Suppression of Ozone Therapy

In 1933 the American Medical Association headed up by Dr. Simmons set out to destroy all medical treatments that were competitive to drug therapy. The suppression of ozone therapy began then, and it continues in the US to this day.
It is unfortunate that up till now the U.S. authorities have been painfully slow in their investigation of the beneficial uses of ozone. The Sixth World Ozone Conference held in Washington D.C. during May, 1982, produced many astounding papers on the medical uses of ozone. They ran the full gamut of topics from cancer to herpes to rheumatoid arthritis, written by the world's recognized specialists in their fields. These papers concluded that:

1. Ozone removes unwanted bacteria and viruses from the blood, the same way it does with water.
2. The possibility of becoming infected with hepatitis, HIV virus, syphilis or other infectious diseases through blood transfusion could be eliminated by the use of ozone.
3. Ozone is highly effective in peripheral vascular disease.
4. Ozone is effective in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia, and promptly restores circulation, relieves angina pain and improves brain function.
5. With ozone cancerous tumors, lymphomas and leukemia may be eliminated without the use of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.
6. Ozone is highly effective for all forms of rheumatoid and arthritis collagen diseases.
7. Ozone is very effective for allergies of all types.
8. Ozone improves multiple sclerosis, and other neurological diseases, senility, as well as in Parkinson's disease.
9. External use of ozone is very effective in treating burns, acne, leg ulcers, open cuts and wounds, aczema, fungus and other skin disorders. 10. Rectal insufflation with ozone is effective for proctitis, colitis, prostatitis and fissure; vaginal insufflation is effective for candidiasis and other yeast infections, trichomoniasis and other forms of vaginitis; bladder insufflation is effective for cystitis and bladder fistulas, as well as cancer. 11. AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, mononucleosis, and cirrhosis of the liver have been successfully treated with ozone. 12. The application of ozone is virtually painless, , has no adverse side effects and is extremely cost-effective for both physicians and patients.
13. As of 1994, sixteen countries allow the use of ozone therapy. In a study Germany, of all the millions of treatments, there have only been four deaths reported, with only 40 persons having side effects.

Most people are puzzled as to why something with this potential has not be used in the United States before now. In order to understand this, one has to examine how medicine has evolved over the past 100 years on two continents; Europe and America. In the late 1800's, the way medicine was practiced in both areas was very similar, though quite diverse. Doctors on both continents were taught many different techniques of healing including herbal medicine, potions, manipulations, diets, purges, colonics, as well as drugs, and surgery. These physicians practiced holistic medicine in its original form. The divergence began in the United States with the discovery of insulin and penicillin in the 1930's. In close conjunction with the rise in power of the drug companies is the ever increasing policing of all medical therapies by the FDA along with the development of the health insurance system. Today's American doctors get practically no training in therapies other than drugs or surgery and are discouraged from practicing any alternative therapies. On the other hand the European system nurtured diversity in which pharmaceutical development, as well as alternative treatments, were encouraged. This is how ozone, as a medical treatment, was allowed to deelop in Europe, but did not find fertile ground in the United states, after 1933. Ozone is not patentable. Thus, there is no money to be made in its research and development as a treatment since it cannot be protected. Money is what makes things happen in the United States, thus ozone hasn't happened. However, with the development of the AIDS crisis over the last decade, many physicians in this country have been prompted to study the work done by clinicians in Germany and attempt to duplicate their results. The FDA has actively persecuted doctors who have used ozone therapy. In spite of this, there is a growing network of physicians who have been using this efficacious therapy.

There have been numerous anecdotes about the German's success with ozone, and many physicians in this country have been using it with great success. Until recently, neither the government institutions nor private corporations have sponsored any rigid clinical ozone studies. There appears to be a built-in bias against the development of therapies such as ozone, because it is a non-patentable gas. Our pharmaceutical industry has developed based on the ability to patent synthetic drugs that can be sold at a profit, and thus recoup the initial investment expense. This has resulted in a system which supports drug development by this method and has discouraged the development of simple, inexpensive or non-patentable substances. Nevertheless, numerous physicians have used ozone successfully, risking sanctions by federal and state authorities, as this is not a FDA approved treatment.
Both the EPA and the FDA acknowledge ozone's ability to oxidize 99.9992% of all waterborne pathogens. Ozone has been used for human health since 1860, and is presently employed in over 16 countries. Its widest use is in Germany, where over 7000 doctors have treated more than 12,000,000 people since WW II. In the United States, the FDA has not allowed testing of ozone, and has actively persecuted physicians who use it. Nevertheless, more and more doctors are turning to ozone therapy as a crucial tool for the treatment of serious diseases. In five states, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina and New York, physicians are now able to employ any therapeutic technique including ozone without fear of persecution. In Dr. H.E. Sartori's recent book, the mutliple uses of ozone for human health, dentistry, animal health and industrial uses are well covered.
Edward J. McCabe: Health journalist who reported success of oxygen therapy. Sentenced to 3 years in prison on the pre-text of tax evasion 1999 (and served 2 years).

Dr William F. Koch: Medical doctor, Professor of chemistry, histology and physiology. Inventor of "Glyoxylide catalyst" cure for cancer. Sued by FDA but was acquitted after 600 doctors testified in his favour. Died of poisoning, 1967.

Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass: Developer of "Homozon™" (the original oxygen therapy product) - murdered outside his house, same year and month as Dr Koch.

Dr Basil Earle Wainright: Physicist - inventor of polyatomic apheuresis oxygen therapy. Imprisoned for 4 years. Claims he survived six assassination attempts whilst in prison.

Dr George A. Freibott, IV. President of the American Naturopathic Association, consultant for International Association for Oxygen Therapy, US Government approved and internationally accepted expert witness on oxygen/oxidation therapies. Survived numerous assassination attempts and several anonymous phone calls threatening him with his life.

Dr James Boyce: Turned 254 people HIV+ to HIV- using ozone therapy: Charged with using unproven methods and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Had his medical license revoked.

Ken Thiefault sold ozone generators: Sentenced to 7 years in prison for making medical claims for ozone generators. His wife was sentenced to three years.

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