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Charles: If I have to have surgery (I'm PRAYING I can somehow avoid it) I only hope I can get to the clinic at[...]
BeiYin: There was a lot of exchange about what could be the best place for surgery. I can understand your concern, but need to give my comment: When I was told by my med. doctor that I needed surgery as soon as possible, otherwise I might be dead within 5 hours if the hernia gets strangulated, then I said: No thank you, I have had enough experience with the medical system after I got sick with Fibromyalgia and was told that there is no cure and that I would need to live with this for the rest of my life... and then wanting to give me painkiller and sleeping pills... I had rejected this and had found my own treatment after searching and investigating. After one and a half year I was healed. Now after about four years I'm still symptom free, but I have given up to tell in Fibromyalgia groups about it, because nobody believes it and they kick me out of the group, calling me liar and not even asking me what I have done to heal myself. It is not so different with inguinal hernia: The belief that only surgery can solve the problem is so established, that it is nearly impossible to not depend on it.
I had said to myself: I prefer to die, but I will not let do surgery, that's not healing, that's manipulation without treating the cause. So this attitude gave me the energy and the intensity to search for an alternative solution. That was not easy as there was nothing offered, - only surgery, but this didn't stop me from investigating and trying out various things to heal myself, with the final result that I was healed.
What I want to say with this is that it needs a certain intense energy to get out of dependency and then doing steps out of ones own responsibility, with the risk to do mistakes. Then it will be necessary to use ones intuition, to listen to ones body and have trust in ones own healing force. This is a process by itself, but then indeed it happens: The real healing starts because ones whole being is involved...

John: I've had my colon cleansed a couple of times and I highly, highly recommend it. I went through a 10-day liquid and fast and enema program prescribed by my colon cleansing practitioner before the flush. All kinds of garbage came out and I felt wonderfully light and fresh afterwards. That feeling inspired me to clean up my diet in general. Go for it.
Charles: I'm taking Hawthornia which is meant to strengthen the intestines & reduces intestinal pressure, and I'm also
drinking gallons of fennel tea, which does the same. Sharply reduces wind & pressure. I do notice the bulge is smaller now than it's been for the past year (it's often unnoticeable) and there's virtually no discomfort or even awareness.
I don't know if this is a result of Hawthornia and fennel tea, or the Pilates exercises I've been doing to help strengthen the core abs. Can't say. However I do notice much less wind (gas) in my intestine. Alongside Hawthornia & fennel tea, I eat a MUCH higher-fibre diet than before. I try to avoid sticky, stodgy, fatty, heavy, slow-digesting foods. Anything that puffs out the intestine, or contributes to constipation or wind (gas) should really be avoided. However, as my two doc's explain, it's also very important to eat enough protein in order to maintain sufficient muscle tone in the groin area so that the weakened surrounding tissues can rebuild.
BeiYin: Yes, that's what I mean: Taking the risk to try things. Listening to ones body. Although all this is still limited to the body level, yes, somewhere one needs to start. Listening and observing will open one up. Then finding out that there are more influences, coming from other levels of ones being, then maybe there will show up mental patterns and emotional reactions that show hidden and unconscious reasons...
Then one can realize that being in a healing process means going through transformation of ones existence. Ones being clears up: Worn out parts of ones 'personality' are recognized and one can let go of it...
One can be thanks full for ones disease, seeing it in a positive and creative way, - not feeling as a victim any more, but using ones condition as a challenge to go ahead, - with this for sure being on the right track to ones wholeness!

John: BeiYin, well, I'm glad that you've initiated this forum. I look forward to exchanges with other people who KNOW (or at least suspect) that the body is amazingly capable of healing. I'm realizing already a wide range of benefits from the simple commitment to healing my hernia. These benefits include healing other problems and learning about EFT, which my wife is now using and sharing with friends.
BeiYin: Yes, the body by itself is capable of healing and trying it as much it is allowed and is not manipulated by ones 'owner'. Or is it ones 'whole being' who tries to integrate all parts and this is causing 'healing reactions'? Manifested through symptoms showing up, reactions visible on the body level and also on ones mental and emotional part of ones system, although mostly not recognized as such. Symptoms are seen as 'disease' or disturbance and one tries to eliminate them or at least suppress them, not knowing and totally ignoring that these symptoms are the intent of ones 'being' to heal oneself. John, Your commitment to healing your hernia shows benefits for other problems not only of the body and this could guide to the conclusion that your hernia is caused by an imbalance beyond the body... Using EFT for sure has a result, although when used as the only mean to get rid of a problem then this is just another manipulation to let disappear a symptom and not going to the root of it. So then there will show up another symptom maybe on a different level, even more difficult to treat and to find out about the root cause.

Randy: ...the bulge goes away if I lie down to go to bed or to do exercise. When I get up it usually pops out, but sometimes it stays in for a while, sometimes for 2 hours. So I figure that the body has a way of holding it in, maybe that is the sm that you spoke about. Well, I don't care if it is the sm, scar tissue, or the virgin mary. It is better than surgery or truss. Although I am still not sure about the value of the truss. I sure know how BeiYin feels when he says that it is like climbing Mount Everest to get info.
BeiYin: One must do what feels right, listening to ones body. I was taking care that no bulge was coming out and so I was wearing the truss all day, until I went to bed. I did this after I had the experience when doing yoga and standing on my head,  then not being aware that the hernia was coming out and that had caused strong pain for several days. The decision to wear a truss all the time came from the thought that if there is a hole then this can't close and heal if it is opened again and again when the hernia comes out. But I didn't use the truss any more that I had bought in the beginning, I made my own one, using different materials, - I have described it at my hernia page.
It is not the question what is better than surgery or truss, it is the question what is real healing and what helps healing.
Indeed one can feel desperate when not knowing what to do and finding no real information not being able to rely on 'professional' help and having lost trust in miracle medications. I ensure you that this is part of the healing process: Getting out of dependencies, taking self responsibility, listening to oneself, developing and using ones intuition. With this the healing can start... and will include ones whole being!

Charles: I've found that some doctors will quietly advise "watchful waiting" if they feel there is no immediate danger. However it will be the rare doctor that suggests pro-active non-surgical approaches as these are simply not in the medical textbook.
BeiYin: I never in my life heard any doctor tell me about approaches that I could help myself healing, no one gave me advice for more healthy food, doing exercises, etc. It will probably need a generation before doctors tell what really is 'watchful waiting'. Until then the sick person will feel as a victim, depending on the help of the established health system and continuing with the same perverse lifestyle, attitude and sick making habits...

Charles: Coming from Western backgrounds, we naturally want & need clinical, medical answers... but these just aren't going to happen. At least not until the non-surgical 'alternative' approach gains a lot more momentum & attention, so that a large bank of 'alternative' info becomes available.
BeiYin: Yes, alternative info would be a beginning, what later on would include the understanding that healing doesn't mean to treat symptoms but ones whole being, but sadly this might need quite some more time and until then people will suffer and fall into depression, because they don't understand what happens with them, seeing it as something negative... and that they are in a 'growing process'.

Charles: Unfortunately, we're pioneers. I say 'unfortunately' because I'm the very last person on earth that wants to be a pioneer. Ugh. For me it's VERY scary to be in a tiny row boat in the middle of the ocean with no map, no compass, nothing. But that's exactly where we are... unfortunately. Until very recently, even 'watchful waiting' was considered a no-no.
BeiYin: In contrary: It is NOT 'unfortunately' that we are pioneers. We can feel lucky to get out of the herd of sheep that follow, innocently and naive, a false pastor, being guided to fat pastures, but finally to the slaughter house.  Of course it is scary to walk finding ones own way in a world of destruction and chaos. We need to learn to trust ourselves, finding out that indeed there is a 'compass' that is inbuilt in each of us. (How to develop this 'compass' you can find out and get advice at my Web page about the 'StressReleaseExercise') That's exactly where the real healing process is consequently bringing us to: Out of all dependency! And with this we will be able to relate and respond to what ever shows up, aware of all the traps and tricks that are used to get and hold us in dependency, - even from ourselves! Then we will be able to relate and respond in a creative and not defensive way to whatever shows up, - included to the symptoms of ones health condition.

Charles: The first question that entered my mind when I got my hernia was: what did people do before surgery became so quick and easy? Sadly, because surgery became so 'routine' during recent times, any info on 'alternatives' simply
disappeared. However it's probable that the vast majority of people with hernias in, say, the 1920s (or even much later) never had surgery...
BeiYin: I came to the same conclusion and so I searched for information older than fifty years, although the Internet doesn't serve much in this. - And as a result of my investigation and trying various treatments, indeed I am healed, since about three years and no symptoms came back. Having the information that it is indeed possible to heal oneself from an inguinal hernia and then some information about what can be done, then you don't need to feel like in a 'tiny boat in the middle of the ocean'... You can start with your own healing process! (And of course you can seek advice from a 'professional') When I started my search then there was absolutely no information, - only about surgery. Now it is different: we have this 'support group' and we help each other in the strong intention to heal oneself and knowing, that an alternative healing is possible, due to the testimonial of people who are healed. It doesn't matter that these are only a few untill now, but it shows that it is possible, - against the established opinion of medical authorities! For sure they do the best they can, but limited to their education. They just don't know better and sadly mostly are not interested to know.

To be continued...
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