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When I had a series of treatments with ozone from my medical doctor, who had a huge, very sophisticated ozone machine in his office, then I could experience, that this indeed was very effective to heal my Fibromyalgia. So I searched for an ozone generator with a reasonable price I could buy, because the treatment was expensive and for the price of three or four treatment series I might be able to  buy my own generator. 
After I had some bad experiences with several cheap generators I bought at online auctions and that didn't work at all, I found a generator in the Internet that I could use for all kind of ozone treatments and also for the sauna. I had to buy two of them to get a good price. So I bought these. I was not so happy finding out that one of them was totally broken during the transport. But the other one worked and I could start the treatments with insuflation and ozone sauna. I was excited and felt better day after day. But then to my great disappointment the ozone generator gave up functioning. I wrote to the seller, as there was given a guarantee, but it turned out to be useless. The generators were fabricated in an 'underdeveloped country' and obviously so badly, that the vendor closed his business...
I searched intensively and finally found one that seemed that I could trust, because it was sold by a person who obviously was a specialist in ozone treatments with a lot of experience. So I bought this ozone generator. Like  the other generator, it had to be fed with oxygen from a bottle that I could rent from a supplier for melding. I had these already and so could start again with my treatments. 
It worked surprisingly good and without any problems for the next years until I was totally healed and I am still using ozone when I do my weekly sauna. 
The last time I am receiving the question from people where to get a good ozone generator and as I know from my bad experience, that there is so much junk around, I will recommend where to get one, so that one can avoid similar disappointments I had in the past. 
At this moment I can't give any recommendation where to buy a good ozone generator, but I am investigating about it, as I also need a new one.  
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