Drinking ozinated Water or using it for enema

Bubble ozone through cold water using a white ceramic diffuser at 1/8 litres/minute for 5 minutes for 1/4 liter; 15 minutes per litre. Use bottled, distilled, or unchlorinated water in the humidifier bottle.

Drink immediately on an empty stomach (or use it for the enema). Six to eight glasses a day will establish a high level of oxygenation in the body and assist detoxification.

Lemon, orange and aloe vera juice can be ozonated for drinking or applications to the skin. By ozonating two cups of fresh lemon juice for six hours (use a large container because of the bubbles) has been used on all skin conditions like skin cancer, dry skin, psoriasis and ulcers.

Bubbling the gas into a glass of water for 5 minutes will kill the bacteria, fungus, virus and algae. It will not remain in the water very long. The maximum concentration that is obtainable in water is approximately 24 ug O3. The average time it will last in water is about 25 minutes. High amounts of contaminates in the water will cause it to disintegrate at a faster rate. The life span or its disintegration time refers to its half-life. The addition of trace mineral drops in the water will increase the life span if refrigerated.

Drinking ozonated water increases the oxygen level of cells and accelerates the healing process. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a natural by-product of most ozone oxidizing processes. Hydrogen peroxide is another great natural alternative for one's health.

Research shows drinking ozonated water helps allergies, carcinoma, cold sores, candidiasis, headaches, gastritis, gum disease, mouth ulcers, ulcer's; increases circulation, reduces infections after dental work, helps remove free radicals, helps flu and virus infections, cleans wounds and minor bruise's.

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