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The story about my horse  BeiYin 
Last year after we had the big forest fire...
This was a big shock and short time after I got sick and also my horse. The strange thing is that we both had the same symptoms: Pain in joints, pain in muscles, tiredness... I called the vet and when he heard that my horse is twenty eight years old, then he just said that the best would be to sacrify him. 

Several months ago when my horse got worse and had pain in his knees, so he hardly could walk, then I had to give him a treatment with pharmaceutic chemicals. He refused to take it and I had to use all kind of tricks, like putting it into dry figs etc. but then he didn't take anymore anything from my hand and demonstrated clearly that he didn't trust me by turning his back to me when I came into the stable. I couldn't force him. What could I do? This made me think about it. He has an unspoiled instinct and not like we as humans who lost most of our instinct and are strongly motivated by our wishes fed by suggested images. We do all kind of things which go directly against ourselves, damaging not only our body. Obviously I could learn a lot from my horse, so I was willing to listen to him...
I investigated about his disease. (Arthritis, Listeriosis). From the orthodox medical side I couldn't expect much and my investigation in universities and scientific data bases didn't show anything which could help him. When I went to mailing lists and described the case, a 'horse person' wrote to me and mentioned 'Glucosamine & Chondroitin' as a treatment, but this was not a vet. The vets in news groups I had tried only suggested to 'sacrifice' him to 'release him from his suffering'. I was just wondering: Why the medical doctors don't say the same to me? I am not suffering less than my horse, but to me they say: 'You have to live with your disease'. For sure I'm not going to kill my horse, just because he is 'useless' and causes problems. I can expect that nobody is going to kill me, because I'm not efficient for the social system or because I am suffering. 
Being tired, lacking energy and my motivations going down, for myself maybe I would have resigned, but being responsible for 'my friend the horse' I had to do something more creative than just eliminating the problem. When I searched about a solution I found a description about MSM. What I read was very promising and I tried to buy it here, but no way, MSM was not available. So I ordered it in the US, waiting then for six weeks to arrive. Meanwhile I found a health food shop where they are selling MSM in capsules. So I started the treatment, although the price is twenty times higher. As I have the same symptoms as my horse, only that the name of my disease has a more interesting scientific name 'Fibromyalgia', so I started to take also MSM together with my horse. I had ordered also 'Glucosamine & Chondroitin' but this has to wait until it arrives. 
I am sceptical and observing my horse and myself very carefully, but one thing is for sure that we both are feeling much better. It is difficult to know if the recovery is caused mainly by MSM or by the ozone treatment, but it seems to me it is the combination of both and also together with the massage we are receiving.
Significant is that I have no permanent pain anymore and my energy level is much
higher and as far I can communicate with my horse he giving me clear signs that
he feels the same. His knees are still stiff and he has problems walking. I am waiting for an 'infra sonic' massager I bought in an eBay auction and with this hopefully the damaged tissue will recover. We will see... I will report about it also in my 'massage logbook'. To be continued...
Yesterday I had some moments when I really felt good: I felt joy coming back! This I haven't felt the last two years, so it is special. My horse and I we have taken now the MSM for three weeks and there were moments during the last few days when I had no pain anymore. Still my energy is low but I'm able to do things which were waiting since quite some time. 
Today I started the third jar with MSM capsules, because what I had ordered from the USA hasn't arrived yet. For the treatment for four weeks I am paying
now 50€ for my horse and me. That's not too much looking at the result. But for the same amount of money I could have treatment for three months with the MSM powder I'm waiting for. Just because it is in capsules so it is so much more expensive. And for my horse I have to take it out of the gelatine capsules to mix it with his food. I tasted the powder, it taste somehow like washing powder, but with some water or juice there is hardly any taste. As we need to take MSM for a long time, so it will be too expensive and I will look for another source...
That's what I did the last days and I spend quite some energy with it. As MSM is a by-product when fabricating paper, so there should be a lot available. It is called DMSO and needs to be processed to make MSM out of it. I found several distributor and I plan to buy a bigger quantity so that I have enough for the next half a year and I might share it with some friends around...

A few days later: I am feeling miserable again. Pain is back all over the body and strong pain in my intestines. I am using the massage and it helps but I'm feeling bad. 
Although my energy is pretty down, I am searching the Internet. I found an open letter from a naturopatic doctor and this makes it clear why I feel that bad: I need urgently a detoxification and also I found information how to do this with MSM. So this seems to be the most important next step. 

to be continued?

Yesterday, 30. Sept. my horse died. I will tell later about it...
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