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What I am expressing through my writings and my work, tells the most essential about me and my background.
Just that much: I was born in Berlin, Germany. - Studied architecture and industrial design, went through a family and business life with all its ups and downs for twelve years. After been happily divorced and withdrawn from any kind of business, I am living now since 28 years on the Ibiza island, where I built up the place 'FalconBlanco'. This is not just a beautiful physical space, where one can relax and discover essential and joyful aspects of oneself, it is also a 'Way of Life', an attempt to bring down into practice what might be the result of being and relating on this plane, in connection with many years of meditation... 
So with other words: It is a life long process. All this has to do with self expression and I see it not just as a manifestation of one's personality, but the most essential being which goes beyond the personality and reaches out to new dimensions. At least this is my intention with my writings and my poetry. It has to do with self knowledge and self realization. This sounds maybe 'spiritual' but I am convinced that this happens in daily life and with all what surrounds us so that we can relate to it and grow...
I have created a physical space where a few people with similar intention can live together, work together, express themselves also in an artistic way and try to do something essential, which might go beyond one's personal needs, to do something helpful for our fellow human beings...

For more biographical information go to my 'healingOneself Web site', which describes the transition of the last time and at the moment.

By the way: Who is looking for help might find one by reading carefully my Web sites. Who is ready for it will find and receive. They same if you come for a retreat to FalconBlanco. If you are looking for a 'guru' you can be sure that I will disappoint you. With this the same: If you are ready I might be able to help you that you get out of this kind of expectation and  realize that you have all what you need within yourself. If one is looking for help from a 'guru' that only shows that this person is not grown up and is still depending on a  parents figure or authority and with this not wanting to take responsibility for oneself, being satisfied by falling into another trap... You can be sure that I will not serve this kind of need. If you are capable to ask questions, then these might be answered.
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