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There are now about 3.000 visitors at my health Web site every day and nearly all go to the cleansing pages. Yes, cleansing is important, but probably not the most important! I need to express that 'Healing' in my view includes much more and not just the physical aspects. If the cleansing doesn't include the emotional and mental background of your personality, then your healing is not complete and even you are feeling better, it might not last, because the cause of your disease goes for sure much deeper than the physical and the roots might  still be untouched. So it is inevitable that your whole system must be included in your healing and cleansing process and then you will realize and fully understand, that 'healing' also means *growing* and you will clearly see, that there can't be separated one from the other! 
You might wonder why I'm not mentioning the 'spiritual body' as part of our existence. For sure this is an important topic and since quite some time I wanted to write about it, because I see that this is one of the big obstacles of humankind and needs to be cleared up. Update: The conclusion of my experiences and investigation of the last ten years I have written at my Web page: "What is disease really?"
You have done the first steps in your healing and you have taken action. Now you might also understand, that indeed it is necessary to take self responsibility, what might mean that you get out of all kind of established dependencies. This is a hard part of your growth, but is not possible to avoid if you really want to heal yourself. I know how difficult this is, as I went through this experience and I'm probably still not through! You can read about it at my 'Testimonial' and even you have no Fibromyalgia, I'm sure it is similar with all other health problems and you might get some insights from my story... From the story about my hernia and then the story about my heart trouble and the latest about my broken leg. At this moment I am healing my frozen shoulder... You can see from my testimonials, that I'm still in the healing process and that this is indeed tough, but it makes sense to me...
In it's essence I can state, that everything and all, whatever we encounter in our life: Circumstances, people or diseases, are a challenge and if we confront all this and relate and respond to it the best we can, then these are the steps we take in our healing and growing process. 
So you need to take care not only for your body but also for your other 'bodies' the emotional and the mental. What means that you need to take care of how you  relate to this world, what surrounds you and how you react to the reality you are confronting. You are managing your life pretty well, or struggling through it and this is causing a lot of stress. I had some heart problems caused by stress and I investigated about it and  came to the conclusion that indeed there lays the main reason for most of our health problems. You might have already the experience that doctors and the established health system is not of much help. They know how to suppress the symptoms for the moment, but they can't seldom heal.
There is a way to do release stress and comparing it with the cleansing procedure, then I can state that it is much easier and for sure not giving any discomfort, in contrary... I have written about it and I have given advice how to do it. (I am sure that this simple exercise has and will heal me, but it is not a health advice!) So go to the 'Stress Release Exercise' read it and then just do it! This, I can ensure you, will be an important step in your healing and growing! - And with this it will be possible to get all the parts together... to be whole and healed.
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