Experience is the best Teacher?        update: 4. 4. 07
Quotes: Plini: "Experience is the most efficient teacher of all things"
Julio Caesar: "Experience is the teacher of all things"
Tacitus: "Experience teaches" 
BeiYin: The BEST teacher is the conscious observing and relating to daily circumstances, then responding to it out of one's own experience, being aware that this comes out of an old programming, which happened in one's past. So also observing these reactions, one is able to decide to follow this track or to try a new way, what might guide to a new experience and triggering new unknown reactions  to be observed and so allowing to get to know oneself. With other words: Life is the best teacher - if one opens up to it!
 'Experience' not necessarily is a teacher and for sure not the most efficient, because experience mostly serves to confirm old experiences as being part of the self image. 
The best and most efficient teacher without doubt is one's own awareness. But to be such, one has to step beyond one's personality, only then there is a true 'learning' otherwise every thing experienced only serves to confirm one's programmed personality, to survive with one's narrow and limited self image and world view.
     To be able to go beyond one's personality one must be so much stuffed with experience - in a very long evolutionary process - that there is nothing left to gain more satisfaction. And after being cooked in one's own juice long enough, what might happen through a lot of suffering like personal tragedies, loss of family, bankrupt or long incurable disease, then the personality breaks down and gives space to do the first step beyond one's self centered existence.
     This is a long way to go, although there is a short cut available... But humanity is so much stuck in their self preserving existence so that hardly anybody wants to know about it, when it has to do with self responsibility, being engaged in a challenge. Hardly anybody is questioning oneself when engaged into the happenings around one. There are no questions. The need to defend oneself, one's property - in which one's 'experiences' are an important part - is so strong that there is no opening for something *new*. 
     'Life is the best teacher'. *Teachers* are not wanted. People prefer a 'second hand life'. The saying: 'Experience is the BEST teacher' shows clearly how tricky the personal mind works. Pretending something and believing it out of ignorance! What a naivety! The BEST teacher from the view of one's personality is the one who just confirms the existing structure. A real teacher who might provoke and trigger questions will be avoided and rejected. Or not??? What is your reaction NOW? 
Update: I wrote this article about three years ago. There was no comment about it. Reading now this after that long time, it answers my question I had the last few days: People coming to FalconBlanco because they were attrackted by the Web site and they write to me that they want to come because they are looking for a different life style, where they can experience themselves in a new way and explore unknown aspects of themselves. They seem to be very excited about the possibilities and show their enthusiasm to help and be part of the indention and the projects of FalconBlanco. They all ensure me that they have no expectations and they would do what is necessary. 
What I wrote here came out of the experience of more than twenty five years living and working with people in this set up of 'Intentional Community'. Now I have the experience of three years more and it confirmes totally what I wrote here. Many times during the last few years I was wondering why people don't talk, why they don't ask any essential question? It is still the same, they mainly talk about food, even when they are eating during the meal. When I talk about something more profound, like 'human nature' and what could be done to help to get out of suffering, then people listen for a while and then part of them leave the room. The remainding might make some comments, but mostly in a defensive manner, as if I had offended them personally. Later they avoid to talk with me at all or the most will be: "What will be the weather tomorrow?" 
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