Sevenstepsof .selfdiscovery


step 1 for self discovery:
Start with a smile - in spite of the facts - saying: Yes!

I failed in my intention
  to teach MonkyPonkie to say 'yes'. 
I guess he also needs his time... like you and me.
OK, if you are capable to smile at least slightly, - go on to step two!

If not: Ask a questionx
if you don't have a smile and there is no question, what are you doing here? 
step 2 for self discovery:
Expressing oneself freely! Or as good as you can...

My horse tells me that he is tired of all those 
manipulations although he likes it to receive his daily massage. 
He wants to run again looking by himself for some special herbs...
We want the same, but when we find out that most of the herbs are very bitter and our efforts to find the right one is ending in a feeling of helplessness, then don't let us fall into passivity and numbness.
Let's express ourselves as good as we can, going on to the next step!

If not: Ask a question:x
step 3 of self discovery:
...waiting with trust.


Giving ourselves the time and space that the right thing might come to us without that we have to do a big effort. Indeed we don't need any tricks or highly sophisticated techniques. Just a little, the rest can be 'trust'!

If not: Ask a question:x
  step 4 of self discovery:

Here starts the phase of silent, nonverbal communication!
You may learn by watching. Observing the small things and happenings
just in front of your nose. Using subtle senses you seldom experience because you are trapped in words and the primitive level of survival of your precious personality.

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 step 5 of self discovery:

This is a step of consciously connecting with spaces beyond 'personality'!
You mustn't think that you have to meditate for the next twenty years
before you may go to the next step. 
Twice a day for twenty minutes is enough. So you may start now! 
After some time you will see, that you don't need to go somewhere, -
to reach something, - the next step will come to you!

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 step 6 of self discovery:

A step of making consciously decisions and starting to act efficiently! 
What might include dropping the important thing you are doing right now
to go on to another one more essential - or to stick on what you are at! 

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 step 7 of self discovery:

This is a step of learning to trust 'existence' even more, 
learning that whatever your intention is or whatever you are doing,
is just a step towards the next one. Accidents and disease included!
Having it's importance by itself but not more!

After you got hit on your head, you are still feeling unhappy?
Then go back to step one!x
If you didn't got hit on your head and you are satisfy with where and how you are,
what are you doing here?

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