What is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia means soreness of the muscles (myalgia) and other soft tissues (fibro, i.e. for "fibrous").  Physicians categorize individuals under this label when they don't know about the cause.  To diagnose with fibromyalgia there is a pressure point test that can be used.
Medical doctors don't know what causes this condition, but the latest evidence points to immune breakdown due to infection, the cause might be mold, parasites, viruses, bacteria and Mycoplasmen (tuberculosis).  Other major causes are chemical toxicity, heavy metal poisoning, candida yeast infection, bowel toxicity, and parasitic infestation. Certainly severe stress aggravates it. 
Due to a Candida condition, food allergies may also play a role. The wrong diet is common. In this aspect, food allergy may have a strong influence: to grains, legumes, citrus, yeast, MSG, sulfites, cocoa, and milk products, even nuts, fruit, vegetables, eggs and meats.
Parasites/fungi/mold/virusses/listeriosis/micoplasmen are often the underlying cause of health problems including, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, stomach problems, vaginal irritation, joint and muscle pain, brain or nervous system damage  and immune dysfunction.
Medical doctors often do not believe or recognize, classic symptoms of parasitic infection, they do not believe that parasites/candida/mold, can cause any serious health problems. But it is well known that antibiotics and drug use is a a cause for yeast and fungal overgrowth.
It is said and repeated again aand again that there is no cure for Fibromyalgia and no official healing protocol.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
These syndromes are described as symptoms of diseases rather than diseases themselves.
Fatigue is a symptom, a warning sign that the function of the human body has gone down.  What is chronic fatigue?  It is a lack of energy in muscles, organs, and cells. A lack of energy, physical or mental, is caused by deficiency, mainly because of nutrients or because the body is poisoned and that might be the cause of fatigue.

In chronic fatigue there is adrenal insufficiency. The result of this condition is that the adrenal glands fail to produce sufficient quantities of critical steroid hormones. In the extreme, adrenal insufficiency may lead to a potentially fatal condition known as Addison's disease.

Chronic Fatigue is a sign of chronic infection. Adrenal insufficiency leaves the body vulnerable to the development  of a wide range of infections. When the adrenal glands fail, the immune system can't function. Yeast and other fungal and parasitic infections are taking over. It is known that parasites secrete toxins, which causes various pains. Chronic fatigue may also be caused by nutritional deficiencies. 

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