EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique       updated: 5. Dec. 05
About two years ago, when I searched desperately to help my horse who was very ill and getting worse every day, I was told to try EFT. I searched the Internet and found some basic information. The same night at 3 o'clock in the morning I did EFT for my horse. But it was too late, he was laying down and could not get up anymore... The same day in the afternoon he died. 
The vet who came in the morning said that the best would be to put him to sleep, what means to kill him. I did not agree and wanted that he died without this kind of help. I did EFT the whole day with him, not to heal him, but to help him to leave his body. It helped and he could go without too much strain. 
The death of my horse was a strong emotional shock for me, as he has been my best friend for more than thirty years. 
I had just recovered from Fibromyalgia after several years of suffering, but now it got worse again. There was no doubt that this was caused due to the emotional stress. So then I continued to do the EFT every day and this time just for myself. It helped me faster than I had expected and also it supported my doing a lot that a friend had send me the copies of the  EFT seminar CDs (Gary Craig allows to do so). Now my EFT was very effective and I used it in several occasions, for example with my teeth problems (I will report about this later on my 'Teeth Page'.) 
What attracted me especially about this healing method is that one can do it alone, not depending on another person or 'professional'. To do one's self treatment it needs only a few minutes and one can do it anywhere in all kind of situations, only needing one's owns hands and knowing the points where to touch. This is probably one of the most gentle ways to heal oneself which exist, one can do no harm to oneself or others, it is similar to meditation or Reiki... 
Now, what is EFT?
Looking nearer, EFT is a version of acupuncture except one doesn't use needles, so it is a kind of 'emotional acupuncture'. One is stimulating the known  energy meridian points on one's body by tapping them with the fingertips. And the same time saying or thinking the 'EFT Statement' which in its essence says, but is expressed due to one's individual conditions: "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." This is known since several thousand years especially in the East and even Albert Einstein had said the same: 'Every thing is energy - our body as well!'  One can not really find the realization of this statement in our established medical system... These ideas have been mostly ignored by the established healing practices and this might be a reason why EFT often works so surprisingly when nothing else does. That's because conventional healing methods have simply overlooked the obvious and that is to treat the root cause. With this one will enter into a kind of 'Freedom' where things are getting cleared up due to the EFT practice, where before one couldn't even see that possibility, being the slaves of our habits and conditionings... 
How can one learn EFT?
When two years ago I was searching for information to help my horse then I had a hard time to find something, but now things have changed and one can find enough to start with and all for free. One can learn all the basics for free by getting the 'Get Started Package'. It includes a 79 page EFT Manual that gives the theory and all the tapping points. One can start using EFT (although in a beginner's way) immediately after reading it. From the 'Get Started Package' one also can subscribe to the free 'EFT Insights Newsletter', which is highly informative. Just go to the EFT Web site and have a look! 

How did EFT give help to me?
As I told before: When my horse died, this was a strong emotional shock to me and the symptoms of Fibromyalgia came back. With the EFT I could recover from this shock and then also the symptoms like energy lack and pain disappeared until I was completely healed. Later on I had a lot of problems with my teeth and EFT helped me with this. I will make a page about this later on. During my healing process it became clear to me that my physical illness was caused mainly by emotional reasons, so doing the EFT it was important to address those unbalanced emotions. One thing I want to mention which is important for many men: Suffering from 'Erectile Dysfunction' happens often in ones life and then EFT will help to cure it unless the cause is the disease/distruction of a vital organ, but in case of 'Erectile Dysfunction' there is mostly an underlying emotional cause and this of course will not be healed by 'Viagra' but pretty sure with EFT! How I am using EFT often is to help me with my energy and my mood, so I do the tapping and say: 'Affirmation: My energy and my mood are high!' . This needs only two minutes and it helps. Lately I had a 'writers block', probably because there were no responses, etc. so I did the EFT with: 'Affirmation: I am motivated to write and I am inspired and guided!' And as you can see, it works! There were several occasions more, but you try with yourself and you will see...

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