated than being the victim and finding the guilty one.
Q: You are not saying that I am causing the chaos myself? In fact I am living quietly and never do harm to anybody. I am just a very normal person and I am shocked by so much violence.
A: It is a question of being conscious enough to understand that we are all connected with each other and that the cause for whatever happens on this planet in good parts lies within each of us. Chaos is the result of living in an imaginary dream world and being unaware of reality. Let me give you some examples: If you  are very tired or under extreme stress and you drive a car you can easily cause an accident the same as if you drink alcohol or take some drug medication. That's because your awareness is reduced. The same with everything you do in daily life. At your work place you will cause mistakes, errors and confusion if you don't put enough attention into what you're doing, with other words: you will cause chaos. To organize your work  you will need attention and awareness. You will have this when you are interested in what you are doing, then you are motivated and engaged. Now this depends very much why you are doing what you are doing and what has initiated your doing, in other words: from where the initial demand came from. The initial goal – as part of a wishful dream - might have lost the attraction, after you have tried for  some time and then becoming disappointed and frustrated, so your interest is fading away and with this your awareness or with other words: your presence. What will be the result? Failure and confusion and reactions on the personal level, resulting in a feeling of chaos. Now let's have a look at the whole: What are the goals of people? Aren't these basically materialistic? And if there are idealistic goals – also as part of ones dream world - then mainly one tries to fulfill these through materialistic means, trapped in a realization dilemma. These goals are given by society through a long tradition including all concepts and images how things should be, up to the detail of daily habits. But are people content, satisfied and happy? Do we dare to look at our daily reality? Can  we admit that the truth is that there is chaos all around? Can we admit that we are tired of fighting against daily reality with all it's stress, dealing with people who are trying to cheat us however they can? Each individual is trying to survive using different methods from the simple and obvious to the most sophisticated. Then there is our dependency on people, not only to those in positions with authority but also to those whom we somehow depend emotionally, meaning we are getting confirmation from them for our doing. Then there is the dependency on all those mechanical and electronic tools that are designed to fail, so we are under permanent stress needing to deal with failure and consumption. Probably we feel limited in our doing and expression when we are dealing with administrations and all these people who try to organize the chaos with rules and rigid behavior. But does it really work? We are getting more  and more into stress, being tired of all those artificial intents to control the chaos, making life more and more rigid and complicated. We are too busy to realize that we are unhappy but there is no doubt that on the body level chaos is taking over. More and more diseases are spreading out all over the planet... Half of the worlds population is starving not having enough food while the other half is suffering from all kind of diseases because of eating too much. Eating has become a substitute for our unfulfilled longing for self-expression and happiness. This unfulfilled longing is then capitalized upon by moneymakers to provide these substitutes, which in turn destroy our health. On top of this there are many other influences from the contaminated environment etc. Then there are the other moneymakers  – or maybe they are even the same ones - who sell us medication to placate our symptoms, not healing us but keeping us alive until our organism breaks down totally. Thousands of people are dying every day because of this. 
Now when yesterday there were killed two hundred people, eleven millions all over Spain were spontaneously demonstrating in the streets against the happening. Indeed very impressive, but who is demonstrating against the every day killing of thousands? Hardly anybody. Because the daily killing happens in a very silent way and is not at all spectacular because it is part of our daily life. Our suffering is the same when it happens to us personally although there is no media reporting about it. With the result that it doesn't come into the awareness of other people and so there are no reactions like with the 11M train killing that happened right now.
Q: Is the killing the resulting consequence because we are unaware? In our daily circumstances it seems pretty clear but in catastrophic happenings like war, natural disasters, crashed airplanes, or environmental disasters, then the connection with our personal unawareness seems not so easy to find. How can we avoid war? Can we do something in our personal life so that war and massive amounts of killing donut happen? 
A: Yes we can:  we need to relate and respond to our daily circumstances in an alert way, here we can start and here we have the power to do so. Here we are responsible. Although the connection with those disasters is not obvious and will not have an immediate effect, but in the long run it will. By raising our personal consciousness it will cause a chain reaction and in this way the consciousness of the whole will change. There is no other way. 
Q: How can I be more aware in my personal life?
A: More awareness is the direct result within a personal growing process. We can further this process by being aware about the process in itself and then we will be open to do things that help the process, for example developing ones intuition and then we will sense which things we need to avoid because they are holding us in unawareness. The first  will be that we become critical about nearly every thing we are accustomed to and never questioned: Our habits, our attitudes and our behavior. On all fields and at all levels. It is an important step when we become aware of our resistance and how much we cling to our old habits of thinking and doing. These are so much connected with our existence that it feels like we cant be without them and so we tend to defend these as being part of ourselves. When we start to become aware that we are identified with concepts, belief systems and attitudes that we have inherited from societal tradition, then the step to freedom from dependencies is within our reach.
Q: What can I do to further my awareness and adopt a more critical attitude to avoid things, which hold me back in the state of being half aware?
A: Check out what you are doing during the day if it is really beneficial for you. Check out the influences you are taking in if they are beneficial for you, which includes every thing like intellectual, emotional or intake on the body level like food. If there is any doubt about it, look very near what it is and if necessary investigate about it. Read the small written text and try to look behind what is said, especially if somebody wants to ‘sell’ you something. Whatever happens – even it seems to be clear in its facts – you can be sure that there is something behind which might be totally different than it appears. Any statement connected with any kind of power or money interest one cant trust. You only have to observe the attitude of those people claiming authority and how they push the right buttons to provoke the reactions they want.
Q: Nearly everything is connected with money in our daily life, so how can I do this or where can I start?
A: Right, everything somehow is connected with it. We can start with the very little things we are used to consume: asking ourselves if we really need this, why we need this and then also read the small letters written about the content. Knowing that words are used pretending something which is not true, like natural, authentic, bio, vita,…etc. The next might be that we are critical about what we are taking in feeding ourselves to avoid emptiness, becoming aware that we do everything not to confront ourselves. Let's allow to be quiet at times not filling all spaces with diversion and entertainment, but instead of this reflecting about our reactions, not suppressing them trying to control them. Then we will see that our reactions are indications for what is going on within ourselves and that these are an important part of our growing and healing process. 
Q: I can see that this is quite complicated but now I can also see that there is a creative way to deal with it. And most important is that I can do it myself not depending too much on outside resources, but if I search I can use my own ability to decide and to choose.
A: Exactly, in this sense there is help available. You can be sure that if you ask there will come an answer…   
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