Enema        Bernard Jensen, D.C., Nutritionist

Benefits of the Enema
"Enemas can be beneficial in restoring healthy bowel regularity. This is why I believe enemas should be used every day for a year by those who have problems with a sluggish, irregular or under active bowel. Many ingredients can be added to enema water to increase its effectiveness in some specific manner. Coffee enemas help detoxify the liver. Flaxseed tea enemas relieve inflammation in the bowel. Bentonite, a clay water, when added to enema water assists in absorbing and mobilizing toxins from the bowel wall. Acidophilus culture taken orally is helpful in detoxifying the bowel and in building friendly bacteria. Acidophilus implants can also be inserted rectally over night. I believe that each of the many health professions and approaches to health care have a special value. I do not believe, however, that any therapeutic method - no matter how sophisticated - can effectively overcome disease in a toxic laden body. The toxins must be eliminated first. Nor do I believe that any drug based therapy can restore or rejuvenate tissue damaged in the course of chronic disease. Only nutrients from foods can do that. I believe when we work with nature, we get the results nature intends us to get. A clean body nourished by natural foods and uplifting thoughts will put anyone on the path to right living that brings health as a natural consequence. It is interesting to note that the famous beauty queen, whom I knew, Mae West, was a great believer in the benefits of the enema. She started every day with a morning enema. I'm sure that this simple practice greatly contributed to her unusual vitality, bright mindedness and long lasting attractiveness, as true beauty is but a reflection of the beauty within."
Excerpt is from: "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management"

Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe
Coffee Enemas have been used for over a hundred years as a generalized detoxification procedure. Despite rumors to the contrary, coffee enemas are perfectly safe when done as directed. Coffee enemas stimulate the liver and gallbladder to release stored toxins and wastes and liver function is enhanced.
It is recommended that the enema be done each morning.

Enema Solutions

It is helpful to know the effectiveness of different enema solutions. Some specialists recommend nothing but distilled water, (especially advocates of fasting), while some say water may irritate the bowel. Flaxseed tea makes a soothing solution, while buttermilk feeds the friendly bacteria. Coffee solution stimulates the bowel and helps to reduce the bile level in the liver. To the 4 gallon reservoir of warm (100-105ºF) water you may add strong boiled coffee, which stimulates the natural peristaltic contractions and contains acids that will help remove mucous and cleanse the colon wall. If you are overly sensitive to caffeine, you can substitute fresh garlic juice, or fresh lemon juice. Choose your cleansing solution based on your personal condition and desired effect. If you suffer from extreme allergic sensitivity, or serious illness or degenerative disease, distilled water is recommended.
Oil Solution Can offset the possible depleting aspects of colon irrigation while helping in the eliminative process. Oils, such as sesame or castor, are useful since they are calming to the nervous system.

Herbal Solution Combine herbs from the four categories according to individual situation, and desired effect. Bitter herbs (wormwood, gentian, yarrow, turmeric, golden seal, aloe, willow bark) aid in the release of bile, help parasites, hypertension, fevers and heat.

Astringent herbs (comfrey root, slippery elm, bayberry bark, myrrh, cranesbill) tone the intestinal tissue and aid in prolapse and hemorrhoids.

Spicy herbs; red peppers, ginger, mustard seeds, cardamom, basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme, garlic, onion) stimulate circulation, aid digestion and eliminate gas.

Calming herbs (lavender, catnip, comfrey, valerian root) alleviate gas and are calming to the nervous system. Eliminative Solution - For parasites, use equal parts garlic, wormwood and bayberry bark in a tea.

Nutritive Solution -For weak digestion and assimilation, deficient favorable bacteria, combine fermented barley or whole grain water, tamari soy sauce mixed w/water combined with a tea of marrow, meat, chicken, sesame, or olive oil.