Essene or Jesus-Diet
Essene - one whose diet is based on the Essene Gospels of Peace, which claims that Jesus was a member of the Essene sect, and a raw food vegetarian. Diet consists of raw sprouts, wheatgrass, vegetables, and fruit. Use of raw dairy is explicitly authorized by the Essene gospels, so the diet is often lacto-vegetarian rather than vegan. Many Essenes use fermented dairy products, specifically yogurt.

To summarize Jesus' Diet,  here below are the eight most fundamental concepts concerning diet, from the Essene Gospel of Peace:

This is a diet "for your sins," and thus there is an element of "penance."  An enigma concerning the Essene Gospel of Peace diet is that it is both the simplest diet - - yet also the hardest to follow.  It is a very strict diet, although very simple, and the strictness makes it hard to follow.

1)  Most all diseases and pains can be removed by prayer & fasting.
2)  Don't kill, or eat flesh of dead animals.
3)  Don't cook.  (Eat raw food). 
4)  Never eat unto fullness.   Eat less always by a third.
5)  Eat only 1 to 2 pounds of food a day.
6)  Eat only 1 or 2 times a day.
7)  Always be satisfied with 2 or 3 sorts of food 8)  Fast at least one day a week.

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