What are the dangers of Hyperreality?
A good question, although it should be more correct: "What is the inevitable result of living in a Hyper reality?" Why? Because 'danger' means that there is the possibility that something might have a negative influence or damage, but not necessarily. Like the question: What are the dangers of Water? Water is only dangerous if it is present at the wrong place or in bigger quantities and you fall into it and you can't swim, so you will be drowned and die. Or the water is mixed with chemicals, color and sugar and you drink too much of this fake water and then disturb and damage your body system.
We all live in a hyper reality, that is the fake reality in our society. We are not conscious about this fact and believe that all what we receive through our senses and what we experience is real. We have no doubts about it and no questions. We are sheep and follow others, totally depending on authorities guiding us, because we are born into this already established fake system and we are supporting and reinforcing it with our life style...
We are manipulated to think, to feel and to buy what clever leader, businessmen and people who use their power to play games with us, want from us, - in a consumer society that is based on false values and a fake reality.
There is hardly anybody who can 'swim', all are drowned into a hyper reality that is present every where and any time as the representation and state of the momentary evolution of mankind.
The danger of this state is that humankind is destroying itself on all levels and finally also what gives them the base for their existence: The planet Earth, - itself and with all resources.
The present result of humans when living in this hyper reality is that they have blocked their natural growing force that would allow that the evolution is progressing and the same as individuals. People are stuck in their growing as all their energy is sucked by focusing on their fake reality trying to reach fake goals. Even their natural learning process is blocked and they are only ruminating what others have learned as common knowledge in this society. There is hardly any creativity present.
People find their sense of life in all the established concepts that are available to satisfy their artificial needs. Concepts as part of the common knowledge give the frame in this hyper reality and people feel kind of secure because every thing has its place, to touch this with a different view will cause defense reactions.
Hyper reality can exist and continue unquestioned because people are identified with their fake reality in form of concepts, beliefs, dreams, hopes, goals, wishes and all what is part of their property. Another result of their fake reality is that people are reacting when they defend themselves, - their fake reality. They are getting their feeling of existence out of their reactions. These reactions are real even based and created by fake conditions, but they show up in mind and emotions and so they are real and also the reactions caused in ones body that accumulate and then show up as disease.
Reacting to conditions and situations that are caused by fake reality because the individual is trying to find confirmation for ones self image, is causing a lot of disappointment and stress. People continue this game with themselves and others, because they need constantly excitement to feed their feeling of existence and they look for occasions where ever they are and if they can't find possibilities to react then they provoke these... That there can't be 'harmony and love' is pretty clear, even though there are beautiful concepts established about harmony and love...
The most serious result that hyper reality is causing, is the creation and contribution of fake spirituality. People grab for these concepts when they, after a long time of struggling and suffering, are coming to the moment when they question their fake reality and want to break out of it. Fake spirituality is part of hyper reality and exist parallel with the dominating materialistic world view and as the both are fake, giving the individual the possibility to live both at the same time.
The limitation of peoples awareness holds them tied in their illusions and whatever they do confirms them in their fake reality and fake spirituality is the most subtle and effective in this.
To get really out of this so firm established hyper reality, - to find real sense in ones life, - you will need to ask many more questions.
Real answers are available, because the truth is always present, although invisible for all those who are sucked into the falseness of their existence.
When questioning oneself is happening, then this shows that not all humans are totally caught in their fake reality. - The way out starts with a question...
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