HealingOneself Testimonial: updated: 15.2.13
How I healed my Inguinal Hernia 
without Surgery!
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Preface: I received various complains telling me that my hernia page is too long and that I should better make it more dense by taking out all what is not necessary. Yes, my story is long, it was written like this as a diary during my healing process and tells about all the difficulties and obstacles I had to go through and overcoming these made a growing process out of my healing. I believe that this is important and maybe more important than practical advises. This might not be of interest for people who are just looking for a quick cure for their inguinal hernia. Although this is common and understandable, I don't want to support this attitude. I believe strongly that all diseases are part of the growing of ones individual existence and if we see it like this then it can open a positive and creative process. So I will leave this page like it is. 
Be aware that I spend more than half a year with an intensive search, being totally alone in it. All the information I could find to heal an hernia, were about surgery. Instead of using that much energy and time, now it needs just about one hour to read (without the links) and you will need to do the rest: Using the given information and 'Healing yourself' and you can start with the certain information that a healing without surgery is possible! I wish you  from all my heart, that I will inspire you enough so that you can go for it! 

1. Part: Investigation
When I was fully recovered from Fibromyalgia, feeling strong again and full of energy, so then I worked like I did before and moved also heavy things. But for more than two years not having had any exercises had weakened my body and so it happened when I lifted something very heavy, that too much tension in my belly opened the tissue and the muscles, so that my intestines came out through this hole. That's called 'Inguinal Hernia' and was quite painful and the medical doctor I consulted, told me that this must be repaired with surgery as soon as possible.
Although it is common in our days for the established medical health system to use surgery on all parts of the body to repair what doesn't function or is defect, I believe that 'repairing' has not necessarily to do with healing and often might inhibit the natural healing process. The common expectation of people in our society, is to get rid of any disease as fast as possible and taking pills to take away the disturbing symptoms or to let cut off the bad body part, became a normal practice. So to close a hole in the belly with some plastic mash seems to be the logical consequence.  But I don't agree with these manipulative procedures. I am convinced, that all happenings and also each disease or 'accident' has a cause which lays behind of what we are aware of. Healing should include one's whole being and during the healing process all levels should be included. Of course there are conditions, like injuries in an accident, where surgery is necessary as a first step of the healing. I had the feeling that with hernia there is an underlying reason which is not solved by surgery. 
So I searched the Internet for an alternative solution, even though I was told by the MD that the not repaired hernia is dangerous and I could die within 5 hours if the intestines are strangulated. I searched and searched, but nothing showed up! I read many pages and the only advice all over the place: Surgery! Even when I searched for 'alternative treatments' then only Surgery came up. Thousands of pages... (1.550.000 pages on hernia!) I searched again and again, with keywords like: "Healing Inguinal hernia without surgery", there were showing up 155.000 pages, - but all about Surgery!

It was said that 5% of all men get an hernia in their life and that would mean, if half of these are repaired by surgery, an income of about a Trillion $ for the medical system only from the hernia surgery! 80.000 surgeries a year only in UK! So obviously this is part of a lucrative business, which is based on a materialistic world view and because of this one can understand, why it is so hard to find any alternative solution. That means that all those people who can't effort surgery, are just suffering, left without any help. Probably nobody is even asking for an alternative solution, being impressed by the established medical authorities! Indeed there seems to be no choice. I searched for several months and could not find any information to heal my hernia and even from alternative health groups like Reiki there came only the suggestion back that surgery should be done.

Meanwhile I found out, that one must look for information older than eighty years. I have given some links further on... Reading the information from those old books, I can understand now why modern medicine is not interested in those 'self-healing-methods'. To heal an hernia without surgery, it needs a lot of engagement and self responsibility, apart of that it takes much longer and is not just a quick 'repair' but is a 'healing process' which goes far deeper and includes the whole being with all levels - and this is not wanted in our speedy society.

Sometimes I felt totally impotent in front of all those hundred thousands of impressive information from medical experts. How can I be right in my feelings only based on my intuition, as I have very little knowledge about diseases and healing? But then looking at the behavior of the great majority of humanity, whose life are nearly all based on a materialistic world view, with no doubt that they might be wrong in their thinking and the resulting way of lifestyle, then I must conclude that indeed all those medical experts might be wrong...

As more I read all those medical statements as more my resistance was growing and of course also because of my disappointing experiences with the medical system I had to go through when I had Fibromyalgia; when I was told that my disease only exist in my head and wanting to prescribe anti depressives to me. One medical doctor kicked me out of his office when I insisted that I had no depressions, - of course not forgetting to charge me for his 'service'! So it is easy to understand that my position was critical about the health system and medical doctors, finding the strength to search in spite the overwhelming opinions of all who say: "Only surgery is possible to heal an Inguinal hernia!"

So I went on investigating and I just treated my Hernia with what I thought might help: Meditation, Reiki, Sungazing, EFT, foot reflex massage, infra red massager, Crocodile exercise (I had learned 45 years ago from Swami Dev Murti), some yoga and other stretching  exercises, a strict alimentation, supplements like Aloe Vera, Propolis, Ginseng, Olive leaf tea, Granada peel tea, MSM, minerals, etc., and I was continuing to do my ozone sauna, I did when I was healing my Fibromyalgia, but now doing the sauna only once a week.

Healing my Hernia was a very slow process and very tiring as it needed a lot of my energy and probably also because I felt pretty alone with it. But I continued with the decision that even this would be the last thing in my life, I would go on with it!

One thing became absolutely clear to me: It is NOT the question of treating symptoms even not with holistic means like meditation or Reiki. I have written about it many times and I will repeat it many times: Whatever dysfunction shows up, what is called 'disease', this is not the cause, it is a symptom for an underlying, mostly hidden cause and this probably will come from another level. Maybe it is from an emotionally or mental imbalance, or even beyond this, what we might call 'spiritual', (even though I try to avoid to go into 'mystical' spaces...) meaning that our connection with our origin or authentic being is disturbed or not yet done... (This will need far more investigation...)
Remark: This was written several years ago and of course meanwhile I have investigated much more and so had some insights that go much further than what I have written here and so might be much more important for ones healing process. To read it click

Then I started with some exercises, I only could do fife movements of it then I was exhausted, but later on I could do twenty and I added every few days fife more. I wouldn't give any advice on how often and how much one should do exercises. This depends very much on ones personal condition. So one needs to listen to ones body and observe the reactions coming back from there and then adjusting ones doing. So please don't ask me for details about it, that is the part one needs to find out oneself and then do what feels right.

It happened the first time that my Hernia didn't pop out when I got up in the morning and it didn't hurt anymore, I could walk without disturbance. So it seemed that it works! But apart of the body exercises I did more: Twice a day EFT and twice a day Reiki on myself and 45 minutes my girl friend treated me daily with Reiki. 
With the exercises one must watch out not to do too much: Once when I did the 'upside down' Yoga position, then I didn't noticed that the hernia was outside and after a few minutes I had strong pain and couldn't continue, then I had pain for several days...

I found out that by doing too much exercises my hernia is getting worse and by doing too little it doesn't get better. So what is too much and too little depends on my situation, my energy and my emotionally state of being... What means that one has to be very aware and listen to one's body and all other parts of one's system. It is probably a good attitude and condition to find a holistic way to deal with oneself, as a being in ones specific condition and position connecting and being aware with one's source...

I couldn't believe it that there is no information available about an alternative way to treat hernia and so again I searched intensively the Internet, I went through hundreds of pages and couldn't find anything, only about surgery. I did it in English, German and Spanish, - all the same. Then I found one scientific page: Strategies for the Treatment of Indirect Hernia (M. Kux) with an article in such a professional language that I hardly could understand one word. But a few sentences (red) gave me a hint: 
"The internal Inguinal ring is formed by the separation of two portions of transversalis fascia: Laterally, transversalis fascia is attached to the posterior edge of the Inguinal ligament. Medial to the inferior epigastric vessels, transversalis fascia inserts into the Cooper ligament, at some distance from the Inguinal ligament, and extends over the pubis into the cavity of the pelvis. The course of an indirect hernia corresponds to a tangentially acting aetiology. Intraperitoneal pressure acts at a right angle upon the oblique course of the processus vaginalis, causing compression and obliteration of the processus. Radially acting intraperitoneal pressure would have to be deviated at a right angle to cause de novo formation of an indirect hernia. 
Conclusions: The word and the historical notion of traumatic 'rupture' are misleading conceptions for groin hernia aetiology. In childhood, indirect hernia is a process of foetal development; at old age, a process of involution of the extraperitoneal fatty-fascial compartment. This involution is characterized by the formation of lipomas and, histologically, by fatty degeneration of connective tissue components. The extraperitoneal fatty-fascial compartment is contained by external oblique aponeurosis, not by transversalis fascia. This is the reason why a small prosthesis sublayed to external oblique aponeurosis is more effective than a much larger prosthesis sublayed to transversalis fascia. This concept is helpful in the strategy of using as little prosthetic material as possible".
The author's conclusion goes in direction of surgery but my conclusion was and is: If the hernia is caused by "fatty degeneration of connective tissue components" then this condition is not changed by surgery putting a plastic mash on top of the hole and so no wonder if after surgery another hernia appears.
A comment from a cyber friend: "I find it interesting that once again there is connective fatty tissue involved.  I had not really ever known what caused such things, but it seems that weakening of the tissue is the base problem?   Most research I have seen regarding major diseases seems to relate to certain tissue type, the fatty tissues are in the nervous, and brain, spine and other places. These are the places the contamination of heavy metal accumulates and allows virus/pathogens to prosper and be protected from the white cells that would normally do the cleaning job. I read this again and again. It seems what stopping the tissue degeneration one way or the other, would be the first thing to do.  As  you have pointed out, the medical establishment treats disease viruses like a protected species. I have heard of drug that will not work until after the heavy metal is removed. It seems the reason the drugs work in a lab, is because the lab samples do not have heavy metal..." 

If there is a degeneration of tissue, then this might be caused through circumstances like wrong alimentation, overweight, lack of exercises, accumulation of toxins and probably many more until now unknown factors. (I found a good Web site about 'Hernia causes' which is not directly about hernia, it is more general, but worthwhile to be read.) If there has happened a change in the tissue and muscles, causing the hernia, then it must be possible to reverse the process and create favorable conditions for a healing. At least this is my logical thought as a naive nonprofessional 'investigator'. The MDs say that once the tissues and muscles are damaged then it will not heal and only surgery can repair it and with this justifying their manipulation, which only eliminates the symptom but not touching the cause. Maybe they are right, maybe not. At this moment I don't trust the MDs because even I believe they are caring for their patients, - as good as they can, - their own interest might be stronger, ruled by their (unconscious) personal background and limited knowledge... (Without even they know about this!)
Two brothers told me that they both had surgery twice for their inguinal hernia and they still have a lot of problems. Now the doctor wants to do the surgery the third time and he said that now he has to charge the double because they are over 50 years old, but he would serve them with great pleasure! - - - Incredible isn't it?

So the question is: What can I do to strengthen the damaged condition of my tissue and muscles? Now I realize that I did already something in this direction apart of my exercises: When I was sick with Fibromyalgia I had not enough exercises and had gotten some overweight, not much but a few kilos and mainly around the belly. So that was the first thing I did after the hernia appeared: I did a fasting and lost some of this fat. Probably it is a good idea to do a water fasting, a liver cleansing and a colon cleansing.

When I searched the Internet and was confronted with hundred thousands of "expert- opinions" from medical capacities then I felt sometimes like an ante who wants to climb the Himalayas.

So then sometimes I came to the point near to desperation as everything was becoming too much. So I had ask for help... I received the clear and simple answer from inside: 'Help is on the way!' Well, so I trusted this and was more calm. 
Then I received an email from Dr.Bernarr, D.C., (email: DRBERNARR@aol.com) I had asked him for help with my hernia. The information he gave, even though I'm critical and don't agree with all what he wrote, it confirmed very much what I had found out already and so it gave me a certain security to be able to continue with my treatments and my positive attitude. http://www.healself.org

Investigating Native American healer I found an interesting Web site from a healer who is also a medical doctor, what he writes goes very much with what my intention is, (and also it confirms what Dr. Bernarr told me in his email) worth to be read, go to:
   Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona 
Quote: "Since medical school graduation, I have been working to integrate the thoughts and techniques of traditional Native American healing elders with more common behavioral medicine techniques and psychotherapies. I have wanted to find the most effective and most aesthetic way for me to midwife people's personal transformations and healings. To improve my approach, I interviewed a number of Native American healers to learn how they conceptualized their work and how they thought it could be translated into modern American culture."
BeiYin: That he writes about 'personal transformation' tells me that he came to a similar conclusion like me, - even being a 'medical doctor'! For my personal healing process now with hernia, I picked from his Web site: 
Quote: "The traditional healers told me that time is the first important ingredient in the healing journey, comparing starting this journey to beginning to push a rock up a hill. It takes a lot more effort to get the rock moving at first than to keep it moving. They wondered how seeing someone once or twice weekly could provide enough "oomph" to start the healing process. "How can you push a rock up a hill if you keep stopping and letting it roll back down?" they asked. 
In organic and biochemistry, an energy of activation is required to initiate a reaction. Once initiated that reaction may proceed irreversibly to completion without much further energetic input. Without sufficient energy of activation, the reaction never occurs. A cake without sufficient energy of heat remains mush. A minimal level of heat is needed to actually cook the cake (transforming the internal arrangements of its molecules). The healers loved these comparisons to chemistry, and reflected upon how nature is the same at every level. In systems science, we say that each layer is isomorphic to the other."
BeiYin: So this confirms what I thought before: doing a water fasting in which I don't do anything else, just laying in bed with closed eyes, etc. He writes also: Quote:"The days before modern pharmaceuticals, rest was a key ingredient of any therapy. Healing may best begin by putting the client to bed. This disturbs daily routines and breaks old habits. It allows the body's repair mechanisms to take over from the defense mechanisms; the parasympathetic nervous system to calm down the sympathetic nervous system."
BeiYin: I was doing every day my exercises, EFT, Reiki, meditation, etc. but I was also working. This was probably the reason why my hernia was not getting much better:

'The rock is just too heavy that it moves by itself and keeps moving...' With other words: to become aware of the load one is carrying since many years and which might have caused one's disease.
In consequence I did as the most important a ten days water fasting:

I am at the 5th day of my water fasting. I'm doing my exercises three times a day and today I felt that it was more difficult. Today I will do an enema to clean up my intestines but I will wait with a liver cleans until after the fasting, it might be too much stress and disturbing the healing process of my hernia. I felt good the last few days and I had enough energy to work several hours on some translations, what I wanted to do since several months. 
I finished twelve days water fasting... and I must say that this was a pretty tough time. I wouldn't suggest to do it in winter time, it's easier in summer. At the end I was quite weak and when I wanted to eat again then there was nothing prepared and I had not enough energy so I was eating for a week just what was there and this wasn't the right way to get back my strength, instead I messed up my digestive system... Now another week has passed and slowly I am gaining back some energy. I had lost about eight kilos. My hernia is not yet healed although it is getting better. I am doing my exercises three times a day. Six series: When I started these then I could only do five then later twenty movements in each series. Now I am doing about fifty... 
But this is absolutely NOT an advice or a suggestion for somebody else. I'm sure that it depends very much on ones personal condition and situation what one can do, how often, how much, etc. One needs to listen to ones body and find out what is the best that suites. 
I felt that I was doing too much and so I reduced the number of movements, this feels good even when I do it three times a day. In an old book about natural healing from Dr. med. Alfred Brauchle, he wrote that after or before these exercises one should do five minutes of massage of the abdomen around the hernia, - massaging in circles. This I am doing since a few days and indeed my hernia is getting better. Also Dr. Brauchle suggest to wear a good fitting truss and to put it on in the morning when still laying in bed and also taking it off laying down. So that the hernia doesn't pop out. He writes that the hernia should be treated like a broken bone, it should be kept as calm as possible. That's not always so easy, for example when going to the toilet or taking a shower. I do it in the way that I hold one hand on the hernia so that it doesn't come out, this doesn't work always but most of the time.

I have a cold. Why my hernia is getting worse? I have emotional stress. Why my hernia is getting worse? I have days with a lack of energy. Why my hernia then is worse? It seems to be pretty obvious that all is connected and so the 'healing' must include the whole system, - and of course the 'healing' can and should start also with little things like a cold. Not cutting the symptoms with some pills or in the case of hernia closing the damaged tissue with some plastic mash... So the healing must start or go down to the roots, but where are the root causes of an hernia? I never read anywhere a question about it, so probably I need to go into this direction and investigate more... (Isn't anybody out there who can give me a hint?)  Remark six years later: Never there has been a comment or an advice to this...) 
Link: When searching the Internet I read about the author Patricia Ann Hellinger. Her story had an uplifting effect to my mood, as I see that I'm not the only person who wants to go into another direction. She has written an interesting book how she healed herself from Fibromyalgia and other severe diseases, but it is already worth while to read her story and her view about healing...
Link: I found an amazing book "Practice of natural therapeutics" Henry Lindlahr M.D. TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASES  and I have made a copy.
There are a number of books, mostly out of print and several now in 'Public Domain'. 
Go to: http://www.soilandhealth.org/

I found a book published in Germany at 1933: "Handbuch der Naturheilkunde" written by Dr. med. Alfred Brauchle. I don't know if there exist an edition in English. I will search for it, because he is describing natural treatments among others also for hernia...
Mood & Energy: During the last weeks I came several times near to desperation and I guess this happens to anyone who is searching for an alternative way to heal one's hernia and then not finding anything else than surgery. So when it happened that I got this feeling of being helpless and hopeless, then I did EFT for a few minutes. (I have written more about it at: click) (At the Web site: EFT= Emotional Freedom Technique one can download the EFT manual for free.) Doing the EFT, one is tapping certain meridian points and saying or thinking an affirmation phrase, like:
      "I am full of energy and in a good mood!"
This needs only two minutes - and it helps! So with this I could go forward and had enough energy to do first my morning exercises and then, - I get more energy out of it and I can go on to 'confront the day'...
Remark six years later: I am now critical about the EFT, as this also is a manipulation and I think, this should be only used in an emergency situation.
The last days my mood was lifted up, because finally I found some alternative information and I could see, that indeed, a natural healing of an Inguinal hernia is possible. Again recognizing how important it is to keep one's energy and mood high. Then also one's view is more open and new information can be received... (I'm aware of the fact that EFT is a manipulation on ones emotions. In general I'm against any kind of manipulation if it is not connected with searching and treating the cause, but in a case of emergency it might be necessary to help to create a favorable condition so that one can stay open to continue...)

Again my hernia got worse - and my mood went down. But then reflecting about it I could realize that even my hernia was worse it was still better than when it was bad the last time and when I had recovered, then my hernia was better than ever before. Seeing this more clearly, there was no need for my mood to go down, knowing that - even though there are ups and downs - on the long run it is getting better. But of course, it is an issue in the healing process, that I am not sure about anything. I have no proof that it is possible to heal myself from hernia. I haven't met anybody and I have not read about any case. So I am walking on a very slippery ground, but now I don't care how often I fall down on my nose or bottom, I will go on...
A few days ago a physiotherapist visited me. It was not about me, he is planing to give a seminar about healing. But then I was talking about my hernia and my intention to heal it in an alternative way, he said that this would be impossible and the only way to repair the hernia would be surgery. To my arguments he responded that I obviously have little knowledge about medical conditions. That's right, I hardly know even the basic, but now after having had Fibromyalgia and being recovered from it, I can say that I know more about Fibromyalgia than all the medical doctors I had consulted, including several healers. Also I can say that somehow I am glad not to have a medical education, otherwise I would be stuck and limited to this knowledge, being an authority but blind for any creative solution. Even though I could look through the authoritarian attitude of this visitor, I felt half a day impressed and depressed...
By the way: The physiotherapist told me that his field are joint treatments specially the knees. I asked him to which one of the knees he is specialized, to the left or the right? Because I have some problems in my right knee... ;-)

Now my mood is high enough that it has caused a new attitude: This morning I could look at many heavy and negative happenings in a way that I could just laugh about it and realize that it is very much more like a joke, even though it had destructive results. 
I talked to a friend yesterday, who has a big company and therefor also big problems. When we see each other we normally talk about our health situation. He told me now that his mood is often changing. I ask him why, but he didn't know. So I suggested that when this happens, that he just observes himself. Then probably he will notice that these mood ups and downs are reactions to what he is experiencing around him. So this for sure is different than what he wants and what is his expectation how it should be. When he can be aware of this, accepting it as part of reality, then he can relax about it and then also he will be more open for creative solutions to change the unwanted situation... Then even he might be able to laugh about most of what had caused him disappointment and stress before!
Thought: I just watched a CD about doing EFT to heal a trauma. The therapist in this video said that to cure a trauma sometimes it needs a year or more and often it is a really difficult process, because it involves the work and responsibility of the client. So it is a 'process' and this effects and has healing results on all levels. Now, on the other hand, if a person has a chronic disease like hernia and gets surgery, then in the case of the person with the trauma it would mean to cut out the effected parts of the brain of this person, so taking away the trauma and the symptoms. Wouldn't this be ridiculous? So why it is less ridiculous doing surgery on a hernia to get rid of this symptom and the same with other diseases?
Remark: I read an article about a MD who found out that doing surgery on people with Fibromyalgia (on their tender points) eliminates all their symptoms. Oh boy!!! This MD will soon be multi millionaire and the world filled with many million zombies more...

A visitor of my hernia page ask me for advice about his hernia. He was operated a year ago and still has pain. The doctors are telling him that this is normal... 
I am sorry, but I can't give any advice, first because I'm not a health professional and then because in this case I can't tell about my own experience as I never had surgery and I am doing my best not to have one. People who had surgery with their hernia and have problems, should ask their med. doctor and if they can't give an advice then they should search for exercises they can do, change their diet and do other things to strengthen their whole system. Probably they can do the same exercises I'm doing to avoid surgery and to heal my hernia, but really: I don't know about it! Maybe 'castor oil packs' can help, ask your doctor... I can only repeat: Whatever disease there is, with surgery the cause is not healed and another symptom will show up: Another hernia or something else, probably on a different level... So as a consequence: Heal your background and every thing else will fall in its place! 

My hernia is much better! Since one week I am working full time and also lifting heavy stuff but I have no pain. But I am wearing a truss all day and I put it on in the morning before I get up, taking it off when I lay down in the evening. With this being sure that the hernia doesn't come out. When I go to the toilet or do the sauna, then I protect the hernia with my hand. Another sign shows up telling me that my hernia is better: The last few days I haven't protected my hernia when I did the sauna and even then it didn't pop out! I see this as a real progress.

Two weeks later: I'm still progressing even I'm working. I find it more difficult to do my abdomen exercises, because about one hours daily for this needs some energy and I'm adding every day a few movements more, so that I am now at one hundred movements for each exercise that makes five hundred movements and then the massage and the EFT in-between. But I want to stick with it as the healing seems more and more possible. I have no doubts about this anymore... By the way: I have thrown away my old truss and I'm using a small foam rubber ball which I have cut into half. It works perfectly and I didn't need to spend any money on it!
With the half rubber ball under the truss it works pretty good, but yesterday I couldn't find the ball, - probably my cat was playing with it -, so I used a flat stone instead. This might be better, because from an old book about hernia treatments I remember the information, that the pressure from the truss cushion would cause that the tissue builds up scar tissue and so closes the hole of the hernia. So I will direct my intention to this... 
I am using this flat stone now for two months and it works pretty good, although the stone is too heavy and sometimes falls out... I can't suggest using a stone, probably it depends very much on one's individual condition and the state of healing. So one should be aware of it and sensibly using one's intuition for what might be the best... (Later: I stopped using the stone and instead  I'm putting a hard foam rubber cushion. That feels right at the moment, but I guess every body has to find out what seems the best...)
Today I received an email with a link to a Yoga Web site were a MD who also is doing yoga, describes that he healed his Inguinal hernia with yoga. He describes the same exercise I am doing now since three months.

I found a post in curezone.org which points out the importance of a colon cleanse:
"I actually asked him how to cure Inguinal hernia with herbs for my dad who suffers from this. He told me that an inguinal hernia means that the colon is full of crap, and this impacted colon is pushing on a weak muscle which bulges out. Dr. Christopher's student cured his Inguinal hernia within 6 weeks, but it can take 6 weeks to 6 months. Basically, one takes Dr. Christopher's lower bowel formula (to empty the colon out, as many capsules as can be tolerated). Also, apply Dr. Christopher's complete tissue formula ointment on the area, and also this formula can be taken internally. But taking these supplements is not enough, diet is key. The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate all of the fecal matter from the colon that is pressing on the weak muscle. So if one wants to get rid of this problem, one should go on a mucus less diet, absolutely no ingestion of foods that cause constipation: no dairy, meat, or preserved foods. One should eat fruits and vegetables, and juices. And Dr. Christopher also said that if one wants accelerate the healing process, a juice fast would be necessary, preferably a watermelon juice fast, or a prune juice fast.
Surgery for an Inguinal hernia merely masks the symptoms. The body is telling the patient the colon needs to be cleaned out, it is full of too much crap. Surgery definitely does not clean out the colon, and if this is not cleaned out, new diseases can appear. As we all know good health starts with colon health."

Yesterday I called an old friend in Germany telling her about my hernia, she gave me the advice to go to the Web site of Dr. xyz, who investigated about 'micro cells' and he has developed a series of 'formulas' which helps and stimulates the growing and recovering of tissue. That's exactly what I need at this moment for my hernia. I feel pretty good and I can work nearly whole day and pretty hard. I have seldom pain, but the hernia is not healing, what means the rupture is not closing, although I am doing EFT especially for the cells of the tissue and muscles that they can recover, so obviously they need another stimuli. OK, so I went to this doctors Web site and spend all night on reading it. Indeed very convincing and I wrote an email to Dr. xyz asking about a 'formula' for my hernia. I am pretty critical about offered 'formulas' because I have made a lot of negative experiences in the Internet with those magic bullets. I wish nothing more than to find something to help to heal myself. This could really have a great impact to all people suffering from hernia. The 'formula' alone will probably not do it, but with the exercises, the right diet, massage, EFT, meditation, etc. then the stimulation of the cells might do the decisive healing impulse. 
Update: I tried for several months the 'formulas' of several sellers and came to the conclusion that these seem to be part of the big health business. For sure it is good to take some supplements like vitamins and minerals, but all the other stuff... I have serious doubts, but there should be done some intense investigation... I came to the conclusion that those 'formula sellers' are mostly using the need of people, who of course want to be healed, to make money. It is likely so, because there is missing a more subtle aspect, as their view still is based on a pure materialistic aspect, even there might be an aspect of selfless intention behind.

Could it be that this Hernia thing is an exercise in being patient? I believe that I'm a pretty patient person, but my Hernia let me come to my limit. You as the reader of this writings are probably very patient, not having received any concrete result about my healing. But wait! Don't give up. I am still convinced that healing from hernia is possible. It's not just a believe. Indeed I am feeling much better than one year ago, my physical condition has improved a lot, due to my daily exercises as described before. I am working now full time, as I did before I got sick with Fibromyalgia, although my energy some times goes down. But yes, this might have to do with 'patience'. So I can understand that you are waiting for a result, but please be patient! It might help that you see the lecture of this page as an exercise! You are doing quite well! So continue...

Several weeks have past and I'm still waiting. I'm desperately waiting for the parcel with the miracle formula. A few weeks later: I gave up waiting for the parcel and started to investigate, searching for similar substances. There are a number of other places were one can buy those supplements. What I can see now is that the prices for those 'formulas' are far too high and I will look for an other way to get these substances, which are: Proline, Lysine, protein and vitamin C. I am taking now 50 gr. pure protein daily, which is sold for body builder. The Lysine and Proline, which are important for the cell stimulation, I haven't found yet. Then I should take 3-6 gr. vitamin C. (over the day) But I couldn't take the high quantity of vitamin C, because it gives too much acid to the body system. I will look for another kind of vitamin C...

Exiting news: I just called somebody in the USA who had written an email to me telling that he healed himself from an inguinal hernia. In his email he hesitated to tell me details because he wasn't absolutely sure that he was really healed. But now when we talk about it at the phone there was no doubt about it: He healed himself from his inguinal hernia and there is nothing left that disturbs him anymore. He can do anything without problem, included weight lifting and heavy work. He had an inguinal hernia for about three years and he refused surgery at the last moment when he had already the appointment with the surgeon. Now he is very happy that he did so. He also makes me happy as I have the confirmation that healing without surgery is possible, until now I wasn't sure about it and felt pretty alone. So now my hope has a concrete base and I look forward to my own healing. This gentleman wants to share what he did to heal his hernia. (Go to: email exchange) It is nearly the same what I'm doing, with very little variation, but of course sometimes something little makes a big difference! He told me that he takes 6 gr. of vitamin C daily and 50 gr. protein and that he has done similar exercises as I do, but he said it is more important to do a few movements but very strong than many and light. Also he said that it is important to relax enough, - indeed this I would like to do, but at the moment there is too much work and the heat is unbearable... So I will stop writing now and relax... 
Somebody had ask me about the exercises I'm doing. It is difficult to describe them so I have made a video about it: Inguinal Hernia healed without surgery.
In any case one should carefully listen at one's body and only do what feels right... I still believe it wouldn't be a fault to ask a health professional... (But be aware of their established rigid attitude!)

Again a few months passed by. I'm still doing my daily exercises. It hasn't changed much, but looking back I can observe that doing the exercises now, it is much easier than before and I'm not getting exhausted so much. This early morning when I went out to make a pee, I forgot to put the truss, then I noticed that the hernia didn't come out, as it normally did. But I will not sing hallelujah yet and go on wearing the truss, although putting in just a small rubber plate, after the stone I had used fell down and broke into pieces, what gave me the sign to change something about the protection. And it works, I have no pain anymore and no problems even lifting heavy things... Again I will try to get the vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate with Bioflavoids here in the pharmacy. I had bought it from the US but it never made it through the customs. Later: This kind of vitamin C  exist here in Spain only without Bioflavoids, but this is ten times more expensive than in the US! 
Since a few days I have some pain in my abdomen, although I'm not working at the moment. I don't work because I'm not feeling well and have a heart problem which are getting worse even doing little things. I even had to reduce my daily exercises. Looking back to the last weeks, I can see what might have caused it. The last two months I felt pretty much alone, then my cat, I have been living with for the last ten years, died. This was a very special cat and we were very connected. So this was an emotionally shock... Then living in a kind of community is a permanent emotional stress. Last week we had a meeting and there were only complains from the people here about the daily circumstances and not even one positive comment... I know this behavior and attitude from people since thirty years and I can take it, having reduced my expectations to the utmost minimum, but after this I felt sick and didn't want to see anybody... So I'm not that much surprised that also my hernia hurts beside the heart pain. What makes it again clear, that the emotions have an important significance and influence on health and healing. Again, like several times before, I came to the point when I felt that I wanted to give up with the intention of a community. These thoughts didn't make me feel better. There are arriving every day email from people who want to come, but the last days I haven't answered them. Now just a moment ago there called someone who had written and we were talking for a while and he convinced me, so I told him they (a couple) can come. This has happened now several times that when I came near to the point of giving up, then promising people showed up. OK, now I feel much better and I will relax. Tomorrow is another day......? 
So you might ask what all this has to do with 'healing my hernia'. It turned out the last days, that indeed it has to do with it. The last two weeks I had serious heart problems, not because of an organic failure but caused from stress. Before the heart problems were showing up, my hernia was doing pretty well, it hasn't come out for several days and there hasn't shown any pain, so I came near to the thought that my Hernia might be healed. But then with my heart problems also the Hernia got worse, so obviously all is influenced and connected with my emotional condition triggered by outside happening and situations. Dealing with this in a different way and with another attitude will bring the release... So you might want to go to my new heart page and read about it. Then you will understand that 'stress' also is influencing the healing of one's hernia and that it is essential to do something to release one's stress... Even you are used to the daily stress and it looks like this is normal. But even it doesn't' bother you too much, it is still damaging your system and is causing the failure in the long run and I suspect that stress is a hindrance for any healing . Don't give up! Take self responsibility and do something about your emotional situation, which is influencing your stress level! It's a challenge!

My heart trouble is getting better and also my hernia. Since more than a week it hasn't popped out and I have no pain. It is possible that one reason is because the last time I haven't been working so much like before. What seems to be important is, that now I'm much more aware of my stress level and when I notice that I'm tense, then it needs only a little effort to relax. For example driving in heavy traffic or doing a job fast. Obviously it is easier to observe myself, when I'm not emotionally engaged, but then I am mostly aware of it later, when I'm alone and let pass the happening again. So it seems that to release one's stress  it is essential to be aware of the stress and now it becomes very clear, why the 'Stress Release Exercise' works and is so effective.

As I told at my heart page: I'm laying in bed since three weeks with a broken leg, not being able to move much. Two weeks before I had the accident, I noticed, that my hernia was not coming out when occasionally I was not wearing the truss, like when I took a shower or did the sauna. It didn't hurt anymore and I reduced the protection to just a small belt. Now being in bed for four weeks for sure this is favorable for the complete healing. Meanwhile I will continue with the exercises I am doing since more than half a year. Not completely, due to my broken leg, but as good as I can. So then in another three weeks I will dare not to use any protection and will just hope that my hernia will be completely healed.
I am aware of the fact that the overpowering authority from medical doctors of the established health system, by stating that the only way to deal with a hernia is surgery, has still an influence on me, but I'm stubborn enough to be convinced that healing without surgery is possible, although all those capacities are telling something different. Something similar happened to me now: When I was in the hospital with my broken leg, the med. doctors said that this needs surgery. Wanting to put two metal plates with screws to support the bones. They reacted pretty strange when I refused surgery after I saw the x- ray and listened to their unclear arguments. To make the story short: They finally put my leg in plaster and let me go, again reacting strange when I refused the medication they wanted me to take: Against the pain, the swelling, to prevent thrombosis, etc. I admit, it was quite painful the first three weeks, but I'm glad not to have enriched my system with those chemicals... So lets see... (By the way: Later on I had a good, spontaneous and human contact with another med. doctor and there might come something else out of it. He was interested to know about my healing from Fibromyalgia and that is the first time that a doctor was interested and reacted positive!)
Remark six years later: My broken foot and leg has been healed perfectly without the surgery and putting those metal plates... I'm really glad about this, because when I had ask  them how long this metal stuff would be in my body, they told me, this would be there for the rest of my life!

Now I'm pretty sure that my Hernia is healed. I was laying in bed with a broken leg for four weeks. (I had continued with my exercises almost the whole time). I went twice to the hospital in this time and I didn't wear any protection for the hernia and I had forgotten totally about it as no problem was showing up. The last few days I walked around with crutches and I didn't think about my hernia.

But now I'm almost sure that my hernia is healed. When walking around with crutches it makes quite some pressure on the belly, but the hernia still doesn't come out and also when I sneeze strongly or cough. I have nearly forgotten about the hernia. I still haven't done weight lifting, with this I will wait a few days more... 
No, I didn't want to wait more so I went out and lifted a big stone, but this stone seemed not to be big enough so I took a big pallet and standing on one leg I lifted this pallet several times. No hernia symptoms, no pain. So I can resume:

My hernia is healed!!! 

Epilog: Not just my hernia is healed. During this healing process I went through a transformation which included my whole system. I had to develop strength and patience to be able to continue. Often I felt totally alone, but having still some trust left that the right thing would appear in the right moment, so then it could happen and it happened!
I always felt that I had to go on, listening to my intuition. Now I can see that this was right and knowing that out there are millions of people with hernia and hundred thousands not having the possibility to be repaired by surgery, but not knowing that they might be able to heal themselves, so then they are hopeless and just suffering. It is possible to state now that one can heal oneself from inguinal hernia without surgery. It is not easy and one will need a lot of patience and inner strength to do so, but better to intent than to suffer without hope. If somebody with hernia read all what I wrote, that shows that this person has patience and so as well might take the initiative and self responsibility to do something about ones situation and condition.

The established and untouchable statement: "Only surgery can repair an Inguinal hernia" is not solid anymore. If I could do it, then others also can do it and if you are younger than sixty than it will be probably much easier. Now you must not feel as a victim anymore. The hernia is a challenge, if you go through the healing process the benefit is greater than you can imagine now...

...Walking on, I'm reflecting: How is it possible that millions of humans are suffering from an inguinal hernia and the only solution offered by the medical system is surgery? There are hundred thousands of untreated hernias because there are people who can't afford surgery, they are just suffering and feeling as hopeless victims. Isn't there any doctor who might be motivated to investigate and then offer clear information about an alternative way to heal the hernia? If this information would exist, then one doesn't need to go through all this investigations oneself like I did and then the healing could happen much faster, not having all the doubts.

Well, one thing now is absolutely clear: 
The healing of an inguinal hernia without surgery is possible!
And the good thing is, that not only the symptoms disappear. During the healing process is shows and becomes clear that the healing is also a growing, because the whole being is included with all its different layers. Indeed, this makes it much more difficult, but it is worth the effort!

The following articles might be important in ones healing process...

What do we sweep under the Rug?
Why any change is so difficult?
If you want to heal your inguinal hernia, you need to be a pioneer!
Signals of Stress - What does they tell? How to avoid?
Pulling myself out of the mud
Defence - a natural inbuilt survival mechanism
Real Healing & Growth is One!
History of treating Disease
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Some months later: I have no pain or any other symptom and I'm working full time. I am doing my exercises every morning for about twenty minutes and once or twice a week a sauna. In all this time there have been three responses from people who also rejected surgery and were looking for an alternative way and so they came to my Web page...

Half a year later: I'm still symptom free and work hard full time, even lifting heavy things and there is no problem. Still I'm doing my exercises every morning to keep my body fit. A few weeks ago I met the med. doctor who had diagnosed my hernia three years ago and I told him that I haven't done surgery but that I'm healed. So he checked me carefully by pressing and pulling and then said that my hernia is still there, even though nothing pops out, - for about two weeks I had pain and felt bad...
Does this now means that I'm not healed? What can I do with this 'professional' information? In a way I don't care, but does it mean that I'm still influenced by the authority of a medical doctor? Now I'm feeling good again and will continue to feel healed and work on the healing of the whole. (If possible, I will avoid to meet any doctor... My doc is a good person and for sure he is doing his best, but he is stuck in his limited professional view! Like all the established health system of our society!)
There are many people who are writing to me and all want to avoid surgery, so I thought that a mailing list would be good to give us a platform to connect and support each other. So I have created a group: Hernia support Google Group.  You can find a digest of my comments of posts in this group at my page 'digest'.

Update three years later: I have no symptoms of an hernia and can work like I did before. I still do the exercises every day for about twenty minutes, early in the morning when laying in bed. If I wouldn't have created this 'hernia support group' and so necessarily reading posts, I would have forgotten about the subject hernia.
In this hernia group I am observing that people with an inguinal hernia are extremely occupied and worrying about their hernia, every thing turns around this disturbing condition and themselves and they don't want to look at themselves and the game they are involved in. They are suffering but at the same time they seem to be content. Might it be that their hernia fills a void in their life? When I suggest again and again that it is important and essential for their healing that they do the 'StressReleaseExercise' so that they are able to look behind their personality games, because there might lay the reason for their disease, - then this is ignored. There are maybe 2% of the present members who are doing the exercise...
Another thought: If people are so occupied with their hernia, going into details about their healing permanently, then this fills their life - and out of this they get the feeling of 'existence' of their personality. If this is the case, then unconsciously they don't want to heal, they cling on their disease, the same as they cling on their personality. Absurd but it shows how much people are stuck in their condition.

Update five years later: 3.9.2008  I'm still free of any symptoms of an hernia. I want to mention, that even though I have no symptoms, I am doing the exercises as I have shown at my video, every morning. That feels good for my whole condition. Since a few weeks I am also doing the 'Ankle Pump Practice' and that might be also helpful in healing ones hernia. I will report about it later...

Update ten years later: 15.3.2013 A person who had send a comment has mentioned doing some yoga exercises and gave me a link:  
On this page I found the following asanas. These might be of interest for people who are healing their hernia: 
Vajrasana, ushtrasana, paschimottanasana, pawanmuktasana, utthanpadasana, matsyasana and sarvangasana were selected based on its effects to compress inguinal canal, strengthen the abdominal muscles and to reduce the intra-abdominal pressure, because weakness or flabbiness of abdominal muscles and elevated intra-abdominal pressure may be the causes for the hernia in non-congenital subjects included in this study.

Vajrasana is a meditative asana not involving much of muscle work and was used as a preparatory for yoga therapy with added benefits of compressing inguinal canal which will prevent protrusion of abdominal contents.

Ushtrasana and paschimottanasana were included based on the principle of proprioceptive neuro muscular facilitation technique namely repeated stretch [8] i.e. the stretch reflex elicited from muscles under the tension of elongation will facilitate muscles to contract. Ushtrasana will facilitate abdominal muscles to stretch and paschimottanasana will facilitate them to contract along with compression over inguinal canal.

Pawanmuktasana strengthens abdominal muscles, compresses inguinal canal and also reduces intra-abdominal pressure by releasing air from gastro intestinal tract and utthanpadasana has got direct strengthening effect over abdominal muscles.

Matsyasana is complementary to sarvangasana included to neutralize the flexion force created over the normal neck and sarvangasana is to move abdominal contents toward thorax thereby reducing abdominal pressure and to prevent protrusion of abdominal contents or to facilitate replacement of herniated contents.

From the hernia support Google group
Charles wrote: "There have been a few recent developments on the medical front, all pointing  toward the advantage of 'watchful waiting' and by connection, non surgical and alternative approaches to hernia treatment." (To read the complete post click here.)
BeiYin's comment: Do you really believe that the so well and firm established medical system will change? That would mean that there happens a shift from the money based attitude towards a world view that goes beyond all that? Hernia surgery is a billion $ business, the same as the big business with chemical medication. Do you seriously think that a few ants nibbling on the feet of the pharma elephant will make this giant move into another direction?
It is not possible that there happens a change in the medical health system as being part of the social system, if the change is not caused from within in its essential structure of the whole system and that would be a rising of the level of consciousness. 
The medical system has during centuries built up the position of an untouchable authority, making people dependent and putting them in bondage. Not necessarily by manipulation like advertisements, but just because it is serving the infantile need of people to stay in dependency of authorities, not having the need to think by themselves and maybe questioning their condition.
There is no one to blame. The EHS is a manifestation, the same as other forms, as a step of evolution presenting the still very limited consciousness. Also the doctors can't be blamed, they do as good as they can and with their best intention in their limited personal condition, coming from being educated within the established system. 
I have seen recently a few med. doctors who are in crisis, because their personal growing process brought them into doubts about their professional doing and they are questioning the established system and with this they are getting into a very unstable situation. Some even thinking about giving up their profession, because within the established health system their is no space or the possibility to go beyond, not even in alternative or natural healing. 
Alternative treatments don't change the attitude of the patients or getting them out of their dependency. There is no alternative information given about what disease really is and seldom there is a question about the root cause. Mainly the symptoms are treated and not seen in connection with other levels of the individual human system.
There is little hope that this will change during the next generations. So any discussion of sick people about the development of the medical system is pretty useless and wasting ones energy, that better should be used to directly taking care of oneself. Like talking 
about the various methods of surgery, - - - if one really want to avoid surgery, knowing that from there no other way is offered.
That now from a few doctors 'watchful waiting' is suggested is not a real change as long there is no suggestion given about all possibilities to help ones healing and that of course should include all levels of ones being and not just the physical body.
The first step in ones healing would be to take self responsibility and that would mean to step out of dependency. That of course can't be supported by the one who makes his living from the dependency of sick people to him. So it is a pretty hopeless situation 
and only a very few people will be able to do a real self healing for their whole being.
I repeat: "Alternative approaches to hernia treatment" offered from the EHS will stay on the limited level of treating symptoms and not include the 'whole being' even though it might be called 'holistic'.
If in our healing process we don't question our existence in all parts, then this 'healing' will not be real and not be part of our 'growing process'.
There should be come up the question what disease really is and probably this must be answered out of ones own realization and not from an authority, the same as other essential questions...
The more practical question, how one can come to the possible position to question oneself and finding answers not depending on professionals, for sure will be answered, but also this question first must be ask, - what shows that this person is ready...

At our 'Hernia Support' Google group there are some interesting posts. The following answers & questions might be important for some body who wants to heal oneself:
Questions and Answers at  the Hernia Support Google Group

John: I am starting the BeiYin programs and I have several questions.
BeiYin: I am not a health professional, so you better don't take what I write as an advice. The good thing is that all what I know comes from my personal experience and had served to heal myself, but must not necessarily have a value for somebody else. 
John: 1.) Is it ok to stopped all physical activity going with the assumption that if I do daily exercises and eliminate any physical activities like mowing the lawn, running the dog  will help create a faster healing process of strengthening the muscles?  Or am I creating a further weakening of the body and the abdominal wall? 
BeiYin: When I found myself with an inguinal hernia I could not work like before because I had a lot of pain when moving and so I kept quiet as much I could. Even sitting at the computer was painful, but then when I investigated and found out that the weak abdominal muscles are one of the reasons of the hernia, then I started exercises to strengthen these muscles. But always laying down and taking care that there was no bulge coming out. I did also yoga and one day when I was standing on my head, I didn't notice that my hernia was coming out and suddenly I had a terrible pain and this for a couple of days... So I was very aware and alert.  When wearing the truss, I did the work that was necessary to do, but carefully not to overdo. Running the dog would have been too much and I didn't cut the grass and left things that were not that important. 
I believe that those exercises that are specially done to strengthen the muscles are important and then moderated daily physical activities. 
I will not forget to stress the fact that strengthening the muscles is just one part of ones healing... without all the other levels waiting, the hernia will not heal!
John: 2.) I notice if I eat a super big meal there will be a swelling the next day, sometimes immediately if I am walking around.  This swelling will not go away unless I lay flat. If I eat small meals the swelling sometime will not appear for 36 to 48 hours. The food in our system causes the swelling to protrude out? 
Why sometime immediately and sometimes a delay? Does it depend on how fast our bodies digest food?
BeiYin: We need a certain quantity of food to survive and we need a certain quality of food to stay healthy or to heal. In our society people eat far too much, in a extremely bad quality and in combinations that makes it difficult for the digestive system. So this is another important step in ones healing process: To become conscious about ones eating habits. One need to become critical to what is offered and check ones used habits. Yes, small meals are better then filling ones stomach up to the limit. Even with small meals one should not mix things that are difficult to digest when wrong combined. (Search for 'Budwig Trennkost') 
Wrong combinations of food makes digestion difficult if not impossible and so there is no digestion but fermentation and this is producing a lot of gas, that increases the pressure in the intestines and so if there is a hole, then it tries to release the pressure by coming out there.
John: 3.) I notice if I eat sweets and pies really causes a problem. I was trying to eat pies to gain weight, which was a big mistake.  Is there any truth to eating the wrong food?
BeiYin: That I have answered above. For example peas, beans and lentils in itself have a combination that is difficult to digest. If you want to built up muscles then what I did was an intake of proteins with something made from Soya. You can get it at your health food store, that is what body builder take. In any case you should avoid sweets. 
John: 4.) I found on another site that coffee and alcohol is not good for hernia?
BeiYin: It is not only not good for the hernia it is not good for anything if you really want to take care of yourself and stay healthy. It is good to numb yourself or speed you up so that you stay busy but not being aware of yourself.
John: 5.) I notice if I get upset at my condition the swelling gets harder and bigger. Is there a direct correlation between the mind and the healing process?
BeiYin: By now it should be pretty clear that there is correlation between all the levels of your system! There is NO real healing process if not all the levels are included! If one just is treating the body level, then this is not so much different as what the medical health system is doing, suppressing the symptoms, that's what they call 'healing', it doesn't really matter if they use alternative means...
John: 6.) I lost 7 pounds since this relapsed 3 weeks ago. It is impossible to gain this
weight back since my intake of food up and beyond the normal level causes a larger swelling. Does it make sense to just eat healthy with small amount during the day? In time as the muscle in the abdominal wall becomes stronger my food intake will increase gradually?
BeiYin: I believe eating healthy and that amount your body needs, that will be enough. Let the body take care of itself, don't worry about it. Become stronger in your trust and intuition. Your body has an inbuilt healing force, you only need to give space to it... (Still it is the question what 'healthy food' really means!)
John: 7.) I do the treadmill, slow walk 15 minutes on an empty stomach 4 times a week in the morning before breakfast. There is no swelling while doing this. Is the treadmill routine ok?
BeiYin: Whatever a 'treat mill' is (I guess it is this carpet that moves under your feet) it should be ok if you feel good with it. If there is no bulge coming out when doing this, then it seems that your hernia is not that bad. Just be sensitive about what your body tells you, so listen carefully!
John: 8.) Let say you are shopping at a store and you have a swelling are we suppose to stop and go straight home and lay flat or just ignore the swelling if there is no pain?
BeiYin: 'Ignoring' is not a good thing to do, it might be dangerous and have a slash back! 
I was wearing a truss and I was careful that never there was coming out a bulge, so I was wearing the truss from the morning until I lay down in the evening. When I took a shower, then I protected my hernia with one hand. 
John: 9.) One time last week it took 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds for the swelling to go down while laying flat. Is this normal?
BeiYin: Probably there is nothing 'normal', it depends all on the different condition of a person. My hernia was getting better and gave me less problems, just by doing the exercise and then relaxing enough, then of course taking care of my food intake and also taking various supplements. My final healing happens when I had a broken leg and food and was forced to lay totally quiet for three weeks, after this my hernia never came out again. I continued with my exercises and being careful with food, - until now I never again had any pain or disturbance. - - - That's now two years ago.
John: 10.) Does everyone here continue a normal life with the swelling as long as there is no pain?
BeiYin: Nobody can continue with a 'normal life' if one want to heal oneself. You will need to change not only your habits but also your attitudes, especially towards 'life'. That means how you relate to what comes to you and how you respond to this. This is a transformational process. Without this there is no real healing! The cause will not have been discovered and not been healed. So again: Your whole being needs to be included in your healing process, with all levels: Body, mind and emotions, then there will be an opening to the real healing energy that comes from beyond ones personality. To connect with it one needs to do it consciously by doing meditation or the StressReleaseExercise'.
Get out of the trap being occupied healing yourself by turning exclusively around your body and being sucked into your suffering, pain and depression. 
Accept the fact that the symptom of disease is the manifestation of an imbalance of your whole system and that might be at other levels and as a root cause is coming from not being connected with your 'source'. What that means you must discover yourself... Or at least starting with some questions...

From a post in the 'hernia support group':
"Hello i wish i knew how many of them [from a 'study' of 364 persons in 'watchful waiting'] wore a truss?"
BeiYin's response:

Truss or no Truss - is that the question?
Climbing down into the darkness of unknown fields
hopeless out of desperation fighting forces of evil!
Alone carrying the weight of millions unanswered questions.
Where is the ideal truss that can fulfill my longing?
Does fulfillment exist or is it just a wishful dream?
There arises Venus from the depth of a sparkling ocean
offering a truss made out of light, suitable for all who suffer
blown up bellies - vulnerable feelings protected with fat.
Trampled ones own existence out of pain, desperation and fear
now giving space for spaces beyond odd bellies, hopes and beliefs.
Freedom beckons! Let go being the center of your belly being
your truss reaches out for new horizons! Trust your truss!
Who needs protection? From what? To cover ones nothingness?
Falling back into black holes created by turning around oneself?
Light energy rises our focus of attention: Upwards and inwards.
Trust or no trust - that is the question!
Remark: This kind of 'nonsense poem' was my response after many posts
from members of this group about their detailed worries, that are also important to be cleared up, but shouldn't cause to forget the most essential... I am expressing myself like 
this not to accumulate tension in myself, that then might come out as anger...

Questions & Answers from the Hernia Support Google Group

BeiYin: 'Support' in my opinion does not mean to find confirmation for one's old established view and not for the view of this world how it seems to be, because we have been told what and how it is.

Q u o t e : What kind of truss did you use when you finally got healed of this 'thing'?
What was your program?

BeiYin: YOU are the HERNIA - YOU need to heal - You need to heal YOURSELF.
As long you see your hernia as a 'thing' that must be eliminated, there can't be real
healing happening.
You better drop "programs", especially those that are precious for you as part of your
personality. You need first to be aware of these programs, then finding out their origin,
then deciding to keep or to drop them. It is part of your transformation. Without this
there is no real healing.
Healing is a process that includes your whole being.
There is healing needed for parts of yourself you don't know yet that these exist, these show up during the process of your healing transformation.
It needs your engagement. You are NOT a victim. You are responsible for yourself. You ARE your disease. You need to respond to your disease as a manifestation of imbalance of yet unknown parts and levels of yourself.
Give space to yourself, dare to go into unknown spaces.
Become aware and pronounce questions that show up from those spaces. Use SRE or other
available help to gain the base to go on in a creative way, getting out of being stuck in
worn out behavior pattern of this society.
Why your intestines are coming out? Why your tissue and muscles became too week, not
being able to hold the pressure from inside?
Might it be that you put stuff into your body your digestive system can't deal with? It's
an impossible job you ask to be done, filling yourself up with junk, that goes into
putrefaction instead of digestion. Check your input of food! Give a rest to your digestive system! Eating might confirm you in your existence, but be aware that this is a substitute. That's part of the program delivered by this society and so part of the common disease, causing more disease...
Isn't there something else more important? Do you chew what you take in? Do you decide
what to take in? On all levels of your existence? Not only with food. Look at it what you take in on all other levels: emotionally and mentally. How much junk you take in! You are not even chewing it and for sure most of it you are not digesting!
There are a lot more things to deal with before one can get near to the subject 'healing oneself'...
Do you really want to go into this yet unknown terrain? How serious you are about it? Then you might have stepped already out of the common dependency from the established health system. You might know that the 'easy way' of taking pills and repair with surgery has very little to do with healing. But are you really willing to confront the unknown that will show up from outside and from yourself? It is a challenge very few are capable to deal with...
So as the first step it is necessary that you clear up your position. Are you aware of
your conditioning? Are you aware that you are programmed? That you have a self image that contains all the concepts delivered from this society? Are you aware that you are identified with all this and so defending it when ever this is touched by influences that are not confirming your established concepts? Do you have questions about all this or do you prefer not to look at it? Finding enough good reasons...
Observe how people are worrying about their little problems that keep them busy with all those endless discussions.
If you are finished with this, then you might come up with some more essential questions...

PS: My writing might offend one or the other reader. This is not my intention. Probably what I'm expressing is not what you want to hear. It is not the form - or have you a better way to say it? If you feel provoked, then this can be good if you respond to it and become aware of your reaction...

Stress Release
John: One thing about stress release: It can't be done frantically.
BeiYin: Longman dictionary of contemporary English says: "Frantic" =
1.) in an uncontrolled state of feeling: wildly anxious, afraid, happy, etc.
2.) marked by hurried and disordered activity.
Talking about "Stress release": this indeed is difficult in a frantic state, but it can be done with the help of the 'StressReleaseExercise' even in a frantic state.
John: It's take time to learn to relax so don't be disappointed when it doesn't happen right away.
BeiYin: One can learn to relax one's body using various kinds of manipulation like massage or auto suggestion. This can have a result and can also have a relaxing influence for ones state of mind. But I believe it does not necessarily changes the cause of ones frantic feelings. To change this, what would be part of ones 'healing process', one will need to go to the root of it and this for sure is not just a matter of relaxation. How one can find out about the root cause of ones disturbance? Probably this has to do with ones personal evolution. That means if one is ready to get out of one's personality games, then one will be motivated to direct ones energy to find out about it and not any more just turn around oneself. Then one will ask questions and one will find the right answer. One answer can be that one starts the 'StressReleaseExercise'...
John: Just slow down, ...
BeiYin: Tell a rabbit that is hunted by a fox to slow down! The 'personality' is constantly in the state of being hunted, (or chasing after one of the many goals offered by this society) so there is hardly any relaxed state possible.
John: ...don't force it and it will come.
BeiYin: That's right: many things one can't force, they have to grow by itself, with the help of the growing force we all and every thing that exist have as an essential part within. Also fighting against something often is useless as it gives energy to that what one is fighting.
But some times it is necessary to make a decision and that needs a certain strength and so forcing oneself, otherwise one will do nothing even knowing that it would be necessary and good and so nothing will come...
To be able to make a decision one needs at least a certain self knowledge, being aware of ones natural laziness and numbness. One has to be aware of the games ones personality is playing to hold oneself together, not wanting to do anything that might effect ones  established state of being. Being aware of ones defense one will need to force oneself enough to take action: Starting with the 'StressReleaseExercie' for example:


PS: I might think that it is useless to write in this group if not at leasta few of all the members here will start with the SRE. 
Oh boy! Humans are tough cookies, they do all kind of things destroying themselves but have great resistance against every thing that might bring them out of their misery!...

* * *
The enemy is us!   From the Radio Show "The People Whisperer"
BeiYin: I want to share the following thought, that is not only interesting, but can guide us to a very essential point where we can capture something that can enlighten us about 'Real Healing'!

From: http://www.henrymakow.com
Quote: Roger, an "angry American," "patriot" and  "fighter," wrote to say he is in touch with many other men who want to do something but don't know what. Do I have any ideas?

Henry Makow's comment: Roger is like the man who asked how much does the yacht cost and was told, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." 

Individuals take the initiative. That's what the enemy is most afraid of. People only do what they "own" i.e. conceive themselves (unless of course they are paid or propagandized by paid agents.) In any conflict, it is necessary to understand who the enemy is. As Pogo said, "the enemy is us." 

BeiYin: Henry Makow is talking about a global situation, but I think the same thought (as above, so below) is valid on a personal level. Applying it to one's hernia we can observe exactly the same attitude and behavior we have: We fight against an enemy that is invisible, sitting somewhere in the background, causing symptoms with pain, giving us problems we don't like to deal with, keeping us busy - turning around ourselves and the best or better said the worst: "the enemy is us!" Not enough, it comes even worse: We don't want to know about it! We don't ask and so we can't get any answer, not needing to look at it and so we can stay in our innocent, ignorant zombie state. If we ask then we are like the person who ask for the price of a yacht: we can't afford it, that means we will not understand the answer, we will reject it and for sure finding a good reason for it! 
That's the situation in this "Hernia Support Group". Indeed mostly the members are supporting each other in their innocent blind state. Blinds guiding blinds. I would have left this group if I wouldn't be the "owner" of this group, but I don't join the common game, not outside the group and not being in the group. Again and again I will point out what needs to be said. This might disturb you, but in this case I have an advantage: You can't kick me out of this group. This has happened several times when I had joined other health groups... But of course I'm free to leave... So if my input really is not wanted, that would be just normal, then there wouldn't be any reason for me to continue with my intention to make it clear that: " T h e   e n e m y   i s   u s ! "
"Individuals take the initiative!"  Exactly, that's what is necessary and that's what we are supposed to do in this group...
Comment: So you have opened a war on people's personality. 
BeiYin: I have not opened any war. I have responded to people in a group who all are there with the intention to heal themselves. 
To be in a war it needs two sides: One who attack and one who defends. I haven't attacked even though people might feel offended. Not to go into a war it needs to be clear about one's position. My position is sovereign enough that I don't need to defend myself. Also I am in a strong position because I am the owner of this forum and nobody can kick me out, but I'm not going to use my power on people because they attack me or express themselves in a way I don't like or that doesn't fit into my established concept. 
I have made clear the position of people who are in need and there for searching for a solution. That here no quick and easy cure is offered and that to heal oneself is difficult and needs one's full engagement, was made clear and tells about the vulnerable position of people. In this connection it was also said that the position and established personality will defend oneself and that one must be aware of it to be able to continue. So people's position is not balanced and because of this weak and the only way left, is to confront ones condition and work on it - - or to defend oneself by leaving the group. But at the same time people know or feel that then they are alone with their health problem and be at the mercy of the established health system. So they have a good reason to listen even though they don't like what they receive as information about themselves and ways to get out of their difficult situation.
Comment: As from your point of view you are absolutely right, but for many it is very hard to understand you because this is all what they have to defend themselves while living in this society. The only way to survive for them is to be part of this society and to be part of the game by tuning their role playing and have a personality that match other's expectations.
BeiYin: Yes, that's all what they have or better said: that's all what they have because they limit themselves to it and they are close and stuck in their rigid and limited personality, even though there are included a lot of beautiful concepts... Living in a dream split reality is the main reason why people become sick and with their disease they have the chance to work on their condition and get out of the straight jacket of their personality and the suffering from their disease. Or they can continue their old used way and destroy themselves and also their surrounding and the base of their life. They don't know it better as this society doesn't offer an alternative solution. When they receive information, if they like it or not, then they have the choice and it is their decision to defend themselves and not to look nearer to what is offered or take the opportunity and go forward with the risk to loose their position, that anyway is out of balance. Entering into spaces that are unknown but with the possibility to heal themselves. When people are here in this group, then this is no coincidence, they are here for a good reason and I feel responsible to give them something real and not just 'emotional support'.
Comment: Look for what is best rewarded in today's society: The leaders, not the people who can do more and better, but the one who can influence the others, is the one who can talk and persuade more and better, not the ones with great ideas, but the ones whose ideas can sell more.
BeiYin: We know all more or less that this is the game of the society. The sheep follow their pastor. Then they don't need to think where they are going and all responsibility is given to the leaders. They have the power because people are giving it to them and they use it to manipulate all for their own purposes. That indeed is a dirty game. Hardly anybody even knowing about it, wants to get out and do something by themselves. So they are running sooner or later into problems: Not functioning family life, extreme behavior of their children, divorce, financial difficulties, disappointing work situations, disappointment in reaching one's goals, breaking down of dreams, accidents, disease, depressions and all what is showing up in daily life reality...
Comment: How you can expect that a person conditioned all of his life to live this way and who is afraid that if he changes he might loose his position in the society and will be discarded from it soon or later.
BeiYin: I don't expect anything and that's the reason why I'm capable to continue with my various projects, even though there are very little possibilities that a normal person living in an established frame within this society, are capable to receive information that goes beyond their needs. I do not talk or write anymore if I'm not ask. But I have opened a space to that people come because they are in need and somehow they want to get out of their suffering, not knowing how. So then they find information. What they do with it is their thing. They can reject it or they can relate to it out of their own responsibility and then respond and integrate it into their life. By doing their own search or asking questions. That's totally up to them. For sure I will not force anything on them. People tend to be more open when they have suffered to such a degree and the medical system couldn't help them, that they come to the point when they have nothing left to loose, so then they might become open enough and do a step out of their dependency, using their remaining will power in a creative way, - - - to pull themselves out of the mud...
Comment: So to have success in persuading people, in my personal opinion is not to attack their personality, but rather to provide ways to confront their fears, or something else what they see as a problem. Then they will be much more willing to change and understand you. You have to address something what they see as a problem. 
BeiYin: Yes, you are right and that is exactly what I'm doing: I provide ways that they can  heal themselves, not just their disease and their personal problems, - but their whole being. I only can reach people who are ready because of their life history, - having suffered enough. Then out of their situation they will search with even the last bit of motivation they might have left and then they will find the information how to get out of their situation in a creative way, being able to deal with the many obstacles: In one word: Waking up! - Nothing more or less! 
Comment: Also think of how many M.D. will support your opinion on healing, and they have very big influence.
BeiYin: You call it 'opinion', for me it is the result of a life long search & struggle and the realization of a state of being awake in a world of sleeping and half sleeping humans. I say what I need to say and I don't depend on anybody. Mds. are not different than others in their stuck personalities. You are right: In more than ten years of my Internet activities I haven't had any comment from a MD. I really would have liked any kind of comment. To have the view point of some one professional and that would have given me the opportunity to prove my position, but for sure I don't depend on this, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to continue all the years.
Medical doctors have only the power to influence people because they have the position of authorities people give them and like to join, because they are not grown up yet. 
I was several times highly astonished about the reactions of doctors when I rejected their treatments even though they tried to convince me with all their authority (and then I did my own investigation and healed myself...)
Comment: To persuade you need not more enemies, but rather something what can touch the feelings most. 
BeiYin: I will not use any tricks or manipulation touching their emotions to reach them. That's the way the big power people are manipulating the whole world and as one can see: They are extremely successful with it: It doesn't need so much more, then every body will be sick and the base of all life on this planet will be destroyed. 
I am doing my best not to join the common games and I'm open to find out what might be better. For sure it is more favorable for one's intention to make friends than enemies, but I will not do anything to gain friends and also I will not do anything to avoid making enemies by not saying what needs to be said.
Comment: Of course this is just my personal opinion.
BeiYin: Yes it is. Even though I thank you that you have expressed yourself, so it gave me the opportunity to respond to it, as your opinion is the one of many people, with the difference that most people don't express themselves, they just reject and that's all. - So thank you anyway!

Links to BeiYin's newest articles about healing
The enemy is us!    From the Radio Show "The People Whisperer"
BeiYin: We are talking about the statement that the enemy is within ourselves. That means we are projecting what we are to the outside and then fighting against it and in so far being involved into a game that keeps us busy, but without a final end because we are turning around ourselves, - without being aware about our automatic behavior and an attitude that doesn't allow to observe oneself.
John L: The thing is, we've all (at least most of us) been taught that the physical realm is all there is (that's where Western science and medicine focus their attention). 
BeiYin: I don't think that this is the case. From early history of mankind people were taught that there is another dimension and where humans come from and where they will go when they leave their body. During more than two thousand years these teachings were established in all cultures without exception. These teachings were given as concepts in one had to believe and the only experience (with some rare exceptions) has been the security coming out of a strong believe. The survival need of daily life had forced people into a materialistic world view and they could manage to live in this dilemma by making a split. Living their daily materialistic approach and keeping their religious or spiritual concepts as an additional security.
John L: Some Eastern traditions have taken a "scientific" approach to exploring consciousness itself -- and have mapped out the full spectrum from the source to the manifestation of spirit in the physical body. 
BeiYin: Also in western scientific approaches consciousness has been explored and human nature has been explained in depth. Adler, Freud, C.G.Jung and others... Although it hasn't entered much into the knowledge pool of the mass.
John L: Someone in this group, I believe, has pointed out that the physical body is just the surface of the invisible world.
BeiYin: Of course, it is like the iceberg, most of it is invisible under the surface and one has to dive to explore it.
John L: No one can be blamed for being limited in their thinking about matters of reality if they have been "brainwashed" into a particular doctrine. 
BeiYin: Nobody will blame a baby for using a dummy (or american: 'pacifier') although with it there is done the first manipulation to keep the baby quiet. So this goes on later with other things... as the usual manipulations within our society...
John L: Remember that the first persons to notice that the world is round, not flat, were persecuted. Learned paradigms are not given up easily as you keep pointing out.
BeiYin: Indeed, the concepts we have adapted and so giving us a frame of knowledge in a world of uncertainty are difficult to overcome. First we need to be aware that we are living out of concepts. Humans are not capable to relate to reality, they are only relating through the filter of their concepts and if something shows up that doesn't fit into their established concepts, then they reject this unknown influence.
John L: I'm impressed by members of this group who are willing to even consider alternatives to the "medical doctrine" that drives our culture. Just the fact that guys are considering the possibilities of alternatives to "the old way" is greatly encouraging.
BeiYin: This 'openness' is the reaction coming out of the failure of the established medical system. If somebody is suffering enough after having gone through various treatments that hasn't healed but have increased the suffering, then looking for 'alternatives' seems to be a way to get out of it. But then not considering that this needs engagement and self responsibility. 
Randy: I think that people focus on the physical because it is something that you can be precise about with words. On the other hand that which are about mental and spiritual can not be taught with words.
BeiYin: People focus on the physical because that's what they experience with their senses. They are identified with their body and their senses. That gives them the feeling of existence and they strive for excitement wherever they can get it, up to the extreme that they use pain and suffering to feel their existence, - as more intensive the better.
John L: Randy, you are right about the fact that words can be used to describe the physical, but are limited when it comes to describing or explaining other dimensions. 
BeiYin: Yes, words are limited because they are bound to concepts. Each word represents a concept and if a concept is not established as an expression of an experience or just as a common accepted concept, then indeed it is difficult to integrate it into the existing concepts, making it to a part of one's personality. This depends on the needs of the individual. Lately the most sophisticated concepts found their place, fulfilling needs of searching people and giving sense and identification in a nearly untouchable way...
John L: I've thought frequently about this challenge for BeiYin because he's been able to describe exercises, etc., but not really the other stuff that is involved in healing. All one can do is use words as "pointers." Experiencing other dimensions is the only way to "know" them. You can't know the taste of an orange until you've tasted one.
BeiYin: Oh boy! I'm not able to describe the 'other stuff'? What you are saying here? I think you are provoking me as you seem to be the only one in this group who understands what I'm talking about. OK, yes, this is a challenge for me, but now I'm tired and as I'm human, I need to relax...
Tomorrow more... 
So I have relaxed and just read all this page again. I came to the conclusion, that I don't want to say anything more, - unless somebody asks me. I am convinced that if somebody in need to heal oneself reads this page, then will receive enough information to start ones healing process. Then reading this page again and with this finding the answer of arising questions. We know that it is not easy. Mainly because you are clinging on words. I suggest that you use the sense all dogs have: They sense the energy behind the words and then they respond to it! Just do the same! Or do you pretend that you are not capable to do what a dog can do? If not, then down here is the feedback form that can be used... Go ahead!
The enemy is us!
From BeiYin's Radio Show "The people Whisperer"
John: I have learned so much from the hernia and from everyone here. I am looking  forward to my continued growth of the Whole Body, Mind and Personality with everyone here.
Old Joe: The posts are finally turning to the more important questions. Great job!
BeiYin: So what are the important questions? 
Old Joe: You were talking about awareness. That is one benefit of the Stress Release Exercise: deepening one's awareness. Also, the use of attitude and thought in the mode of healing. If you want to change a situation, change the way you think about. 
BeiYin: Was it that the hernia has given you a reason to question yourself? You want to change your attitude? To check and clear up yourself? Or what is it you both have learned?
The "Whole" is NOT the result when one puts body, mind and personality together! Do you have a question about yourself? Is there something you are not sure about? On what depends your existence? What disturbs you about yourself? Is it you or just dust on your glasses or dirt on the mirror in front of you? Who are you? The one you see in the mirror? Or the one who sees himself in the mirror? Or the one who receives an image and is aware that this is a reflection of himself and he is aware that he thinks about this moment of existence and is aware that he feels lost and confused because nothing makes sense. 
Being aware of one's existence, not because one receives something through the senses, but because one is aware that one is aware beyond any images or pictures or impressions of senses; this might answer many questions... 
Comes your personal security out of your properties? Physically, mentally and emotionally? So then your insecurity shows up when there is something not clear with your properties? You are busy to organize everything you own and put things at the places where these belong. But this is a constant struggle and uses a lot of energy and is causing stress... There are so many influences from everywhere!
John: Obviously there is a lot of confusion in this world and indeed not so much growth when we see that humanity is destroying everything they touch. - Then what is growing?
BeiYin: Real growing is a continuing transformational process in which all parts of ones system are included and that is: body, mind and emotions. These parts are 'contaminated' or better said programmed by education and all influences of our society and need to be cleaned up. This entity that you are feels as "Personality" and has taken over by identifying itself with ones properties and the reactions coming from all parts of the system. -This entity needs to overcome its blown up rigid state and find the essence of ones existence. This can't be found here or some where else 'with others'. One can be provoked by others to question oneself and that one can observe within oneself and also on the outside. Finding one's confirmation when being with others might give the feeling of growth, but it just gives satisfaction to the established personality and then there is no need to question anything; so there is no real growing.
Growth is when we can give space to the growing force that is present and inbuilt in each of us, all the time and where ever we go. Growth can happen when we can understand that daily circumstances showing up are the best conditions for our growing. It depends only on our attitude and in how far we are capable to relate to what we encounter and then respond out of our responsibility, - knowing that we (being our personalities) are in a constant need to be confirmed and using all kind of tricks to get what we want...
Learning is when we are able to observe ourselves finding out what is real and what comes from our old established patterns, - identification with concepts that we have learned through education and all the manipulation from society... and of course we need to learn that our personalities are the manifestation of human nature. About this there is information available, although we will not be able to receive these if we are not ready for it. Then our defense system will start to react and even simple facts will not be understood and there for rejected. 
Personality consist in ones self image, this is very vulnerable and constantly needs confirmation and because of this also is constantly defending itself. Real learning would mean that one finds out about 'human nature' and observes this in oneself, then developing an entity that does not depend totally on conditions... Not outside and not inside conditions.
John L: All one can do is use words as 'pointers'. Experiencing other dimensions is the only way to 'know' them. You can't know the taste of an orange until you've tasted one. 
Old Joe: Yep. There's a Buddhist saying of some sort: "You can point toward enlightenment as you might point at the moon, but another must 'see' and experience it for himself."
BeiYin: Who wants to point to what? Who is experiencing other dimensions? Isn't it pretty clear that all dimensions a 'personality' is capable to experience are limited to the connditions of this personality? 
The human capability to produce images has no limit and also the art to make concepts about every fantasy and idea that is triggered by combinations of concepts under the influence of (real?) persosnal experiences. Words are representing concepts, coming out of experiences, - maybe or maybe not. If a concept is confirmed often enough by ones experience then it becomes like something real and is firm and established in one's personal knowledge base. 'Knowledge' is a combination of established concepts owned by a 'personality' and not necessarily is based on experience, unless it is an experience that is the result of such a strong belief that it becomes reality within the self image of a personality. To make this 'reality' even stronger this person will become a 'missionary' trying to convince others of their beautiful concept that connects with a supreme security... It is still fake reality, the same as most or better said all what a personality is experiencing. (Tough to swollow this! Right?)
Indeed one can know the taste of an orange even though one never has tasted one. One who has tasted one and has enough words to describe the taste and the used words are known from the person who never tasted an orange, then this person will know the taste. A person who is a specialist in wine will be able to describe one special wine with such a certainty that another specialists in wine will know exactly how the taste is even though never tried it. That's all easy as long it has to do with what belongs to the five senses as ability of a personality. But it becomes difficult or impossible when it goes beyond senses and what can be experienced when still being bound and limited to ones personality. 
The person who points towards enlightenment lives in a fake world or wants to impress other people who are even more foolish than the one who points. The one who is enlightened will not point somewhere outside wanting to say something with it that nobody can't understand, mainly because being stuck in one's personality that doesn't allow to see or wanting to see what does not belong to ones own already established property...
The StressReleaseExercise will not 'deepen' awareness, it will expand one's awareness to such an extent that it will go beyond the limitation of one's personality. That is the reason why there are people who avoid to practice it, because they want to cling on that what they believe they are, even though they are suffering extremely. This is also part of human nature and there seems no way to reach people that they might open up even they are not ready... Yes, there is a way: 'Love', but this is another subject... Maybe for the next radio show...

BeiYin: Let's wait, there's another call...
Bill: I will still try to heal this hernia with exercises and diet...
BeiYin: Whose hernia is it? (Connection cut)
Who ever it is, it will need more than 'trying'. - - -
The hernia is a symptom that tells that the person with this symptom is out of balance with his/her whole system. That includes all levels of one's existence: Body, mind and emotions. To bring this back into balance the whole being needs to be involved. Exercises and diet for sure is not enough! 
There are a lot of questions not answered, first because they are not ask...
You need to get out of your used way of survival that worked until now for you, by not looking, not asking, not thinking, not being responsible, not relating, not responding...
Then you will do the first real step to heal yourself - and this is not just 'trying'!
Bill: Also, I'm 30. Exercise and diet on their own MIGHT heal my hernia. Heck, I'm already noticing a difference. To each their own! Everybody's BODY works/heals differently. 
BeiYin: Yes, your hernia might heal just by exercises and diet, I think that's possible with your age. But what will happen if your hernia is caused by an emotional imbalance and that is not healed? Then your hernia might be healed and some time after another hernia will show up, maybe on the other side of your belly. - What do you think about the following situation: The owner of a boat notice that his boat has a leak and water comes in. So he takes the boat out of the water, docks it up and finds the leak. Will he just repair the hole and do nothing else? Probably not. Once the boat is out of the water, he will use the opportunity and examine the whole body of his boat. He might find other spots that are near to become leaks, so he can repair these as well, without big effort. He might examine more profound and find out that the inner structure of his boat is damaged and with not too much work he will reform the structure. Not just having repaired the leak but being cautious and going further might save his life when in the next storm his boat will be forced to the extreme... You got it? Your hernia is the leak. You might be able to heal this easily, but you should use the occasion to go further. You might go through extreme storms during the next fifty years...
You are right: Every body heals differently, but mainly because the one who owns this body is in a different state of personal evolution and so is acting and reacting more or less favorable to one's healing. The most important: The need to connect with one's inner essential core is in every body the same, it is only differently suppressed by the trapped personality. 

John L: The affirmations are very important! 
BeiYin: Affirmations are a way to manipulate ones condition the way one wants it. But it is possible that then one is covering a problem that has shows up and this of course is not real healing. As a momentary help in an emergency situation it might serve... One should be aware that what one wants might not be the right thing for one's healing, as one's wanting is conditioned by the unconscious accumulated background and that's part of the stuck and limited personality and that's what we want to clear up. Right?

John L: Control of the mind is very hard, but it's necessary if you don't want to be controlled by it. 
BeiYin: Any kind of control is delicate because there is always a power behind that is manipulating for a certain purpose. First one needs to find out what the motivation of this one is who wants to control and for what purpose. Who is the one who controls the one who controls? Or is it a game one is playing with oneself? You are your mind and as long you are identified with it and using it for your self confirmation, finding your existence confirmed by it, as long you are stuck in a game with yourself.
John L: It's tricky, you need to use the mind to go beyond the mind. As a friend of mine said, it's like using a thorn to remove a thorn.
BeiYin: Yes indeed, it is tricky. It is not that you use a thorn to remove a thorn. It is as if you want to use the thorn that needs to be removed to remove itself. You can try and keep yourself busy all life long. Very tricky!
Geo: You seem to have a lot of strong opinions. 
BeiYin: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Opinion = "An opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts towards something which it is either impossible to verify the truth of, or the truth of which is thought unimportant to the person. It is an assertion about something especially if that something lies in the future and its truth or falsity cannot be directly established e.g. induction. An opinion is not a fact, because opinions are either not falsifiable, or the opinion has not been proven or verified. If it later becomes proven or verified, it is no longer an opinion, but a fact."
"A lot of strong opinions?" The way you pronounce it makes it sounding like that you presume that I'm a liar, a pretender, a manipulator, a trickster and possible more of these human attitudes a clever survivor is using to make himself feel good and important. You might be right, I'm living long enough here between humans so I might have adopted some of their 'way of life', I will have a look at it later...
Geo: Do you have any credentials to back them up? 
BeiYin: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Credentials =
"A credential is an attestation of qualification, competence, or authority issued to an individual by a third party with a relevant de jure or de facto authority or assumed competence to do so.
Examples of credentials include academic diplomas, academic degrees, certifications, security clearances, identification documents, badges, powers of attorney, and so on. Sometimes publications, such as scientific papers or books, may be viewed as similar to credentials by some people, especially if the publication was peer reviewed or made in a well-known journal or reputable publisher."
That's easy for me to answer: No, I have absolutely nothing of all this. Nothing. Not even a health insurance. But I can prove my existence with my passport, but this for sure is not enough for you and I can understand that you will not continue to read what I'm writing. That's ok with me, that's just the normal behavior of humans... Like: It's nothing worth if it is not expensive...
Geo: Not trying to be rude here. Just curious. 
BeiYin: After my first comment I had made about something you wrote, you had called me 'rude' when I had expressed myself without being asked for. 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Rude (also called impudence or effrontery) = "The disrespect and failure to behave within the context of a society or a group of people's social laws or etiquette. These laws have already unspokenly been established as the essential boundaries of normally accepted behaviour. To be unable or unwilling to align one's behaviour with these laws known to the general population of what is socially acceptable is to be rude. Similar terms include: impoliteness, making a faux pas, inconsiderateness, offensiveness, obscenity, profanity, violating taboos. In some cases, criminal behavior can also be an act of rudeness."
I don't think that you are rude by asking me for my 'credentials', not even when you suspect that I'm I liar, etc. It is strange, but never I felt that somebody was rude to me. I never felt insulted even by the most rude accusation. Once walking in the night through the streets of a city a man approached me and shouted: "You complete idiot, what are you doing here?" I looked into his eyes and said: "You are totally right: I'm an idiot, but how could you recognize me so fast, - others need much longer...?" Obviously he was looking for someone to beat him up to get release for his accumulated frustration. He had already raised his fist, but when I said this then he was like paralyzed and didn't say anything more. He turned around and left. Good that he hadn't asked me for my credentials...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Curious = "Curiosity is an emotion that causes natural inquisitive behaviour such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and many animal species. The term can also be used to denote the behavior itself being caused by the emotion of curiosity. As this emotion represents a drive to know new things, curiosity is the fuel of science and all other disciplines of human study."  I feel honored that you are curious about me, although the word 'inquisition' doesn't feel so good. You are observing the human and animal species. I am doing the same, knowing that one can learn a lot from it...
Geo: I was a chemistry major and have studied a great deal of biochemistry and have spent several years now studying mineral deficiencies and disease correlations. And I am a 4th degree black belt and have studied 7 different martial arts.  So I have a bit of knowledge in the exercise field as well.
BeiYin: I also have studied many things but I'm not a major in anything, not even a minor. I understand that a belt is similar to a credential, so I was never interested in it. But yes, about sixty years ago I did boxing, but after my nose was broken the second time I gave up. Later I did Jiu Jitsu and also Judo, I had a belt but only to keep my jacket close... 
Geo: And as I deal with my own situation here I am finding that I am winning the battle with it one day at a time. But there is a definate learning curve on this thing. I am just learning as I go and there is a great deal I don't now.
BeiYin: Obviously you are a fighter and you have some success with this well established way. My way is different, if you ask me I will tell you about it...
Geo: Again, not trying to be rude. But I was curious about your background. Thanks for filling in the blanks.
BeiYin: Sorry, I haven't said anything about my background. That would be a long story. I will think about if I can make a short story out of it, telling only about the last several thousand years... Then later more...
PS: Even though I had fun writing this, I hope you don't feel that I have made fun out of you...
PPS: Just a little ;-) You know, I'm a serious person.
PPPS: Not too much. 
Updated: I am convinced that 'laughing is the best medicine', so I hope I could make you laugh at least a bit. But of course, to be able to laugh one needs to have a basic condition to be able for it. So then this is also a result of ones *growing*. As you can see: There's no way around! 
Updated: Sorry, I had to withdraw my feedback form, because it was used mainly by spamers and scamers. You can go to my hernia Video and use the comment form there. 

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