Raw Food Diet
Return to Paradise by David Wolfe

This article was originally published in the magazine Just Eat An Apple, issue #11, 2000.

Many have spent time wondering what may have brought humans to disconnect from living in a natural paradise, and into what we now have as a planet out of balance with Nature. These thoughts are often triggered by study of the classical, legendary, or religious stories of a former perfect age. 

Every culture seems to have a story about how human life began on Earth. Most describe a place where humans lived in harmony with the plants and animals. While living this way, the stories indicate that, humans experienced happiness and peace. This is often what is referred to as "paradise."

The stories we mention often indicate that everything was in harmony. That is, until something happened. Some stories tell of a great flood, others tell of humans gaining an understanding of good and evil, still others tell of a shift in Earth’s alignment, or of some godly powers that drastically changed the state of humans. 

Those who follow a raw food vegan diet, such as myself, believe that we have found an answer to humanity’s apparent disconnection with Nature. I believe that a great change in humanity’s attachment to Nature occurred after humans discovered fire, and then began cooking the things that they ate.

The tremendous amounts of time and energy humans spend to cook food, as well as the use of massive resources to create the cooked food culture of today with its zillions of restaurants and stores, factories and shops all churning out cooked and processed foods, are the main cause of the end of human paradise.

Humans are the only animals on this planet that eat cooked food. No other creatures on this planet cook or tamper with their food in any way. All animals living in the wild eat their food raw and, almost always, fresh. Only domesticated animals eat cooked and processed foods, and these food items are served to them by humans.

Cooked and processed foods are a thing created by humans. The cooking and processing of foods has become so common that most of us do not even question it. I believe that cooked, and processed foods are not healthy, and should not be consumed by humans.

Here is a visual experiment to consider: Feed a tribe of gorillas a diet of coffee, donuts, and processed foods for a few years to see what happens. Even a child would laugh at the silliness of animals eating such concoctions. And anyone with the slightest knowledge of nutrition would know that the health of the gorillas would quickly deteriorate on such a diet. Having animals begin to eat like humans would appear so strange that one would have to wonder why humans eat the way they do.

What is it that constitutes the basis of human nourishment? Is it pills and supplements flowing out of the roaring jaws of factories? Is it the flesh of animals being churned out by factory farms? Is it the milk of cows naturally intended for baby calves? Is it cooked and processed foods containing dyes, flavors, and preservatives?
The basis of human nourishment is obvious: it is RAW PLANT FOOD. And Nature presents this to us in abundance. All this talk of humans getting nutrition from canned, boxed, or otherwise processed foods is nonsensical. There is only one natural and normal diet for humans, and that is a diet of raw plant foods. Any other diet than that of a raw food diet leads to deteriorated health, dental corrosion, and body organs impregnated with various residues of cooked, died, flavored, and otherwise processed foods containing chemical formations not found in Nature.

A human used to eating the typical foods found in so-called "civilized society" who then changes to a raw plant diet can discover health as they have never known. Eating raw plants restores the body on a molecular level, building strong cells, radically naturalizing the body, and grounding the person in the natural world. As the months and years pass, a person switching to a raw vegan diet may notice a greater awareness of the spiritual world, become more intuitive, and feel natural powers that they had not experienced. When one is aligned with Nature, they may feel more of a connection with Nature to the point that they desire to be around that which is natural. Being around plants and animals will feel most comfortable to them.

Every person is a work in progress. Either they can become progressively worse, or progressively better. Each action they take determines which of these two courses they follow.

Eating is one way that guides the path we are on. Eating determines what level of health our body will experience. Each meal is part of what the person will become. Every bite of food they put into their body will be adding to a strong, healthy body, or to a sickly, weak body. Each meal becomes a part of the individual. What they put into their mouth is their decision. What they become is up to them.

"You are what you eat" is a common statement, but is also a true part of the cosmic law. It is a concept that has been known in every culture and civilization throughout history. It is a simple law of Nature that should be remembered each day, and at each meal. Those who wish to become healthier, or to maintain good health, should always remember to eat that which is most natural and nourishing.

For me, "natural and nourishing" means quality, organic foods in their most natural state. I have found that following this principle is not only the most simple way to choose what I eat, but is simply the best way to bring about good health. Because of this, I have made my life’s work a study of how to help people succeed and prosper with the raw food lifestyle. This has often been in spite of the monotonous and routine pressure of others to conform to what many feel is the most accepted way to eat, but what I see as what leads to a life out of tune with Nature.

Just as the children who would laugh at the site of animals eating processed foods, I often find humor, but also disgust, in what humans choose to shove into their mouths. As I have come to eat a natural, raw, plant-based diet, I find myself experiencing everything one would expect from living in tune with Nature.

I encourage anyone who wishes to experience the bounties of Nature to delve into eating what Nature provides to us. That is: raw plant foods. I encourage people to learn about what plants are most edible, to learn a new way of living, to experience the incredible health Nature will give to you by accepting the foods she provides, and to live a life in harmony with the plants and animals. By doing so, I believe you can experience your own little bit of paradise.

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