FalconBlanco - Ibiza Spain
Nonprofit Organization
The intention of 'FalconBlanco' is to further awareness, growth and health. We investigate about personal problems of any kind by taking self responsibility and finding creative solutions searching in all available sources, not depending on any specific authority. We see and understand each organism as a whole and believe that 'healing' also must include the whole in all aspects and not just parts. We are using our intuition and listen and observe to whatever shows up, inside or outside, being aware of influences and interferences. 
We publish testimonials about healing and growing processes to give support and help to others who are struggling on their path. 
We are using in the first place the Internet and offer at our Web site articles, discussions, all kind of self expression related to one's individual growing process and also download ebooks, videos and tapes. We offer a free counseling service by telephon and also we are giving free initiation into meditation by telephone. For this one only needs to send us a land line telephone number and we will call. Later on we will offer also CDs and printed books, all this for free. This is done by members of'FalconBlanco'.
Members are persons who are living and working at the place FalconBlanco - or who cooperate with our intention in one or the other way and not necessarily living at our place.
We also offer workshops, lectures or other public events with the same intention. There are individual sessions available like Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, EFT, initiation into meditation and more, depending on the members living at FalconBlanco and their abilities. 
All offered service is totally for free, never there is money involved. All members are volunteers, helping with their work because they are motivated and engaged in our projects and never will receive or ask for money, although when living at the place FalconBlanco then accommodation and food will be provided. 
Individuals or companies who sympathize with our intentions and activities can support our 'recycle activities' and give things of many kinds. (see list) We don't ask for money donations for being a member of FalconBlanco' but we will not reject donations; there is no minimum amount for this. 

An essential intention of FalconBlanco is to proof that it is possible to live and work with responsibility and trust not depending on the established attitude about money and the usual materialistic world view and that indeed it is possible to do something effective for the well being of every body. With our 'pilot project' we want to start a 'positive chain reaction': Helping each other where needs are showing up, without expecting any reward. Never there should be money involved. Then we all can make the surprising experience that as more we give, as more comes back and we are able to receive... And with this we are rising onto another level, beyond the narrowness of the materialistic world view and behavior. 

Who wants to support our intention or has a question can send an email. 

We are looking for testimonials from people who have healed themselves from a disease in an alternative way like the testimonial at our health page, so that others get animated to take initiative and self responsibility...

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