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Allopathic Medicine (*)
Allopathic medicine is the treatment of disease using substances that produce effects different from, or opposite to those produced by the disease. This focus has led to a specific understanding of symptoms but not cause. The absolute simplicity of toxemia as a possible cause of many disease conditions has gone unrecognized as it does not conform to the mind-set which recognizes
technology and science as the remedy for the disease process.
I believe that a better understanding of the nature of toxemia can lead to a better understanding of how and why to cleanse and detoxify the body.
Detoxification programs and cleansing diets are some of the methods which can assist the body to rid itself of waste and unhealthy tissue.
Given time, the waste in the colon becomes as hard and black as tire rubber. To aid the body in its elimination process, the severity of the problem must be first recognized. Simply eating a high fibre diet will not cleanse the body, and fasting one day a week, although beneficial, has its limitations. Therefore, a sustained program of treatment lasting several months is recommended to loosen and dislodge impacted waste. In addition, it is important to cleanse the the body and its tissues of accumulated toxins at the cellular level.

Is Toxemia the primary cause of disease?
When considering the question of human wellness today, it is worthwhile to examine the role of nutrition and detoxification in achieving optimal health.
I believe there is one, and only one disease - and that is toxemia. This can be described as the accumulation in the body of wastes, toxins, or poisons (free radicals). These toxins accumulate primarily as a result of dietary habits, and do so in two different ways.
It is no secret that the typical Western diet consists of over-processed, devitalized foods grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with a multitude of toxic chemicals. Ingesting these low-quality, frequently overcooked foods on a regular basis causes malnourishment of the many specialized cells in the body, to the point where they become dysfunctional and die.
A second harmful aspect of the common diet is its high fat and low fibre content - meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. These foods tend to move through the digestive tract at a quarter of the pace of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fibreless foods tend to be sticky and gooey when digested, adhering easily to the walls of the colon as they pass through. This causes a gradual build-up of toxic residue, as layer upon layer of waste matter accumulates to the point where five to 40 pounds of fecal material can be found residing in this important canal.

Cause and Effect
As the environment inside the colon becomes increasingly toxic, parasites, bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses tend to readily proliferate. The fecal matter is very acidic and will, over time, damage the colon wall, leading to inflammation and enlargement of the pores which pass nutrients and moisture between the colon and the bloodstream. These enlarged pores then allow the bacteria and toxins to pass into the bloodstream.

Candida Albicans
Candida Albicans is a new disease receiving increased attention these days. Is simply the result of a diseased colon leaking the Candida yeast through the colon wall into the bloodstream which is then carried throughout the body.
Conversely, a healthy colon will properly contain the Candid. Yeast, where it can do the job for which it is intended - making fecal waste biodegradable.
To treat Candida infections, the colon needs first to be detoxified, thereby reducing tissue inflammation, and halting the movement of yeast into the bloodstream. Any therapy or treatment that ignores this important fact will not create long term positive results.
This is much the same for all diseases. As toxins run amuck throughout the body, they settle into the tissue, causing many diseased conditions that are basically symptoms of the same cause, toxemia.

(* Information from: Vita-Gem Enterprises by Tom Woloshyn, Holistic Health Practitioner and Consultant) 

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