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It is reported that colloidal Silver destroys all types of virus and enhances the immune system in general. It is said that Colloidal Silver supports the T-cells in their fight against foreign invading organisms in the blood. It forms a second immune system, protecting and defending the T-cells. It is said that silver ions are essential to the immune system. 

Scientists found out that fungus, virus, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus and other pathogenic organisms are killed in about four minutes. It is said there is no microbe known that is not killed by colloidal silver in fife minutes in a dilution as small as five parts per million. There are no serious side effects even from high concentrations. Scientist report that there is a correlation between low silver levels, sickness and immune deficiency. They found out that people who have low silver levels have the tendency to be frequently sick and to have a lot of colds and flu's. 

It is more and more recognised that parasites are being a main cause of failing health. Neither cancer nor HIV can exist without parasites and that if the parasites are eliminated, the disease will desappear. Parasites are also killed by colloidal silver, as they have an egg-stage in their reproductive cycle, which is one celled and therefore killed in six minutes or less. 
As single cell called 'bacteria' use an enzyme for their oxygen metabolism, the presence of colloidal silver influences the enzyme in a way that it causes the bacteria organism to suffocate. Any and all bacteria are therefore killed within 5-minutes, without causing effect on the surrounding tissue cells, even killing antibiotic resistant strains as well as all fungal infections. 

To fight fungal infection, one must understand fungal function. A fungus is a series of single cells that have small tubes of the material from which the cell is made, which stretches between the cell walls. A fungus will still exhibit that characteristic of any one celled bacterium, which is almost completely and permanently disabled by the presence of colloidal silver in the body. 
With viruses it is similar: A single virus will invade a living cell within the body tissue. Then will take over the nucleus of the cell and alter it's production and reproduction mechanism to replicate the virus instead of the enzyme, hormone, or other chemical that the body would normally have produced for itself within that cell. The multiplied virusses will be released from that cell into the blood stream. 
Parasites continue to attack eating other body cells of the host, but this is not causing the symptoms alone, it is the dumping of their waste into the tissues and blood stream. Part of the response of the living cells invaded by the virus is that they reverses back to a more primitive form of cell structure and chemistry. The oxygen metabolising enzyme, or chemical lung in the cell wall, reverses as well. 
When there is an electrically charged ion or micro-particle of colloidal silver, it only influence disease causing pathogens and suffocates them, simply by their presence. This more primitive form of enzyme is vulnerable to the effects of colloidal silver. The catalyst effect of the colloidal silver simply being in close proximity to the enzyme of this cell results in permanent disability. It can't function to bring oxygen into the cell and so the virus producing cell dies by suffocation. 

A list of diseases colloidal silver treats successfully:
Acne- Aids - allergies - appendicitis - arthritis - athletes foot - bladder infection - blood parasites - blood poisoning- boils - burns - cancer - candida - chronic fatigue - colitis - conjunctivitis - cystitis - dandruff- dermatitis - diabetes - diphtheria - eczema - gastro-enteritis - gonorrhoea - hayfever - hepatitis - herpes - impetigo - indigestion - keratitus - leprosy - leukaemia - malaria - meningitis - neurasthenia - parasitic infection - pneumonia - prostate infection - pruritis ani - psoriasis - rheumatics - rhinitis - ring worm - scarlet fever - septic conditions - seborreah septicaemia - shingles - staph and streptococcal - ulcers - viruses - warts - yeast infections etc. 
Colloidal silver can also be applicated directly to open wounds and sores to avoid or eliminate infections. Other antiseptics cause damage of the surrounding tissue cells, colloidal silver will not harm the surrounding cells or tissue. 

Parasitic infections
Parasites can be eliminated by ingesting the correct quantity of colloidal silver. Parasitic diseases caused by the tiny worm that can burrow through particular organs. These parasites reproduce by laying eggs. Eggs of these worms have the same characteristics as the oxygen metabolising enzyme of the single cells bacteria. These eggs are unable to hatch under the influence of colloidal silver and therefor is destroyed and eliminated by the immune system. 

Diseases such as cholera, canine parvovirus or other diseases where the pathogen resides in the large intestine are often fatal, mostly due to the dehydration resulting from severe and prolonged diarrhoea and vomiting. The pathogen causing the problem is in the first place active in the large intestine, where colloidal silver, when used in normal dose rates, will not penetrate. 
However if one drinks 1/4 liter of colloidal silver with one liter of water on an empty stomach, the colloidal silver will penetrate the large intestinal tract and will very quickly take care of the problem. 

Healing crisis
Colloidal silver is killing the pathogens very quickly. The body's eliminatory systems (kidneys, liver, bowel, lungs and skin) become overloaded. One may feel very tired and dizzy due to this rapid action. Continue the regimen, but drink up to three litres of water a day together with a lot of Vitamin C. 

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