What do we sweep under a rug?   BeiYin
It is very common to sweep things under a rug if it doesn't fit to the image of oneself or the image we have of this world. As well we are trying to sweep under a rug if something doesn't complete our expectation, of a happening or what we expect from a person. But this is more difficult and if we do so then this often is felt from others as a provocation and then there comes a reaction back which we are forced to deal with. So putting things we don't want under a rug has negative side effects we can't avoid. But still we are trying to continue with the same technic ignoring those reactions and then we get a feedback from our own system which is not capable any longer to coop with the stress we are causing with our intention to be numb, accumulating tension in our unconsciousness by sweeping things under a rug...
Might it be that our self-protection-technic is damaging and reducing not only our awareness but also our immune system? Then causing disease with all its suffering. Is this the price we have to pay sweeping things under a rug? (This is one of the various conclusions I came to during my own process of recovering from Fibromyalgia, so its not just a theoretical thought.)
What does 'healing' mean? Does it mean that we put another rug over the old one? There might come the moment when all our control and manipulation comes to a limit. We can change damaged organs, liver, heart, kidneys and more, but can we suppress our frustration any longer? The problem is that life is 'slippery' and there seems no way around that we will fall again ad again on our nose and bottom...
Or could it be that there is a way to go to the root, find out the cause of our dilemma and after making a cleansing of all the old stuff we had put under the rug, we might find a new attitude... We might find a new way how to deal with what shows up in daily life without the need to suppress things by putting them under a rug. Then we might also find a new way how to deal with disease... Is there any body interested?
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BeiYin: There are many ways to put things under a rug and people have developed very sophisticated methods for this, what can be seen as a very descriptive example in your response.  
The most common way is to ignore. Another is to answer to the challenge with an aggressive response, finding the debility of the writer and picking on this. An effective way is to feel offended and then reacting because of this. It makes it even more effective being in a power position to be able to punish the other. Another way is to ridicule the expression. Often it is very effective to analyse the other person, taking apart all what was expressed, not responding to it but interpreting it on a different level. Another is to demonstrate that the other is wrong and not informed, even more effective if it is connected with the method to teach, impressing the others with an huge amount of knowledge and so making them docile. Then there are quite a number of ways to feel worried about the other, etc. You are using a combination of various methods, and you are doing this in quite a sophisticated way. Probably you have developed these techniques over a long period of time and have used them successfully all your life.  
Your message doesn't give any useful information to me and you can't impress me with your knowledge and advices. Not with one word you have responded to the content of my post. You are sweeping all under the rug, showing yourself in the light of your glory of knowledge. But what kind of 'light' is this really? Isn't this exactly what is called 'luciferic'? There is no doubt about it that this 'light' reigns this world. There might be 0.001% of the population which is not trapped by this and about 0.1% in special mailing lists like this one. This means that there might be 0.4 persons open to what I am writing. 
This mailing list is a social gathering and obviously nobody wants to be disturbed in one's established way of thinking, feeling and being, just wanting to confirm each other and with this feeling good. So I am not surprised that there was not even one response relating to the essential content of my post.  
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