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What is Meditation?
What meditation is can be seen in very different ways. Meditation is not a technique or method to reach a determined goal. That one becomes more relaxed, emotionally and mentally balanced, can be seen as a side effect, but is not the goal or one's meditation. 
Through meditation one comes to a state of being where one relates and responds in a different way to whatever shows up in one's life, outside and inside. - One gains a new attitude which then changes one's responses and so one's doing. Then one's habits will change. One will be aware and so more ritical of what one takes in and if this is favorable or damaging one's system. One will live healthier on all levels of one's existence. One will not need to demonstrate anything anymore, self-expression will gain a new dimension...
Of course it might be that someone starts to meditate because feeling nervous and desperate or is sick and wants to do something against it, so this might work. Indeed meditation furthers  the 'healing process' significantly and probably is the most important basic step. If we come during our path to the moment when struggling through life seems just a 'turning around ourselves', then after questioning our position and reflecting about it, we might come to a meditative state, where our intention to do something for a specific reason, mostly because we want to reach a certain goal, has faded away... maybe letting us fall into desperation. Often this happens after something tragical breaks into our, until then undisturbed lifestyle, when our cart house of security has collapsed, leaving us without orientation. Often this happens because of a serious health problem...
Although this situation will be felt as a negative state, it can be a new beginning, an opening to fields of awareness and silence, which will give a new sense and a new world view, an until then  unknown security, - coming out of insights which include a view of much wider aspects. The deep longing to connect with one's source will finally guide to the state of 'meditation'. But not necessarily one has to go through suffering because of tragic happenings in one's life, to come to the need to meditate, this urge might come as a sudden from inside... I am here to help you to enter into this state in an easy way. Meditation by itself is a state of being and must not be connected with any philosophy, religion or any kind of concept. It can be clear and pure and been practised this way.
You don't need to pay to be initiated into meditation or to join a group or a meditation retreat, although a retreat might further a start. If you have the urge to meditate then it is possible that you come to a meditative state just by sitting down... But then often falling into old pattern of doing, which might not be possible to avoid, so you can ask for some help. I can give you advise through email, just use the form below. There is no ritual necessary just plain information and this of course, like all service from me and FalconBlanco, is totally for free. 
Meditation should be available to every body and every where. I am convinced that this would help essentially in every ones growing and healing process and make a new security possible which doesn't come from the outside with all constantly changing conditions, but from inside by connecting with one's source... You can listen to some more thoughts about the subject watching the video: Meditation
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