How to make your own herbal tinctures
from  any kind of herbs
Why making tinctures?
Dried herbs can get mouldy or can be eaten be insects. Tinctures can't and last longer. 
There is a huge price difference. You can make about a quart of your own tincture for the price of a few ounces of tincture at retail stores. 
You can control the quality of the product you are making by starting with herbs you collect yourself or purchase through a reputable source. You are also ensured of the purity of the final product. 
You can make special combination formulas.  There is something to be said about getting involved in your own health. Some herbalists say that you benefit by absorbing some of the herb through the skin and from the aroma. 

What you will need
Dried or fresh herbs in powdered or cut form. 
80 -100 proof alcohol 
Glass jars with lids
Unbleached cheesecloth or muslin. 
Labels and markers. 

How to do it
You should plan to start your tinctures on the day of the new moon and let them sit at least 2 weeks until the full moon - this adds a natural drawing power. 
Pour the amount of herb you desire into the glass jar and slowly pour the alcohol until the herbs are
entirely covered. Then add an inch or two of additional liquid. Seal the jar tightly so that the liquid cannot leak or evaporate. Put the jar in a dark area or inside a paper bag. 
Shake the jar every day. 
When ready, pour the tincture through a cheesecloth into the final bottle. Squeeze the saturated herbs, extracting the remaining liquid up to the last drop. You can use a wine press or juicer to extract liquid from the herbs.
Close the storage container tightly and label it. 

250 grams dried or 400 grams of fresh herbs (chopped) to 0,7-1,0 liter of alcohol is needed. 
Cognac helps hide the taste of bitter herbs. 
You can use distilled water or vinegar to make nonalcoholic tinctures. 
Dosage is 1 teaspoon tincture, 1-3 times daily, diluted in tea, juice or water. 
Tinctures last up to two years stored in an airproof container. 

Several herbs can be combined into a tincture formula. 
Use your intuition until you have enough experience.

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