Self Colonics / Colema

A colema is done with equipment that includes a 5 gallon bucket, a colema board with an opening and protective shield at one end, tubing and speculum. The open end of the board sits on top of the toilet and the other end is supported by a chair or other device. A person rests on the board on their back with their buttocks positioned at the edge of the opening and against the shield.

The 5 gallon bucket is placed at the foot of the toilet on top of the tank, on a table or on a shelf nearby. The tubing goes from the bucket to the backside of the shield to attach to the speculum. The speculum for the colema is the same as for the open-basin system. It is narrower than a pencil in diameter and 10-12" long. It goes into the anus about 2". The speculum stays in during the entire session. Its narrowness allows the water to flow in and out at the same time. The water and waste are expelled around the tube and into the basin. The client can also choose to retain water in the colon during the session.

The water enters the colon via gravity not by water pressure. The bucket outlet is not more than 1-2' higher than the anus and the water pressure is maximally 1 pound psi.

The set-up is similar to the open-basin colon hydrotherapy equipment however no machine or plumbing is necessary.

Water temperature varies with each individual. It is usually close to body temperature.

Volume of Water:

During the open-basin colon hydrotherapy system and colema the water is flowing continuously in and out. I would imagine the same inflow volume would hold true. Probably not more than two to three liters/quarts would be in the colon at any one time. More information needed here.

Purified water is best for the colemas.

The instructions for the boards come with information on disinfecting them after use.

Colemas are self-administered. The recipient is encouraged to use abdominal breathing techniques and self-massage of the abdomen to aid in the cleansing.

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