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What are the costs for staying at FalconBlanco?
Is it possible to earn money?
Can I rent a room?
Can we come as paying guests?
Do I need health insurance?
How long is the minimum stay?
Reading about your 'rules' I must say...
What about sex...?
I have learned about 'intentional communities'...
What kind of community is FalconBlanco, for example a 'Coo-housing' or a shared property?
Why you don't put all the property into a 'trust'?
If  I would leave after being several years a participant of FalconBlanco...
To work with oneself is the most important?
So I would be living in a tent?
A description of a typical day...
What is the age range
Is the number still at 12?
To learn about and experience this entirely different world... 
Can I work with plants at FalconBlanco?
Is there a ferry from the mainland to Ibiza?
How far from the port are you?
I do not speak Spanish... 
How I can get to Falcon Blanco by public transport?
How many people are currently living at FalconBlanco?
Would it be possible for someone to meet me at the airport?
Is it better to come from Denia or from Valencia?
Do you take regularly time/days off every week/month?
How clean is your place?
What costs are covered by you besides board and lodging?
Are you all singles and celibate?
How can I get a visa for a longer period?
In what matters can I have a word/vote?
How much money do you think I need per month?
How frequently can I visit the nearest town?
May I use your Internet connection unlimited?
Can I study some Spanish and German there?
What kind of (health, travel) insurance do I need?
Is there a leader, director, manager or guru at FalconBlanco?
Can I bring a digital camera and a laptop with me?

Question: What are the costs for staying at FalconBlanco?
Answer: There are no costs. From the moment you arrive in Ibiza, up to the moment you leave, you don't need any money to live and work as a member of FalconBlanco. We are not dealing with money. It is part of our 'survival training' that we survive practically without money. We can show you how this is possible. Of course this depends on your additional needs. If you want to go to a discotheque then you will need to pay the entrance price, unless you are already advanced in your 'survival training' and are able to make good friends instantly with the door guide... Staying at FalconBlanco, you should be free from financial responsibilities to the outside. There is no way to 'make money', not at FalconBlanco and not somewhere else on the island. 
You need a return ticket or enough money to go back where you came from or where you want to go from here. That's all. [Remark: At the moment we are not offering 'meditation/working retreats'.]

Question:Is it possible to live at Falconblanco and do the necessary work, but then going for half a day or some hours to another place outside of FalconBlanco to earn some money? 
Answer: This is not possible. Living at Falconblanco you can't make money. If you can take off a couple of months from this need, then maybe your view about it will change and new aspects might show up... Anyway, we are not dealing with money, this is not motivating us in what we are doing. If you live and work for some time under these conditions then you might find new aspects and new sense and also a new attitude about money... 

Question: I am willing to pay for a room, instead of living in a tent or another kind of shelter. Is this possible and how much would this be?
Answer: If you come to FalconBlanco, then there is no use for your money. You will have your own room but you can't pay for it. You will have to deal with what is there or you create something you like better. The room and food we give freely in the same way you give your help to realize the projects of FalconBlanco and the daily work to maintain the place.

Question: Can we come as paying guests? We are willing to pay xxx Euros for night and person.
Answer: No, this is not possible. We don't accept anybody who don't participate fully in a retreat or as a member of our group. 

Question:Do I need health insurance to be at FalconBlanco?
Answer: You don't need one but we prefer that you have one. 
On the long run you will learn to live in a healthy way and be aware enough that you don't cause accidents. (At least this worked for myself during the last 30 years.) 

Question: How long is the minimum stay at FalconBlanco?
Answer: We suggest that you stay three months, or at least two months. Living at FalconBlanco is not like participating in a seminar or workshop packed full of information or advises. Participating in a retreat and our daily life needs a different engagement and the learning process depends on one's readiness to take responsibilities and the willingness and motivation to experience new ways of life and relate in a creative way to circumstances which might be very different from what you are used to. In a few weeks this is not possible, apart of  being in a totally new surrounding, with unknown people, different culture, etc. it needs about three weeks that one's system becomes familiar and opens up for new aspects. To get the optimum out of staying at FB a duration of three months should be the minimum. There are no costs for your staying, everything is included. Of course you could come also for just a week, but what could you give in such a short time or what could you receive? When normally one needs three weeks to get familiar with the invironment, the new people and the unknow conditions...

Question: Reading about your 'rules' I must say that these are too strict. Can I smoke outside of FalconBlanco?
Answer: We prefer not to call it 'rules'. It is a question of one's personal lifestyle. If it is part of your life to drink alcohol, to smoke and to take drugs, even though it is well known that this is damaging your health, then this is your decision. We try to live differently and also we have made the experience that the consume of those things is influencing one's growing process in a very negative way and so we prefer to avoid to waste our energy... There are enough problems each of us has to solve, so better not to mix people with different lifestyles creating even more problems.

Question: So it is not part of your lifestyle to smoke, to drink and to take drugs. What about sex, do you allow this...?
Answer: Your 'sex life' should be seen as something absolutely private, which you probably will not do in public and also will not discuss it with others and you should respect other people's private life. Although it might cause reactions such as jealousy, etc. when others see that you are together with someone, so you will need to deal with it...

Question: I have learned about 'intentional communities' around the world and think they could give me a great perspective on what it would be like to live in a place where the emphasis is not on more. 
Answer: Better you don't have too much expectations. The intention might be there, the ideas and concepts might sound beautiful, but then the daily reality is another thing. But this you will find out yourself... In FalconBlanco we try to stay on the ground and deal with what shows up daily. What means that one has to take responsibility and relate to whatever shows up, outside on the practical level and inside on the mental and emotional level. Responding to daily happenings and the people you are dealing with, will trigger reactions within oneself and we believe this is the most important, because if we relate consciously to it, then this helps our inner growing process in a very efficient way. What kind of work we do on the outside level is not that important. We do what is necessary in this moment and we do it as good as we can.

Question: What kind of community is FalconBlanco, for example a 'Coo housing' or a shared property? 
Answer: From the beginning, that is about twenty five years ago, until now, FalconBlanco never was an 'established community'. The place is owned by a private person who build up the place (originally as a therapy center) and then opened the doors for people who were interested to come together as 'kindred spirits', to make the experience of 'Community', but not as usual from outside/in, what means buying land, building houses and establishing a community with rules and a community concept. The idea from the beginning was to see 'community' as the result of a 'growing process', coming from an inner path through meditation and self knowledge, so with this growing from inside/out.  There never has been money involved: Nobody has to pay for staying here and nobody gets any salary. All existing facilities can be used for free and also all expenses are paid, like Internet connection, electricity, tax, etc. included food. There never has been a certain 'concept' involved: Not religious or any kind of dogma. There never has been a leader or any organization, although in the beginning the 'owner' has organized the practical daily work of maintaining the place. In the last ten years this has developed quite well and there are absolutely no economical problems: There can be fed about 10-20 people with relatively little work, most effort need the place with all the plants, animals and the forest. But with about 5 hours of daily work for the communal aspects it is done, the rest of one's time can be used for private interests or together with someone else who shares these interests... Of course one has to remember that nobody has to pay rent, what normally is the most expensive... and so nobody is working for this. 
The 'owner' doesn't see himself as an owner, he says that the one 'owns' who feels responsible and takes care, it doesn't matter who this is. This doesn't mean that after some time feeling oneself as an 'owner' and try to take over the place.
FalconBlanco still is not an 'established community', it is still in the process and sometimes it looks like as if it is not possible, due to the lack of people who are interested in such a project and also due to the many personal limitations which are showing up, but one might call it 'intentional community' and there is no doubt that this is a place unique in the world, with the possibility to go beyond one's narrow and limited 'personality'.

Question: Why you don't put all the property into a 'trust', so that all members own it? As all community property would be in a perpetual trust, where the beneficiary is the community consisting of those who are permanent members, then this would eliminate all power and manipulation games and probably also reduce problems of jealousy.
Answer: As it was said before: Owner is who feels responsible and cares... 
The personal condition will not change whatever the outside form is. If there is a real 'coming together' then the form doesn't matter. At the moment when it happens that there is a group of people together who build a 'community', that might be eight to ten people, and if this group functions and want to stay together, then the owner will make his testament and give all the property to this group, but not before and not to two or three people. If somebody wants financial security before joining or staying, then has not understood the intention of the vision of FalconBlanco. 

Question: If  I would leave for some reason after being several years a member of FalconBlanco, what would I get out of it for let's say of five years of work?
Answer: When you came to FalconBlanco then you know that you wouldn't get paid, not as a short time guest or a Wwoofer or a member. You worked here the necessary hours to maintain the place in its present form and structure. The first condition to be here is that one feels good, so I guess you wouldn't have been here for five years, if you wouldn't have liked it... You were living in a healthy environment, in nature with animals and nice people and for sure you could make some friends. You didn't need to worry about your survival, every thing  you needed was provided and you had enough time for yourself. Probably you didn't feel good all the time, you will have gone through a personal transformation with its ups and downs, but it will have brought you somewhere better than you have been before. During your time here you will have learned quite a lot: How to survive in all kind of circumstances, where ever you are... How to find a creative solution in difficult situations... You will have learned some skills and maybe one or two more languages, as we speak here spanish, english and german and sometimes italian and french. Your world view will have changed and you will be able to look behind the average common view and be aware of reality more sensitively. You might have learned Yoga, Tai Chi, Qui Gong, etc. and you will know how to meditate, even being able to help other people with it. You will know how to choose your food in a healthy way and also how to heal yourself with cleansing, fasting, etc. You might have learned to express yourself in an artistic way, painting, making music or writing poetry.
You only can ask such a question because you haven't been living at FalconBlanco... 

Question: If I understand it right, then being at FalconBlanco the work with oneself is the most important and I can take care of this in the first place.
Answer: With this you are 'wrapped in your diapers in a wrong way'. With your question you are showing your innocent and immature attitude. You are used that you turn around yourself or that other people turn around you and this for you is the most important. This attitude is normal in our world and this civilization. You are using circumstances wherever you can find them, to try to overcome your dependencies, which in their base are related to your parents. You are trying to proof and demonstrate your independence. Often that way by developing resistance against people in your surrounding. You are projecting aspects of your parents into others and separate yourself from them. Your behavior turns out to appear strange and incommunicative. Obviously you are in a conflict. On one side you want and expect attention and on the other side you are demonstrating the contrary; causing misunderstanding and reactions in others and then this provokes reactions from you... With this behavior you are not an ideal member of a community. You need a different structure, a frame in which you can orientate yourself and which serves as a backup for your insecurity. If you are not able to set aside at least sometimes your needs and wishes to fulfill your responsibilities against others and situations, only if you get pushed, what provokes even more resistance, then FalconBlanco is not the right place for you. Here we try to go beyond our personality and this can happen by doing things which we maybe don't like specially, but are necessary. Laziness is a sign of lacking interest in things which doesn't serve in the first place for one's own satisfaction. With this attitude it is not possible to be creative in an effective way and to help with the intention of FalconBlanco. So we prefer that you stay away.

Question: So I would be living in a tent? 
Answer: No, there is enough space in rooms for helping members. If we need more spaces, then we can easily build some wooden houses...

Question: A description of a typical day would be great. 
Answer: We get up at about 7.30. At 8 o'clock depending on the sunrise, we do sun meditation (sungazing) until about 8.30, (In winter one hour later) then a walk with the dogs through the forest if you like. Breakfast you prepare for yourself, there is everything available, mainly vegetarian, but also eggs, milk and cheese who wants it. You can eat and drink as much as you like. 
We start to work at 10 o'clock. Lunch we have all together at about 3 o'clock. Dinner you can prepare for yourself or together with others if you like or just eat some fruits.
The kind of work depends on the situation. At the moment we are still in a cleaning phase, which might last for a few weeks (or months?) more. As you might have read, we do recycling of pallets and also of  food. We make compost and we use the wood from the broken pallets at this moment to build wooden houses. Later we plan to make also some furniture. We have no horse anymore, but dogs, cats and chicken. There are a lot of plants, at the moment we are growing only a few vegetables. But when we will have finished the cleaning phase we will make again a bigger vegetable garden. Normally we work in small groups of three or four people. The common languages are English, Spanish and German. 

Question: What is the age range for those who live in your community? 
Answer: Most people are between 25 and 32 years old, a few older. The people living permanently here are around forty except the founder of FB, he is a bit older. 

Question: Is the number still at 12? 
Answer: Two weeks ago we were 20 people, now seven, next week there might be only five left. We have made the condition that from now on the minimum stay is three months. [At he moment we are twelve people living at FB. Febr. 2005]

Question: I think what you are doing is extraordinary and I would like to be able to learn about and experience this entirely different world. 
Answer: The 'learning' will be in the first place that you check out your habits and used ways of thinking and feeling. What you experience through your own reactions might not always be comfortable, because there might show up some resistance or even anger, caused by insecurity, because the measurement of your used values might be confused. You can learn to deal with unknown things and situations, how to manage even chaotic circumstances... But don't worry, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and we laugh a lot... We believe it is good to take things serious, - but not too serious. Right? 

Question: Can I work with plants at FalconBlanco? What other kind of work must be done?
Answer: At this moment we do only little with growing vegetable, there are three gardens with vegetables. Apart of this we have a lot of plants and also some fruit trees, but as we have abundance of food and also vegetable, so we plant not very much. We are working mainly with recycling of pallets and food. We are making our own Biodiesel for our van and our fork lift. Also we plan to make our own electricity, but this is still in the first phase gathering information. We are using wood from pallets to build small wooden houses and we plan to make also furniture to recycle the wood. There are a lot of possibilities for someone who wants to be active. Also we are investigating and searching about alternative information in the Internet...

Question: Is there a ferry from the mainland to Ibiza?
Answer: You can take the ferry from Valencia, Denia or Barcelona. Denia is the nearest. When you take the boat from Denia, you should go to Ibiza town and NOT to San Antonio if possible. When you arrive at Ibiza or before you leave, you can call us: 971 32 52 21 then we will try to fetch you from the boat. 

Question: How far from the port are you? As I'd like to come with my bicycle.
Answer: From the airport to FalconBlanco it is about 20 km, from the harbor 15 km. 

Question: I do not speak Spanish, though it is a language that I would like and plan to learn.
Answer: All people speak English and we are talking also in Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish, it would be good that you start to learn some basic Spanish before you come then it will be easier for you to practice when you are here. 

Question: I was wondering how many people are currently living at FalconBlanco.
Answer: At this moment there are 8 people living at FalconBlanco. [April. 2005]

Question: Would it be possible for someone to meet me at the airport?
Answer: The best is that you phone when you arrive at Ibiza or when you leave in Barcelona, then we will try to meet you at the airport. Our telephone: 971 325221.

Question: If not, could you give me directions on how I can get to Falcon Blanco by public transport?
Answer: In case there goes something wrong our direction is: FalconBlanco, San Lorenzo, km 1,5 in direction to Santa Gertrudis. There goes a public bus from the airport to Ibiza town and from there to San Lorenzo, the bus stop is 'Bar Es Pins', it is the bus line to San Juan/Portinatx, in 'EsPins' there is a telephone and we would pick you up from there. 

Question:Is it better to come from Denia or from Valencia and where should I land to make it easy for you, I see that you are in the middle of the island
Answer: If you are in Valencia then it is the easiest to take the boat from there to Ibiza. We are going every day to Ibiza town and we will try to arrange it that we come to the port when your boat arrives. You call FalconBlanco telephone: 971 325221.
If something goes wrong, then take the auto bus which goes direction San Juan or Portinatx. You have to get out in San Lorenzo "Bar Es Pins", there is a telephone and we would fetch you from there. The worst could happen that there is no telephone connection, then you leave your luggage in Es Pins and walk to FB which is on the road to Santa Gertrudis. From the church in San Lorenzo 1,5 km direction Santa Gertrudis. It is 1 km from Es Pins to San Lorenzo and then 1,5 km to FB. There is a sign on a pine tree, it is a dirt road to the right, then 200 m. You can't get lost... When you come near to the houses of FalconBlanco, the dogs will bark, the geese will give alarming sounds and the chicken will join them, but don't get afraid, go on walking...

Question: 1Do you take regularly time/days off every week/month?
Answer: Sunday is free, except one person must take care of the animals which must be fed every day. If nobody wants to cook on Sunday, then we eat fruits. But it doesn't feel right if somebody is cooking for him/herself and not even asking the other if they would like to share something. 
Question: 2. What kind of fun and celebration do you have?
Answer: This depends on people being here, there is no animation of any kind. Some people make music, at the moment they haven't joined each other and each of them playing by oneself. Yesterday people were sitting around an open fire on the field. They were playing guitar, there could be some singing together, probably someone has to take the initiative. You can play chass or cards or other games available. A few of us are writing poetry which we post to a news groups to share it with each other and with people outside. I would like to do some theater, but for this the group must be more established. In the evening after meditation nearly all are connected with the Internet and we are connected with each other through an internal network, this also includes a 'white board' where all can participate in the drawing of a picture, this is fun... It is planed to make a video film with some short xxx?, but with this it is the same as with playing some theater, it needs a group of people which want to express something similar and have fun with it.
Question: 3. What's the daily schedule, how strict is that?
Answer: From 8.30 - 9.00 meditation, then breakfast which people prepare each one for themselves. 10.00 - 14.00 working in different areas. At the moment we are still doing a lot of cleaning and sorting out things. For one week we had a mason working and two or three of us were helping him. Two people go with the van every day to Ibiza to pick up fruits and vegetable and also pallets. We eat lunch at about 14.30/15.00. After lunch there is normally free time to do something creative, except that the animals must be fed. From 18.00 on the network is connected with the Internet, there are five computers connected now and there is space for three more. The kitchen computer can be shared by visitors. At 21.00 there is meditation for about 45 minutes. The evening meal is up to the people. 
New people are initiated in the daily work which must be done. From time to time we talk about what should be done next. 
Question: 4How clean is your place (compared with a barn:-)?
Answer: We are still in the cleaning process after the forest fire in summer, but it is clearing up slowly and there are a few spaces starting to look clean and organized. Compared with a barn it looks like a barn... (Or even cleaner how we were told by an official authority...)
Question: 5What costs are covered by you besides board and lodging? I mean like 
toiletry, basic medications, working clothes, phone bill, etc.
Answer: There are shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. There are plenty of working clothes. 
You have access to the Internet which you can share with other visitors for about three hours a day and Sundays all the day, so we think with this you can communicate enough with people from outside. But we don't want to cover the costs for telephone calls to foreign countries from people. 
Question: 6Are you all singles and celibates?
Answer: That depends who is here. There might be couples and singles. Gays and lesbians, etc. 
Question: 7How can I get visa for a longer period (from out of EU) if you are not registered charity?
Answer: For official information you go to the spanish consulate. 
Question: 8In what matters can I have a word/vote (as a member or visitor)? 
Answer: If there is a decision to take, we all talk about it and everybody can express one's view. 
Question: 9How much money do you think I need per month?
Answer: You don't need money at all, unless you want to go to a movie, to a disco or somewhere like this, or you need to do telephone calls to another country. 
Question: 10How frequently can I visit the nearest town (post office, shopping area)?
Answer: You can go every day if you want to go to Ibiza with the van to do the daily trip. 
Question: 11May I use your Internet connection unlimited (if work allows, and not for games)? 
Answer: You can share the connection with other visitors, unless you bring your own computer. Normally the
 connection is on after 20:00 for about two or three hours. This is for free and a favor for our visitors, we
 don't like it if somebody claims any rights to use the Internet, especially if there is no interest and
 participation in our forum and other Internet activities...
Question: 13Can I study some Spanish and German there (by myself/from you)?
Answer: We are talking English, Spanish and German. 
Question: 14What kind of (health, travel) insurance do I need to get before coming?
Answer: You don't need any health insurance for traveling, but we would prefer if  you have  some kind of insurance when being here. 

Question: Is there a leader, director, manager or guru at FalconBlanco?
Answer: No, there isn't. We expect that people living here are responsible for themselves and don't need to be guided. The organization of work or other activities is managed by all together. Help in any kind of questions is available through the present group of participants and of course also from the founder of the place FalconBlanco, which now is a 'Non Profit Organization', so when you come here to stay, then you are automatically a member and with this you also accept the conditions of the 'Non Profit Organization FalconBlanco'.

Question: Would it be acceptable to bring my digital camera and a laptop to download the pictures onto? I have two concerns regarding this: First, I wonder if you would be apposed to me taking pictures, because you may see it as a money-making venture.  I am not a professional photographer and do not make a living by the pictures I take. Second, I wonder if you would be apposed to me bringing a laptop, because maybe you would view that as a distraction from the goal or something.
Answer: You can bring your camera and your laptop. Several of us here at FB have digital cameras connected to computers. We don't see this as a distraction but as part of our self-expression and a way to communicate with each other.

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