Proper elimination of wastes from the body is essential for optimum health. The food we ingest must be properly filtered and eliminated to remove harmful toxins and other impurities and supply the important vitamins and minerals that we need. The intestinal tract also contains antibodies that are the primary defenders against infection.

The digestive system can only handle 3 to 4 meals at a time. This means one meal in and one meal out. Two or more bowel movements a day is considered "regular". Less than one per day clogs the large intestine, a condition known as constipation. As we age, the enzymes in our intestines and digestive tract weaken. Food digestion is decreased, and putrefied fecal matter begins to accumulate in our intestines, instead of being removed from the body. The collection of fecal matter contributes to toxic overload in the body. Intestinal constipation causes cellular constipation and forces the other excretory organs push harder to work effectively which leads to all these systems becoming overwhelmed and unable to eliminate all the waste. The excess remains in our systems to poison us. This is called auto-intoxication. Proper oxidation in the tissues is lessened, we lack energy and eventually may become ill.

Auto-intoxication causes of many of today's diseases and illnesses. Study have demonstrated the direct relationship of poor bowel function and auto-intoxication to the following problems:

Weight gain and the Inability to lose weight; High blood pressure; Migraine and other headaches; Halitosis and body odor; Acne; Rashes and allergies; Sugar cravings; Unstable blood sugar levels; Rheumatoid arthritis; Circulation problems; Depression/Mood disorders; Lupus; Bloating and or Nausea; Chronic Fatigue; and Infections.
As bowel functions continue to deteriorate, more problems will occur. They range from asthma and allergies to arthritis and cancer. Faulty digestion, poor absorption, and massive amounts of auto-intoxication can be traced to most chronic conditions known today. Even less serious, yet irritating conditions like heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea most of us simply do not have healthy bowels which are related to unhealthy bowels plague millions of us. 
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