Healing of Interference Fields  BeiYin
It is not everywhere known that the body system is trying to heal itself, what means to eliminate interferences, through the process of infection or other kinds of reactions like cancer, etc. Mostly the symptoms, for example the infection is seen as the sickness and is treated, but the sickness is just the visible sign that the system is disturbed and out of balance. Medicine in our days is mostly treating symptoms without searching really for the root cause behind all the symptoms. Cutting out the ‘bad’, eliminating with knife or chemicals is the usual way. The result is that there is no real healing. The interference field goes on disturbing the system and other symptoms will show up, maybe even stronger than the ones just ‘cured’.
So the system stays unhealthy. That's our daily reality and we suffer from it, not being able to find out a way, trying many things, but making it worse from day to day. A vicious circle without escape...
What is it we are doing wrong?
And isn't the same dilemma every where the same? On all levels? As on the body level so it is on the mental and emotional level of each of us. So it is with communication between each other. With our partner, our family, with people at work, with neighbors and also on a bigger level like in governments, countries and obviously also on the biggest level: the global dilemmas.
Observing reactions on all these different levels, we can see that every body, included governments react and act in the same way as the medical doctors: They try to eliminate the symptoms, believing that these are the cause. As an established part of the system, they are not capable to see that their doing must fail, because it is not treating the cause.  To find a solution for a conflict, that means to heal on whatever level, we need information given from a viewpoint which includes the whole. On the body level it would include the emotional and mental level. What would be necessary to be included on a country level? And what on a global level? Shouldn't we try to find out about this? Are there maybe people who have this kind of overview? If they exist then now is the moment that they show up and tell us their view and share their knowledge.  I believe that the most important is that we start to move and get engaged, relating in a responsible way to whatever shows up. Then together we will find a way to deal with conflicts, differently than until now and also we will find creative solutions.

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