Email Exchange about Inguinal Hernia

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Jack: A hernia is a hole in your skin. 
BeiYin: More exact: It is a rupture of the tissue and muscles which cover the abdomen. Of course hernia is not an illness. It is a symptom caused by an underlying condition. This might be an unbalance or weakness of the whole system, probably caused by habits which have damaged the system. This might have happened during a long time or even be the heritage from one's parents. So for sure it is not just a hole in the skin. The condition as a result from mostly unknown reasons goes much further and includes levels one is rarely conscious about and often one doesn't want to give any attention beyond one's used limited awareness, defending this with all kind of tricks...
Jack: If you had a hole in your stomach, you would sound odd if you focused all your attention on healing it, without closing the hole, first.  The skin around the hole could heal well and that would be a kind of healing. At least you could use the word heal in that way, but you would still have to be careful not to fool yourself into thinking that healing meant closing the hole. After the hole was healed, you could decide to leave it open. Then the word heal might not apply. The same would be true of a hole in your ear lobe. Many women are careful not to let that hole close, but they do make sure that the hole is healed.
BeiYin: Well Jack, every body has at least two holes in one's stomach. Why should I want to close one of these? Then the food couldn't enter my stomach or couldn't get out when digested. I'm not sure what it true about the holes, but I'm pretty sure that I don't want any holes in my ear lobes. I can't follow your high pitched philosophy about holes, maybe it is because of my rudimentary English...
Jack: A hole can be a wound in your body where healing includes getting the hole to close and allowing the skin to grow together forming a scar where the hole was. The scar can then be removed or allowed to heal or not. You can live with the scar or live with the hole, or seek help in changing the way it is. The word heal suggests a certain kind of change. The word is often misleading. The mislead often pay huge sums of money to doctors who mislead them. Doctors benefit from this misuse of the word heal. Be careful not to mislead yourself when you use that word.
BeiYin: Exactly that is what I'm doing and that is part of my 'healing process'. Indeed: 'Healing' includes change and this is an essential condition: Change in one's eating habits, change in one's attitude in many different aspects, starting to become independent, taking self responsibility, being critical especially about established concepts and images and what is told by 'authorities', now and since mankind exist. I don't want to talk about medical doctors, they are part of the established system and mostly not aware that they are slaves of the pharmaceutics industry. The health system of this society is strongly established and there is hardly the possibility to heal oneself in a different way than what is offered. No wonder that there are hundred thousands of Web sites about surgery for hernia but not even one with the suggestion for an alternative way. So when I use the word 'healing' then this includes my whole being with all levels and then this will transform myself and in this process my disease with all symptoms will disappear, leaving me as a stronger, more conscious and more whole person, hopefully connected with by source and being one with it.
Jack: A hernia or hole in your ear lobe or stomach can grow together (close, mesh) but it will not happen if the skin is not pushed together in some mechanical way before the skin has has healed in the open position. You can improve the general health of your body and increase the chances of the healing (closing, growing together) but you still need to push the hole closed to let it happen (mesh, seal up). You can also focus on keeping the hole from tearing further or getting larger, even if you do nothing to try to close the hole. A hole usually needs to be monitored for infection and protected from getting wounds, at least at first. A surgeon can be employed to patch the hole, or to help determine if the hole is healing or healed.
BeiYin: If one is convinced that something can't happen, then it will not happen. Being hypnotized from one's own view, one is not capable to go beyond. So healing might start by opening oneself to unknown possibilities. The testimonial of someone who was healed, will probably not help to change a conviction and every view point which does not confirm one's own will be rejected. Hole or not hole, more important is to become whole, then every thing else will fall in it's place.
Jack: I have a friend who was on a respirator until his lungs were healed. When they removed the respirator, he was left with a hole in his throat. The hole was healed years ago, but is still open. He has an hour of work per day caring for this hole, but he does not want a surgeon to close (heal, seal, patch, etc.) it for him or to help it grow together. He didn't want any help from any doctors, surgeons, plastic surgeons, gurus, medicine men, monks, priests, etc. After many years of warnings from doctors, the hole is still not closed. If he ever needs a respirator again, the chances of infection will be reduced for him, but of course that is not why he has left it open. He hates doctors and other healers more than I do.
BeiYin: The question is why he hates doctors. Shouldn't he be thankful because they have saved his life? There seems to be a conflict and if he is full of hate, then for sure he is not 'healed', although his lungs are functioning again due to a medical manipulation. 
Jack: In whatever languages you speak, be careful in your use of words that can be used to manipulate your mind and decision making, like healing, closing, sealing, patching, etc. My hole is big. A large protrusion can fit through it easily (i.e. the hernia) and is difficult to reduce. It grows a little less each year, as I become more experienced in keeping the hole from any additional tearing. It will never seal (close, grow together) without a surgeon's intervention. It does not hurt at all. It is unlikely to get strangulated or tear much more. I use a girdle to hold it in place and can wear it all day without discomfort. It makes sexual activity difficult, or at least more complicated. It is not pretty to look at. It is not a hole that urgently needs to be closed, and has not been that for over ten years. 
BeiYin: Never say 'never'! If you are stuck with your mind, then indeed it is impossible to change your health situation. So first change your mental condition to give space that your physical condition changes. You are right: It is not the hole which needs urgently to be closed. Ten years is long, isn't it time now that you open your mind to an other level of your existence?
Jack: My hernia "needs" some attention from me every day. I "need" contact with others who are living with their hernias, successfully or not, preferably for a few years or more. My problems and thoughts are difficult to talk about with anyone who has never had a hernia. That is the only reason that I can think of to opt for surgical repair. I had a dream that I met a surgeon, who had a large unrepaired hernia that he wanted to talk to me about. He had answers to my questions that few other people could have, but he also had many very interesting and insightful questions for me. Some day, you might decide to create a web site to answer questions for people like him or me. Meanwhile, it might help you to learn to live with your unrepaired (but probably healed) hernia.
BeiYin: That's what I'm doing: I have opened a Web page about the healing process of my hernia. Email exchanges like this will be included. So what are your questions? I couldn't find any in this email, only statements. You are looking for confirmation of what is your established opinion about your hernia? You are taking care of it since more than ten years. Do you want to heal yourself? Or are you not even giving yourself this opportunity? One year has given me enough time to learn to live with my hernia, but there is not one moment I doubt that this condition will be healed, because I am in a healing process with my whole being and I can see and feel the progress, the hernia as a symptom is just a minor part of my incompleteness... 

Daniel: I have been following the health page about your inguinal hernia and I am interested in what kind of protein you are taking. Is it whey powder, milk, soy protein or some other kind. Isn't 150 grams a lot of protein to be taking? Isn't that bad for your kidneys? Also won't 10 or 11 grams of Vitamin C give you diarrhea? Also please tell me what exercises you are doing and how many repetitions and how hard you are doing them? Is the vitamin C the powder form? I would be interested in following your complete program if you would be specific and put it on your web site. I can't relax because I have to lift heavy sacks and boxes of mail in my job as a mail handler and I think I'm fighting a losing battle because I'm making the hernia worse everyday because of my job. Please send me an e-mail and tell me what your exact program  consists of and  what kind of supplements you are taking and  what exercises you are doing. I know that everybody is responsible for their own health and that any advice you give me will not be taken as medical advice and you can not give me or guarantee that this will cure me. 
But you are the only hope I have found on the internet that doesn't recommend surgery.

BeiYin: I can understand your situation which is similar to my own. I also have to lift heavy stuff and this is not favorable for the hernia. I am doing about 4 hours loading of pallets a day, now it is high season and there is more work than I can manage... Although I am doing pretty well. 
Wearing my trust the whole time, relaxing laying down as often I can, doing exercises in the morning: some yoga movements, massage and EFT between the exercises. I have the feeling that it works even very slowly. 
Exercises I'm doing: (All exercises doing when laying on my back and of course when there are no intestines coming out through the hernia.)
1.) Doing a massage of the hernia place with one hand. Doing small circles, first right hand to the right and then left hand circles to the left. About one hundred times. Then massaging with both hands from down the belly upwards fifty times. Then I do bigger circles around my stomach, about 25 to 50 times, this I'm doing because the last few weeks I had stomach pain (probably because of stress and this helps.)
2.)   _/\___o     Feet on the ground, legs like picture, then lifting up head and chest. I started with twenty times then adding more as much it felt comfortable coming to two hundred, but now doing only 50 or 75.
3.)  Then I do one round of EFT with tapping the EFT points with the affirmation: "I am in perfect health. My hernia, heart, stomach, teeth and throat are completely healed." 
4.)  Same position as above and I lift up straight one leg into the air and then the other: _/\___o     \___o 
I started with ten times each leg, went to one hundred and now I'm doing fifty.
5.) Then another round with EFT: "My abdomen is in perfect health. The cells of the tissue and muscles are very active rebuilding and enforcing my abdomen."
6.) Then laying flat on my back, legs lifted up about 15 cm: then lifting up both legs as high as possible and then putting them down but not on the ground but keeping them up about 15 cm from the ground. I started with fife times and slowly went up to sixty, now I'm doing fifty.
7.) Another round with EFT. I do: "My teeth are in perfect health. The missing ones are growing and the rotten ones and all infection and caries is completely healed."
8.) Since two weeks I started with a yoga exercise which is called 'ship'. Lifting up legs and upper body and holding this position as long as possible, breathing normal. I started with fifteen seconds, now I'm at half a minute.
9.) Another round of EFT. I had a 'writer block' and did: "I am motivated to write and I'm inspired and guided." And I continued with this even when the block had disappeared.
10.) Then I do a yoga exercise which is part of the series called 'crocodile exercise' I learned forty years ago from Swami Dev Murti. Laying on my back, legs like the first exercise, arms spread out, moving both legs together to one side to the ground and head and upper body into the other direction. I did up to two hundred times, now one hundred times. 
11.)  Another round of EFT whatever is needed.
12.)  The same position as 10.) only knees touching chest, then moving legs to one side to the ground and upper body to the other side, etc. I started with twenty, went up to one hundred and I'm doing now fifty.
13.)  The same massage like l.)
14.)  Last round of EFT: " I'm in perfect health, full of energy and in a good mood."
15.)  Last exercise: Lifting legs and arms into the air and shaking them strongly several times. Letting legs and arms fall relaxed down and repeating one time more the shaking. 
Then putting on my trust and getting up.

The reason why I have reduced the number of movements is that I was told by a friend who healed himself from an inguinal hernia, that it is more important to do the exercises in an anaerobic way, that means as strong as possible and of a short time. I read this also from Dr.Berrnard but he is suggesting weight lifting and jumping, what tells me that for sure he never had an hernia. It is said that anaerobic exercises build up the muscles in the fastest way. 

The protein I'm taking now is from the health food store, that was the quickest way to get some. It is 90% protein from soy and has also minerals and vitamins. I like it and mix it with soy milk. As the soy milk also has some protein (35gr/liter) I take about 100gr of the protein powder. There are provider in the Internet and from USA where the protein powder is sold in 5 pound quantity and therefore cheaper, but there are often problems with the mail and I prefer to buy it here. 
I started with several grams of vitamin C until I got diarrhea then I reduced the amount and now I'm at six grams/daily and feel comfortable with it and slowly will add more. I have all kind of vitamin C I bought as a bulge two years ago in an Ebay auction, they are all out of date, but that's what I have and I will use it. 
There is other supplements I ordered several months ago in Holland but the mail went wrong, they have send it again but two months have passed and it didn't arrive yet. Anyway I'm critical about those 'formulas' which are sold for too much money and questionable result. But I will investigate about it more. These substances which stimulate the cell structure of tissue are also in normal food and so it might be only necessary to know about it and then eat those food more frequently. (Lysine, proline, etc.)
I am investigating about it and will make a list of food and the content of vitamins, protein, etc. Of course it will not be possible to take all the necessary vitamins by drinking orange juice, what I would like best, but probably one needs to drink twenty liter of it in one day... or more.

There are some other aspects which in my view are of essential importance: That one sees disease not as a punishment or something what happened as an accident. You are not a victim. The healing of any disease and so also of an hernia is a healing process which includes the whole system, - one's whole being, - what means that the mind, the emotions and also beyond of this a field one might call 'spiritual' are included. You need to find trust within yourself, knowing that you are guided from within and taking self responsibility and getting out of dependency will make this possible. If your trust is so strong (I'm not talking about belief) that there is no fear left, even not about death, then you are healed and for sure the hernia will be also.
We will keep in contact, please report...

PS: I have send a copy of this message to a friend who healed himself from an inguinal hernia and who gave me some important hints...
I believe it is not only essential that we heal ourselves, but it will have a strong influence and convincing impact on other people who feel lost and desperate because they can't effort a surgery and they are under the hypnotic influence of the authorial medical system who is telling that only surgery can help and so people are left without hope, doing nothing about their condition. Only in the USA there are 300.000 people living with an untreated hernia, desperate and suffering...

One thing I had forgotten to say: If there is a accumulation of fat in the abdomen, then this might have caused the hernia, as with this the tissue and the muscles are weakened. Also fat is where the toxins are stored and this for sure contribute to the condition. To create favorable conditions for the healing you should consider a fasting and maybe also a liver cleans. 

Boyd: First, I have a few questions for you.
1) How long have you had your hernia?
2) What kind is it? Inguinal? Double?
3) How long have you had it?
4) Is it reducible? That is, does the bulge go away completely when you lay on your back? How large is the bulge? Can you push it back in while standing?
5) When working, you said it makes it worse? How so? Does the bulge get larger?
6) Is there pain? More so after meals?
7) Do you wear a truss?

I got my hernia about 3 1/2 years ago. The bulge has not appeared since April of this year. It did not take that long to heal it. I just did not know what to do. What I didn't do was rush to have an operation. The last thing I wanted was an operation. I talked to friends, doctors and searched the internet. Everyone said just get the operation. Only one person gave me an idea as to what to try. Even he said he had never seen a hernia down low in the groin area heal, only Hiatal Hernias just below the rib cage. He suggested large doses of Vitamin C. I didn't try it for another year.

During this time I did nothing to try to heal it. I was just dealing with it as best as I could. I went to a doctor recommended by a friend and actually scheduled to have the operation done!!!  Two days before the operation was to happen I decided to not have it and I decided to try what my friend suggested about Vitamin C. The doctor wanted to know why I had canceled. I said I was going to try to heal it myself. He listened politely, then said it wouldn't work. He was wrong!

I had not been wearing a truss, but I knew if there was any hope of healing I would have to somehow keep the intestine inside. Can't heal a tear in tissue if the intestine is poked through it. So, I began wearing a truss and taking 8,000-12,000 mg. (1,000 mg. capsules) of Vit. C daily. I also, use my fingers to try to push the sides of the tear together like you would do with a band-aid or stitches on a cut on the skin  But I did very little of that and don't think it really had much effect. But who knows, maybe it helped.
I did not massage it. I wouldn't massage a cut on my arm, so why would I massage torn tissue inside my body? In fact, I would be concerned it would actually do harm. Massaging it could tear new tissue growth before it can take hold. This new tissue may be weak. Why try to tear it apart before it has had a chance to get strong? Perhaps a very, very light and gentle movement of the area with warm fingers would help, but I would rather place a warm hand on it. A "laying on of the hand", so to speak.

BeiYin: You are right: Massaging the abdomen around the hernia probably would not be good, but what I am doing is not a 'deep massage' it it just massaging the skin and this feels always good as the skin is stressed wearing the truss all day. You say it: The 'laying on of the hand' would be the best. After I am doing the exercises in the morning, my partner is doing 'Reiki' on me and I see this as an important part of my treatment, mostly because it releases the stress.
Boyd: Within about a week the bulge got noticeably smaller. Sometimes it went away completely (1-4 days). A partial healing had taken place. Some tissue had grown over the tear, but it wasn't strong enough to hold it completely in. I was very encouraged. For awhile. As time went on, it did not get any better. I went about 2 years with no more improvement. It wasn't getting worse either and I was grateful for that. The bulge remained smaller than it's original size.  I was getting discouraged that it would never really heal completely  After all, I had never heard of anyone doing this before, so I thought maybe it can't be done. Nevertheless, I did not give up and decide to have the operation even though I thought I might have to sometime in the future.

I had been exercising with weights to build some new muscle. I am 55 years old. I don't give up easily when I really want something. Even at 55 I believe it can be done and it is working. Well, I had to be careful of course. I was not actually lifting heavy weights off the floor. I was exercising every muscle except my core muscles ( waist and lower back). After learning that it is important to have strong 'core muscles' I decided to do so.

I decided to do "back arches" while lying on the floor on my stomach to exercise the lower back. I have chronic low back pain and I thought it might help. It did. To arch I simply would lift the upper and lower halves of my body so only my stomach was touching the floor. It did not seem to overly strain the hernia.

I would lay on my side and lift the upper half to exercise the sides of my abdominal muscles. Then I would lay on my back and do crunches. A crunch is not a full sit up. You simply lift and curl your shoulders towards your pelvis. Also, to exercise the lower abdominal  muscles is not easy. I learned there apparently a way though. Bend your knees and spread your knees wide apart. Do NOT place your feet under anything and do not have a friend sit on them. You do not want your leg muscles to help you crunch up. You want to isolate the lower abdominals so they do all the work.

I would crunch up by first lifting up a little with the back straight. Hands can be on chest. Do not use hands behind neck to help pull yourself up or you will not be using the abdominals alone. After lifting up a little, curl your chest and shoulders towards your pelvis as far as you can while keeping your lower back on the floor.

I would do this about 10 times. Each time, at the top of the crunch I would hold it for a count of 10 while really squeezing the abdominals. Concentrate on using the abdominals. Really think 'abs', 'abs', 'abs'. You can move up and down a little to really feel the 'squeeze' in the abdominals. I could really feel the 'burn' while doing the last few reps. The numbers I give here are not so important. You have to do it yourself to find out how many to do in order to give your abdominals a good hard workout without overdoing it. You don't want to over strain your abdominals. I was concerned that this exercise might over strain my hernia, but it didn't. No strain at all.

This is hard to believe, but I only did this two times when the hernia bulge went away for good!  I had learned it is important to rest muscles in order for them to grow. Rest means time between workouts. Of course, we all have to move our bodies everyday and therefore use those same muscles, but hopefully not as strenuously as during a workout.

I had gotten to the point in my workouts where I was resting a group of muscles for two weeks between workouts with very good results. Each workout I was much stronger and could lift more weight. So, why work so hard when you can get good results by exercising intelligently?

The first time I exercised my abdominals was March 30, 2006. The second time was April 15, 2006. It was sometime during the third week of April that the hernia disappeared and did not return.

This is very important. I had been taking in extra protein while lifting weights. I learned from personal experience that extra protein is mandatory to create new muscle. How much extra? Who knows? It depends on your body, life-style, etc.

I have heard the average adult needs 26 grams daily. That is to maintain body weight and composition. Otherwise
muscle will be lost. The more a person weighs the more protein they will need. Children need more protein since they are growing. Weight lifters take in about 1-2 grams daily for each pound of body weight. I weigh about 150 pounds. That means I would take in anywhere from 150 to 300 grams daily. Now, this is for those who are trying to put on a lot of muscle all over their body. If you are only concerned about building muscle in the abdominal area you will probably not need this much protein. The best source of protein is food, but some people take protein supplements to get the large amounts of protein they want. It is cheaper and easier to take in. To take in 150 to 300 grams of protein a day would be a lot of meat to eat! I use a protein supplement because I am building muscles all over my body. Depending on how much you weigh, you could probably do well on 50-100 daily. The extra protein I am taking does not seem to be causing me any problems. Of course, if I wasn't exercising my whole body it might. I would not need it then and maybe the body would be harmed.

As far as what else I was doing health wise, I don't know how much the other things helped.  I had been improving my diet over the last 7 years, quit smoking and was actively trying to 'get healthy.' Ironically it was during and because of what I was doing that I got the hernia in the first place. I developed the hernia due to a severe cough brought on by my body cleansing itself. Anyway, I was living more healthy than ever before and I continued to do so even after getting the hernia. Nothing I was doing seemed to help with the hernia. At least, it wasn't enough.

This is what I believe were the most important things in the healing of my hernia.  It may be that these were also essential to it's healing.

1) Wearing a truss to keep the intestine inside. Of course, it didn't keep it all the way in, but it kept the bulge from being as large as it had been.
2) Taking large doses of Vitamin C . I took 8,000-12,000 mg. daily. Not ascorbic Acid!  I use Bluebonnet brand 'Mega Bio-C Formula'. It is Calcium Ascorbate with Citrus Bioflavonoids. 1,000 mg. capsules  I live in USA so I don't know if you can get that brand, but I don't think it is important. I would not take that much Ascorbic Acid.  Too much acid. I got a little diarrhea, but my body soon got use to it, and the diarrhea stopped.
3) Properly exercising the abdominals (with adequate rest between workouts).
4) Taking extra protein

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