Homozone (Intestinal cleanser, oxygen therapy)
Homozon is a compound of magnesium and oxygen in which the magnesium atoms
form a loose lattice onto which much oxygen is bonded by catalytic process.
When taken with lemon juice or other acidic juice, that oxygen is released
inside the digestive tract, producing many benefits.
As do most oxygen therapies, Homozon provides oxygen to the body in the form
of nascent or "singlet" oxygen, also called the oxygen free-radical, which
does not have to be converted by the body into that form as does the
atmospheric oxygen (O2) we normally breathe. Nascent oxygen is oxygen in its
most chemically active and available state, and that is the only state of
oxygen the body uses.

Your health and the quality of your life depend on the available oxygen
present in every breath you take. Oxygen therapy products, increase the oxygen
to the body cells, literally "flooding the body with oxygen". This in turn
assists the oxidation/reduction (redox) mechanism of the cell, making for
a greater efficiency and detoxification.

"Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass, Ph.D., is also considered one of the fathers of
oxygen therapies. In 1929, while looking for a cure for cancer, he
developed the first powdered form of stabilized oxygen. Dr. Blass
that a patient's bowel must be cleansed and free of any old impacted fecal
matter (hardened mucus toxins) that might impair health. He realized that
cancer and other pathogens did not live well in an oxygenated environment.
Dr. Blass created a product he named Homozone that incorporated
stabilized-oxygen molecules bound to magnesium. The product was designed
to be a source of magnesium and oxygen, which would effectively promote
intestinal cleansing to eliminate accumulated hardened mucus waste."

Symptoms of Deficiency or Need:

Many chronic fatigue and Candida sufferers rave about Homozone, saying that it is the only thing that brings them calming relief from bouts of severe malaise and toxicity. 

Homozon has a laxative effect, where the stool is always loose and bowel movement regular and, depending on dosage, frequent. Some people consider the bowel-loosening action of Homozon a problem, but that is really one of its desired effects, facilitating elimination of toxicity through the bowel, yet Homozon lacks the habit-forming or bowel-weakening effects of some laxatives. Taking Homozon approaches colonic therapy in flushing the bowel.

It can be used for general health maintenance, cancer and degenerative disease prevention.

Supplemental value:
HOMOZON increases
assimilation and enhances acidophilus and friendly bacteria production; actually repairing bowel function, oxygenating the body, improving blood quality and assisting in parasite elimination.

As we get older many of us battle irregularity and bowel problems, often beginning with poor elimination. Many health professionals believe that death begins in the colon, and the average person might have as much as 1-12 pounds of hardened mucus toxic-waste in the colon. Magnesium-based stabilized oxygen products provide life-giving oxygen for the whole body
but primarily work to gently cleanse the bowel of putrefied waste and other toxins. This supplement is not a laxative, which might cause cramping or weaken the body. Although loose stools may be experienced for a time when first using the supplement, this is not diarrhea in the typical sense. The waste is oxidized so well that it liquefies. By flooding the colon with oxygen we turn the stored waste matter of a lifetime into mush, and eliminate it. Frequent stools from use of this product will cease as soon as the digestive track is free of this old hardened matter and normal elimination will resume.

The first effect one can expect while taking HOMOZON is enhanced excretory function. Commonly noted also is an increase in overall energy.

While the increase in bowel function never completely abates, it does ease as cellular toxicity lessens and one remains on the product for some time. Effects do vary between individuals somewhat, but enhanced bowel function and an increase in energy are two of the most noted effects.

Suggested Dosage:
The dosage for an adult ranges from one quarter to several teaspoons twice daily, am and pm. The average maintenance dosage is a teaspoon in the morning (am) and a teaspoon in the evening (pm). HOMOZON and it's sister products are mixed into pure distilled or spring water. Follow immediately, in a separate glass, 1/4 to 1/2 of a lemon squeezed into 4 to 6 ounces of pure water. Repeated tests on the products over the past 100 years to determine their safe and efficacious usage has found that up to thirty two teaspoons can be consumed in one day with no detrimental effects noted. Dosage and
frequency of usage should be regulated by your physician or natural health care practitioner.

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