The *Key* - to Heal oneself -
What is Disease Really? - What is the *Root Cause* of Disease?..
BeiYin: The insight I have  gained from going through various diseases during the last ten years, when I could not find help from the medical system in healing my condition,  brought me to the final understanding, that how disease is commonly seen, is erroneous and based on a fake reality that has developed since beginning of humankind. Our present state of evolution is still quite primitive and the level of awareness is not yet enough to go beyond our established mindset, that the result is of mostly misinterpretation and manipulation in a survival game in that humans are trapped. So I came to the question:
                               How can we *Heal ourselves*?
BeiYin: By seeing and understanding life and so ones daily life with all its conditions and happenings as a challenge and as the opportunity for ones *learning and growing*, when creatively relating and responding to whatever shows up. In this *growing process* changing and transforming ones view, habits and ones *state of being* and then when one
has been gone beyond ones limiting conditioning, - realizing *oneself*.
updated: 28. 9. 12
Question: Isn't it pretty clear what 'disease' is? Something goes wrong and so my body doesn't function as it should. One has pain and ones energy goes down, making one suffer and feeling bad.
BeiYin: First let's find out what 'disease' really is and that will be different than from the Medical dictionary, that says: "Disease: Any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown."
This is correct when seeing it just limited to the material body level, describing disease just as a failure and so of course must be seen as something negative and so must be changed. In case somebody asks for the cause of ones disease, then it will be described as 'germs' or 'energy imbalance' or another of many reasons that are given by authorities, but nobody ask about the *root cause* and so nobody is doing anything about it and only treating, - alternative or not -, the unwanted and disturbing symptoms with manipulations or drugs or chemicals. In my view the 'normal structure or function of the body system' and that includes the mental and emotions, is disturbed and weakened due to the accumulation of tension, that is produced in every persons daily life and is called 'stress'.
Accumulated tension is influencing a person on all levels and so is causing disease and then there are other influences like toxins, that accumulate in the body and also cause 'interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part'. It is nearly impossible to avoid that toxins have their damaging influence on our body and together with the damage the accumulated tension does, it is not surprising that hardly any body is really *healthy*.
Question: Then of course the next question shows up: Why we are producing stress? Isn't this just 'normal' and part of our life? The same as all the toxic influences, meanwhile these became 'normal'.
BeiYin: Obviously all this has become 'normal'. So it also has become 'normal', that there are millions and millions of people with all kind of diseases. This has become 'normal' and so is not questioned!
But if someone has suffered for many years and went from one doctor and healer to the next without getting real help to be healed, then there might show up some critical questions... And also the question about the 'real root cause'. But there exist no answer coming from the common 'knowledge mindset'.
Question: So then the question is: What is causing the tension in every bodies daily life? Then how could this be avoided to keep ones health? With toxins it seems difficult to avoid these. But at least I can check the food I am buying, but I can't avoid to breath the polluted air or escape from other toxic influences...
BeiYin: Tension coming from stress is obviously the inevitable result living in our so strongly established society, with a mindset that contains already all answers. Telling us how we must live, what we must buy, what to think and feel. We are all programmed from our early days on. Through given 'knowledge', represented in concepts about every thing that is part of our life on all existing levels, well and profoundly explained through authorities on all fields. 
Question: Well yes, but why there is tension showing up, if all has its known place and is kept under control by specialists on all fields?
BeiYin: What there is established as the perfect world view, without any question left open, is the traditional survival game within the history of mankind from the earliest beginning. So that makes it so firm and stable, without any serious doubts about it, because we are all growing into it as soon one appears on this earthen plane.
Question: Then what's wrong about it?
BeiYin: There is nothing 'wrong' about it, as it is just the condition of the step in our evolution. What's 'wrong' is that we are stuck on this step and that shows when we are trying to live these established goals and values that are part of the common survival concepts. Then it shows, that there is a discrepancy between ones created self image that one is trying to live and for what one is seeking confirmation - and our daily reality, that too often doesn't fulfill our expectations. Then no wonder that we are disappointed, frustrated and so producing a lot of stress. That when it accumulates, brings us out of balance. First this might show up in our emotional reactions and also in our mental activities and then it will show up on the body level, effecting its function...
Question: Why nobody is pointing this out, so that we might be interested to change it?
BeiYin: This is a complicate and complex subject and goes too far right now, but we can find out later more about it, if you or some body is interested...
More essential to know is, that every body has ones own inbuilt *growing force* that also has the power to *heal* oneself, but we need to listen to this *inner force* and this we can only when we get out of dependencies to the outside conditions and people and - by finding out where one is conditioned without being aware of it until now...
'Disease' is the intention of ones system to heal oneself, - to bring one back into *balance* and that would finally mean: To connect one with ones *true being*, - beyond concepts and images...
Until now you and most people have been stuck in ones suffering. It seems you and a few more are ready to change their view on 'disease' and can understand, that one is NOT a victim of conditions, but that this happening is part of ones personal learning, growing and healing process.
Question: What can I do to avoid 'stress' as I can see, that this would be an important part of my healing? What else can I do in my treatments?
BeiYin: You can't yet avoid stress. Before you can do this, you would have to get rid in the first place of the cause why you are getting into stress and accumulating this. This you can't 'do', it only can be the result of your growing process, when you have transformed your present state of being in such a way, that not only your world view has changed, but also you are becoming aware of your personal unconscious background. This background contains all the influences you have received in your life and these have programmed you. Out of these background programs you are reacting in your daily encounters, that is causing your 'stress', because daily reality is NOT how you want it to be from the established concepts you have made to your own. Now when you realize that there is a problem, then you want to make a concept how to solve it and then trying to practice this.  But this will not work: You can't make a 'new concept' and then trying to live it. That's what you have been doing all your life until now and it doesn't work... just keeps you trapped!
I want to quote Albert Einstein here: "One can't solve a problem with the same mindset that has caused it!"  But indeed we are all trying to do this again and again! Pretty silly, isn't it?
The most important is, to become aware what is causing the stress and then practicing a way to release the accumulated stress. This is possible when you practice the *StressReleaseExercise*, - how I call it. Actually it is 'Meditation', but this word is so much loaded with religious and spiritual interpretation, that this rejects many people who would need it urgently for their life and healing. You find instruction how to do the exercise at: and at my YouTube video: "Meditation just start now"
If you have any kind of question coming out of doing the exercise, - then just ask me.
Back to the subject: You are strong and ready, so I am absolutely sure that you can heal yourself by just letting your *own growing and healing force* allowing to take over. If one person could heal oneself, then you also can. So first receive this information and convince yourself. You can't yet trust yourself, but you can trust your own *growing force*! Right?
Question: How can I trust something I don't know? Must I believe in it?
BeiYin: You don't need to 'believe' in any thing. You can inform yourself by observing, for example the growing force in nature. This *force* is within a tiny little seed and then a plant grows out of it and grows and grows, having flowers and fruits. Without concepts, without any body telling any thing about what to do or not to do! Just some earth and some times some water. If there is an obstacle like a rock, then the little roots have the power to break these. Isn't this enough to tell you that we all have the same force within ourselves? 
Question: The 'growing force' one can observe in nature, is related only to the physical aspect, because we can't see beyond. 
BeiYin: There can't be any doubt, that the *growing* includes all levels of existence and we can observe, that having realized and being on one step, that doesn't mean that one is capable to see the next one.
For us as humans the highest form we have realized, is being 'self conscious', when we are aware of our *existence* through our senses and being identified with our mind and our emotions, what means that mainly through our reactions we experience our existence. With the not so creative result, that people constantly are provoking their surrounding, because they need the opportunity to react and so being confirmed in their existence. People are constantly looking for diversion and excitement to experience that they exist. What makes it to a big game in that every body is involved, one using the other and the most clever ones are using the most sophisticated 'scams' in this common game, to push all available buttons to get what they want, blowing up themselves more and more...
As we all experience, that this 'confirmation game' doesn't work always like we would like it and so there is struggle and a lot of disappointment, - causing 'stress'! That then is accumulating and as we know meanwhile: Is the first step to bring us into the state of - 'dis-ease'!!!
In the present step of our *growing*, what is called 'evolution', humans mainly develop their mental and emotional capacity and mostly being limited to this as 'personalities' by gaining more 'properties', so making themselves bigger and bigger...
But the *growing force* within each individual is strong and probably the strongest energy that exist. 
We might see the existence of 'personality' like a cocoon and indeed humanity seems to be stuck in this state, struggling and fighting within this transformation to become the butterfly. Instead of freeing oneself from suppressive goals and values and just letting the *growing* happen. The problems seems to be, that when people are struggling and suffering, that this also confirms them in their existence and so still this keeps them stuck in this limited transitional state, without a real urge from the personality to go beyond...
Question: By now I see clearly, that I am in a 'transformational process'. This mainly has to do with the development of my awareness. I know this since quite some time and there for I did meditation. 
BeiYin: The best and most efficient without doubt is to practice meditation. When you say that you 'did' meditation, does this means that you are not doing it any more?
So then go to my page: or to my video at YouTube and do it again: Twice a day for twenty minutes!
If you have any doubts about doing it right, then ask me.
Realize that you have been in the trap, expecting help and healing from the outside and so spending this much money, as you told me... You should be ready to get out of this!
Question: I read your recent article about 'scam', the confidence tricks and you make me see that we are all caught in a big scam, that includes every thing and every body. Not only this, we are in a scam within ourselves, when being identified with our 'personality'. - Then how can I 'trust', when there is nobody left to trust, not even myself?
BeiYin: To be able to trust yourself you will need to create first the right 'base'. That might be first: Not needing the security that comes from following authorities and what you are told. When you meditate, then you will develop also your *intuition* that will guide you, as it makes that you become aware of your own inner *growing force*. You will be capable to observe more objectively and make your conclusion. In this way gaining information that makes you see the real nature of happenings and conditions. Then out of this *realisation* you will find trust in yourself and out of this you will make the right decisions...
Question: How to get energy? Get rid of physical pain?
BeiYin: As long as you are identified with your reactions, defending yourself in any moment, you are loosing energy. The moment when you will be able to go beyond your personality, - that is yet the 'battle field' on that all your suffering is happening, - then you will have access to *abundance* on all levels.
'Disease' when not seen anymore from the position as a victim and as something negative, but as a part of ones *growing process*, then with this attitude one has a creative base for ones healing on all levels. Allowing that *transformation* can happen and with this *real healing*! One will be connected with ones *real being*. I will not describe any attributes of this state of being, not to create a new concept. That would just create another trap...

InkyPinkie: You have quoted Albert Einstein already. He had said some times similar things that come near to what you are saying. Can you make your comments to his quotes? 
BeiYin: Yes of course, give me his quotes, I will respond...
Albert Einstein: "The world we have created is a product of our thinking. If we want to change the world, we have to change our thinking."
BeiYin: Yes, we have created the world, from the first days of history on, through the interpretation and mostly misinterpretation how we have been receiving our surrounding. This interpretation is established as our 'knowledge' and so with this is part of our 'property'. Our thinking holds this created picture, even though it is false and we are relating and responding to our surrounding out of this fake view and - we are reacting with our thinking and feeling, - causing tension! 
Who really wants to change the world? Oh yes, we want to change the picture we are holding, so that it fits better to what shows up in our daily life. But that's another illusion coming out of our thinking that is trapped in the illusion of our fake reality.
Albert Einstein: "A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be."
BeiYin: Indeed: "should", but reality is, that "man" doesn't want to look at "what is", because this is so much different from the created picture of the world and oneself. Nearly every body is looking for what there should be and doing all ones actions to find confirmation for oneself and those images. That's exactly the reason why we are suffering and building up tension. 
Albert Einstein: "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."
Well, this sound beautiful, coming out of Albert's religious upbringing and is a nice ethical image, but looking around we must realize, that only few people are trying to live this picture. Apart of this I would say that *life* has its great value by itself and who appreciates to be alive and is enjoying it just for this, not needing any thing that is filling up ones life time with 'sense' given by goals and values, - will have made a step out of this social setup, where 'living for others' is part of the concept...
InkyPinkie: If Albert Einstein had such a beautiful concept, I can't understand that he 
spend all his energy in extending his brain acrobatic to such high levels, just in the time before the first world war started. He must have known about it. But instead of doing something, he animated his scientific colleges to travel to countries where a sun eclipse was, to find proof for his theories. The great effort mostly failed... All these scientifics seem to play their confirmation game, feeling very important with it, but are not aware what happens around them. They are just being impressed by a high pitched theory...
BeiYin: You are saying it: Because this was his 'concept', but then the reality he had to deal with was different, he just had to join the game. Probably he was in a conflict and one can read it in his face when he was older and when the atom bombes had been dropped, he looks sad and guilty.
Albert Einstein: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
BeiYin: This is one of my favorite quotes from Albert. Indeed: We must go beyond our established mindset. The difficulty is, that humans are totally identified with their thinking and so they are stuck in it and don't want to go 'beyond' it. Only if people have suffered long enough, not finding satisfaction and fulfillment in their intention when following the given goals and values of this society, - then there might show up some critical questions and then maybe there opens up a space that goes beyond the until now given pseudo security and the so overwhelming fake reality...
Albert Einstein: "The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why."
BeiYin: This is the experience when a person has come to the end of ones life long intentions coming out of knowledge and social goals and all those tricks and techniques to find success. Then there might come the moment when one gives up ones struggling and calms down. Finding a space within oneself, that indeed goes beyond ones 'personality'. One might call it 'leap in consciousness', but probably it is more a widening up, when one is finally *growing* and becomes conscious about it.
InkyPinkie: Obviously there is a discrepancy between what Albert Einstein said and his actions in life. He was a 'genius' because he had developed his intellect to such a high level, that hardly anybody could follow him, then he values 'intuition' more than that what made his personality and what gave him his advanced position. But I wonder why he could not use his intellect together with the help of his intuition to do give something more to humanity than his theories, that just added to the many others that are already there and not helping humanity to get out of the cage of their narrow mindset?
Albert Einstein: "Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them."
BeiYin: Part of the *growing* on this *path*, is when we accept our limits and give up fighting, then these are the first steps that will give the base to question oneself and not in the first place defend ones position and properties and then as a result in this growing process are able to do the steps that then might go *beyond*...
Albert Einstein: "I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be."
BeiYin: One might be 'willing' to give up what one has been for so long and it didn't work, so one has depressions and nothing seems to count anymore and makes sense. Also this is the result of ones suffering when one has tried for so long to get what one wanted. With the goal to be happy and fulfilled. When one says: "To become what I will be." Then this tells, that there is a concept about what will be and so it can be, that one goes from one illusion to the next... Surviving with ones precious personality!
Albert Einstein: "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."
BeiYin: If this means that the 'theory' comes out of the illusion of the established mindset, then it is also an illusion wanting to change the facts that doesn't fit, probably wanting to push them into a new, more sophisticated concept of the same old thinking. Didn't Albert say: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  I guess he wanted to 'change the facts' when he was much younger and later he realized, that this is coming out of the 'old way of thinking' and doesn't work. 
Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."
BeiYin: Imagination, fantasy, dreaming, hallucinating  are all part and function of ones mind capability, just that these are floating, while 'knowledge' is more structured and bound to the accepted property out of the tradition of interpretation and misinterpretation and so part of the personality. Imagination is also limited to the personality and is just within the frame of every bodies state of being. 
Albert Einstein: "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
BeiYin: As humans we are also part of nature, so indeed we can learn about ourselves when we observe plants and animals. To be able to *see*, we need first to get down from our pedestal, believing that we are much more developed: The crown of creation! Finding confirmation for this by admiring a 'genius' like Einstein, because he has reached such I high pitched intellect, that we can't follow... But don't let us fool ourselves: We are all in the trap of our established mindset, - also our beliefs are part of our gained 'properties' and these are even more 'untouchable', not allowing and needing rational proof. Einstein in his position being a 'genius' might feel special, but with this he is NOT out of the trap of our human limitations. 
Albert Einstein: "Information is not knowledge."
BeiYin: That's right. 'Knowledge' consist in processed information that is stored in ones memory and made to ones property, that one can recall when this is needed. *Information* can also be used from some having the urge to understand oneself and to find answers for ones urgent and essential questions. - Questions, that are coming out of the need to get out of the trap of 'knowledge' and the 'fake reality'. At least this is the *information* I am offering through my writings...
Albert Einstein: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
BeiYin: With this quote Albert is hitting the nail on its head. Pointing out the situation of our world: Our society is 'insane' in nearly all aspects. Nobody wants to admit this and all are just continuing doing the same thing over and over again, until they become sick and their body gets out of function. Then when they have ask the same 'insane' authorities for help and go for years from one specialist to the next, suffering more and more, then there might come the moment, when they wake up and start to ask some critical questions...
Albert Einstein: "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."
BeiYin: Intellectuals are NOT solving problems, they just keep themselves and every body else who is listening to them, occupied by feeding them, so they can be confirmed in their established mindset and find satisfaction, even though this is 'second hand' and keeps people in the big game, not able to go beyond to find something more *real*. A 'genius' should be able to see what is causing a 'problem', understanding this as a challenge within ones personal *growing process*. Then pointing out creative solutions that are favorable for every bodies individual learning and healing. 
Albert Einstein: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."
BeiYin: That's the most essential statement and indeed is the essence of all my writings and that's why I am pointing out why *meditation* is so important, because it helps our consciousness grow in such an effective way!
InkyPinkie: I have two quotes more on that you might want to respond. 
Niels Bohr: "Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it."
BeiYin: The solution is not to let one be swallowed by this 'difficulty', but sees it as a challenge and exactly the right situation and happening that one needs at this moment and for ones personal growing process. The solution we can't find by 'changing our thinking', only by expending our awareness. That will make it possible that we not only see the detail, but also the *whole* and so we can find the solution. 'Thinking' we should use as a tool and not be slaves of it! 
Niels Bohr: "How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress."
BeiYin: Yes, one can call the reality we are trying to live, a 'paradox', because it is so obvious, that our daily reality does not fit our images how it should be and how we want it to be: Fulfilling our dreams, images, goals, values and all the concepts we have established and we are holding as our 'property'. But we are clinging so tied on our self created fake reality, that we don't question ourselves or what is presented in our daily life. Isn't it time by now to wake up? Indeed: "NOW there is some hope of making progress!" 
Start going for it, by making your comments using the Feedback Form below...

Comments on videos with quotes from Albert Einstein:

YouTube video "Albert EinsteinQuote" A collection
BeiYin: The quotes from Einstein tell that he was called 'genius' because his intellect was more advanced, even though he was still bound to the frame of the mindset that is the present state of evolution: A misinterpretation of reality, having created out of humans limitation, a fake reality that people trying to live. Struggling & suffering most of life, they fail, but holding tied on their fake image world and their self image. We must go beyond our thinking to find truth and our real being.

YouTube video "Albert Einstein: I still believe..."
BeiYin: Einstein was a 'genius', because he was most advanced in his intellect. Having reached a level, that is not understandable any more for average people. But he was still limited to his thinking, even though he had included some religious aspects. Obviously he was identified with his thinking and his property of knowledge. That gave him a certain security and souverenity from that he could express himself. He died too young and couldn't yet go beyond his limitation as a personality... 

YouTube video "The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein"
BeiYin: His 'God Concept' indeed helped him to close the gap between his intellectual position and the unknown space that would have opened when gone beyond his mind capacity and identification. He was a 'genius' within the established mindset of humans, but still limited to this field and so separated from the *whole* and not capable to transmit a *real* message and information, so that humanity could get out of the trap that is the social mindset and the out of this created fake reality.

YouTube video "Einstein on God"
BeiYin: "Nature" doesn't play a game with us, how it was stated in this video. We are playing a game by finding clever arguments to explain what can't be explained only experienced with our *being*, but never with our mind, even not with the most sophisticated one like Albert's. Those with the highest intelligence support the games of the limited and dumb mind by making people believe, that if they develop their mind and gain more knowledge, that then they will be satisfied. Indeed: What a game!

YouTube video "Einstein on God"
BeiYin: I read so many quotes and watched so many videos about Albert Einstein, that I'm getting tired of all these high pitched intellectual many words, that promote arguments and clever explications for every thing. So that we can adapt what fits into our precious mindset, from that we receive our security and feeling of existence. Holding us in the trap of illusion with in our self created fake reality. A real *genius* should have the vision and mission to help people who are ready to get out of this trap.

Comment: Who are you, - criticizing a genius like Albert Einstein and taking apart his great quotes!?
BeiYin: First let me say that in my view Einstein and many more that have the fame to be a 'genius', are NOT a genius. One can call them 'experts' or 'specialists' in their field and they might even have intuition and are supported by their beliefs, but to be a *genius* one must be capable to go beyond ones state of 'personality'. One must have realized a state of *being*, in that one lives and acts out of ones *free spirit*. 
Looking at the life and background of these 'specialists', one can clearly see that they were still more or less stuck in the 'scam' of their self image and personality. They could express themselves out of their established sophisticated mindset from their still limited state of being, but they couldn't really transmit a message. A *message*, that would help others to get out of their erroneous fake reality they are running after and are hopelessly caught in. 
Who I am? I'm a humble human being without title or credentials, but never the less I could give a useful advice to all those 'scam artists', to find a way to go *beyond* their still limited existence and only then they would be real *geniuses*. Like every body else they are more or less content within their illusion and self image, what makes them feel like a genius. Due to their intelligence, high above others, there could be a higher possibility that they would listen to me, being capable to ask good and creative questions, while average people are so much stuck in their state of ignorance, that they are rejecting every thing that could bring them out of their dumb and dull established state of being, even though when they are suffering. At least this is my experience of the last forty years, when trying to distribute information about how to get out of the trap of the common social mindset. There are no signs yet, that this has changed, but I will gladly be surprised... 
So it looks like that I'm in a conflict: I have the *key* that can open every ones 'door' to a more *real life*, but nobody wants to open this 'door', they don't even know, that this 'door' exist! So what can I do about it? I don't need to 'know'. I just relate to what comes to me in the next moment and then I will do my best, to respond to it. Then we will see... 
I am aware, that this is my individual process and if I can stay calm and content, even though there is no response from people and I could see my intention and effort as a failure, then this might be all and enough I could realize. 

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