The $25.00 Ozone generator

    Buy a mercury vapor light unit from Ace Hardware, Builder's Square or similar
    place....about 20-25 dollars. This includes the "starter". A 100 watt unit is

    Wrap the bulb in a towel. Carefully break the outer bulb. One blow from a
    hammer will do it. You will find a small rectangular bulb inside (about 1 inch

    Mount the unit in an enclosure with a fan as it gets hot.

    You have an ozone generator which is very useful for topical applications,
    ozonating water or cleaning air. It is NOT meant for ingestion.

    If you wish to ozonate water make the exhaust hole small in the enclosure.
    Hook up any little hose and run it in a glass of water for about 5 minutes.
    Drink immediately as potency is lost rapidly.

    Caution must be used In operating any mercury lamp without the outer glass
    protector shell. The shell is used both as protection if the inner tube should
    burst and even more importantly as a shield against ultraviolet energy.
    Operating the lamp without this outer glass will exposes you to potentially
    damaging, invisible ultraviolet, rays which can result in both severe eye damage
    and sun burn to exposed areas of the body. Use extreme caution in operating
    this type of an ozone generator and above all avoid looking directly at the
    operating lamp.

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