How to make colloidal Silver yourself  BeiYin
1. I am using a 6 volt DC transformer. A battery charger also might do it. I am just trying a bulb checker for 6V and it seems to work. (I'm now investigating about using 24 or 30V and will report about it later.)
2. One needs two electrodes made out of pieces of silver. It should be pure silver, sterling silver might not be pure enough, I am still investigating about it, most silver coins for sure are not pure enough. (As far as my investigation goes, the only coins which are pure enough are the Canadian Silver Maple Dollar from .999 pure silver.)
3. One might be able to use silver rings or any kind of sterling silver jewelry available, but straight silver wire is probably the best, because during the batch it turns black and a wire is easier to clean.
4. I made eye hooks at the silver wire, (but leaving them a bit open so that it is possible to hang the hooks over the rubber strings). Connect the hooks with thin, flexible copper wires which is connected with the wires of the transformer. They should be long enough to reach to the place where the container for the colloidal silver batch stands.
5. I am using now a aquarium bubbler machine, a stone for bubbling and a tube.
6. Connect the tube with the stone and the bubbler machine.
7. Place the bubbler (the stone) on the bottom of the glass container.
8. Hang the electrodes to opposite sides of a 1/4 liter glass jar. The space between the electrodes should be about 4 cm and as close to the center of the container as possible. Important: Position the electrodes parallel to each other.
9. Fill up with 1/4 liter of distilled water. (Don't use tap water.)
10. Switch on the DC transformer and the bubbler machine.
11. Cover the container to avoid contamination with dust, etc.
12. Run it for about five hours. 3/4 liter and 7 1/2 h seems to work.
13. Switch off and wait a few minutes, then remove carefully the silver electrodes, so that the lose black stuff doesn't fall into the water. 
14. Filter the CS liquid with a coffee filter into another glass and it is ready for use or fill it in a clean, dark, air tight glass bottle to be stored.
15. Clean the silver electrodes and the glass jar carefully and store all for the next batch.
... click on photos. Electrodes hanging on a rubber - Bubbling - batch with bubbling machine
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