Anger  BeiYin
Children are able to express their anger freely, but then they are told not to be naughty and they learn to suppress their anger. Depending on how much their basic needs are not fulfilled and then on how much their anger is suppressed because of this, anger  will accumulate and sooner or later come out, in an unproportionate way often in form of violence against the surrounding or against themselves. This goes together with the ability to express oneself. If this also is suppressed then it might have out bursting results in extreme violence.
It is known that suppressing anger is causing disease not only on the emotional and mental  but also on the body level. There are popular sayings like: "The gall bladder is overflowing" when one is angry or "dip the pen in gall" to write bitterly. So it is important for one's health to have the opportunity to express one's anger, if not it might cause gall bladder stones.
Is there a creative solution if the possibility to express oneself is blocked? There are ways to unblock whatever might be the reason. First of all one should see that being blocked is not something negative, although the symptoms are painful and are causing suffering. The blockage has its good reason. It can be seen as a challenge, confronting the problem will start a process which will further one's consciousness. So how to start?
The shortest way is to observe carefully one's own reactions. How does one respond to what comes towards one's awareness? If one sees anger in an expression of somebody then this is often an interpretation because one is projecting one's own unconscious anger into the other person and then can blame this person for it. It is difficult to see this because one's attitude is coming out of defense and the need to confirm one's position and this is mostly totally unconscious. So probably there is no observation possible. And it is not possible to understand the situation objectively. Let me give an easy example:
Let's say I am blocked in my expression of anger because I have adapted the image to have a loving attitude and to be always friendly and in harmony. Now I read something where person A is expressing one's view on a situation to person B and this view is not in favor of person B, maybe pointing out that B is damaging himself because is pretending something which is not true. Let's say B is suppressing his anger pretending to be in harmony with every body. Then I will project myself into one or both and my own image of love and harmony will be disturbed. I will give my comment to A who is criticizing and tell him that he should not attack B and see it in the light of love and leave B in peace, etc. My comment will provoke a reaction in A and I might get back a response which I will feel as an attack against my self image and gives me the opportunity to react against A defending B even stronger. Then I will see A as 'bad' who is insulting and attacking and this will confirm myself in my self image. If I can now observe and be aware that I am using the situation to get out some of my own anger by projecting my need into the other person, then I might be able to see my own suppressed anger and also see the way how I am protecting myself not to express it by having adapted this beautiful image of love and harmony. - What a game! - The next step would be to accept that in reality I am angry. Another step would be the question why there is so much anger accumulated within me. And then it might happen that in daily life situations some anger is showing up - and I am conscious about it. It will not come out yet, because the self image of "Harmony & Love" still is 'protecting' me, but if I am alert I will notice it even with my protecting shield. But I will be able to observe more clearly and will notice when I am projecting and using situations to react with my wise advises out of harmony and love...
I think it is enough for now, but one thing more: You might not see it but it is important to understand this if you want to heal yourself. This might sound too complicate, but don't worry, just try to take it as an information you will be able to use when it is the right timing. Try to understand what is said, then you can forget it. You can trust yourself or your 'inner self' that the information will be present when you are ready to use it.
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