What is Disease really? - How can one *Heal Oneself*?
An exchange between BeiYin and friends about the way to heal oneself from Fibromyalgia
and other 'incurable' diseases by changing and transforming ones view, habits and within this *growing process* going beyond oneself...

Jennifer: I have this disease, they have given the name 'Fibromyalgia', - it is destroying my family. My 71 year old mother has to take care of my children. My husband doesn't support me or understand. I love him very much, but he runs away.
BeiYin: Jennifer, I can understand you, as I went through similar conditions and I will try to help you, but it is clear that I can't give you any health advice, because I'm not a 'health professional'. I only can share what I have done and learned when I was sick and have treated myself, - after the medical doctors could not help me.
Jennifer: I have been very depressed. It started with insomnia, which I have had for 15 years.  In 2006 I got a gastrointestinal infection that almost killed me. After that, my health declined immensely. I have been to every medical dr you can name. I share in your frustration.
BeiYin: The medical doctors do as good they are capable due to their education as part of the system. To be healed and that goes much further than just to get rid of our disturbing symptoms, we need to get out of our dependencies and take self responsibility. This is unthinkable for an integrated member of our society, but if one has suffered long enough like you, then this is a necessary next step you need to take.
Question: Isn't it pretty clear what 'disease' is? Something goes wrong and so my body doesn't function as it should. One has pain and ones energy goes down, making one suffering and feeling bad.
BeiYin: First let's find out what 'disease' really is, that will be different than from the  Medical dictionary: "Disease: Any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown."
This is correct when seeing it just limited to the material body level, but is only describing disease as a failure and so of course must be seen as something negative and so should be changed. In case somebody asks for the cause of ones disease, then it will be described as 'germs' or 'energy imbalance', but nobody ask about the *root cause* and so nobody is doing anything about it and only treating the disturbing symptoms. In my view the 'normal structure or function of the body system' and that includes the mental and emotions, is disturbed and weakened due to the accumulation of tension, that is produced in every persons daily life and is called 'stress'. Accumulated tension is influencing a person on all levels and  so causing disease and then there are other influences like toxins, that accumulate in the body and also cause 'interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part'. It is nearly impossible to avoid that toxins have their damaging influence on our body and together with the damage the accumulated tension does, it is not surprising that hardly any body is really *healthy*.
Question: Then of course the next question shows up: Why we are producing stress? Isn't this just 'normal' and part of our life? The same as all the toxic influences, meanwhile these became 'normal'.
BeiYin: Obviously all this has become 'normal'. So it also has become 'normal', that there are 500 million people with Fibromyalgia, 500 million with Hernia, and even more millions with cancer and many more millions with all kind of other diseases. This has become 'normal' and so is never questioned!
But if someone has suffered for many years and went from one doctor and healer to the next without getting real help to be healed, then there might show up some critical questions... And also the question about the 'real root cause'. But there exist no answer coming from the common knowledge mindset.
Question: So then the question is: What is causing the tension in every bodies daily life? Then how could this be avoided to keep ones health? With toxins it seems easier to avoid these. At least I can check the food I am buying, but I can't avoid to breath the polluted air or escape from other toxic influences...
BeiYin: Tension coming from stress is obviously the inevitable result living in our so strongly established society, with a mindset that contains already all answers. Telling us how we must live, what we must buy, what we think and feel. We are all programmed from our early days on. Through given 'knowledge', represented in concepts about every thing that is part of our life on all existing levels, well and profoundly explained through authorities on all fields.
Question: Well yes, but why there is tension showing up, if all has its known place and is kept under control?
BeiYin: What there is established as the perfect world view, without any question left open, is the traditional survival game within the history of mankind from the earliest beginning. So that makes it so firm and stable, without any serious doubts about it, because we are all growing into it as soon one appears on this earthen plan.
Question: Then what's wrong about it?
BeiYin: There is nothing 'wrong' about it, as it is just the condition of the step in our evolution. What's 'wrong' is that we are stuck on this step and that shows when we are trying to live these established goals and values that are part of the common concepts. Then it shows, that there is a discrepancy between ones created self image that one is trying to live and for what one is seeking confirmation - and our daily reality, that too often doesn't fulfill our expectations. Then no wonder that we are disappointed, frustrated and so producing a lot of stress. That when it accumulates, brings us out of balance. First this might show up in our emotional reactions and also in our mental activities and then it will show up on the body level, effecting its function...
Question: Why nobody is pointing this out, so that we all might be interested to change it?
BeiYin: This is a complicate and complex subject and goes too far right now, but we can talk later more about it, if some body is interested in this subject...
Jennifer: I do juicing, protein shakes, eat organic, vit  b -12, so many vitamins. I live at the health shop. I've lost so much weight because everything seems to go right thru me. I'm on new herbs for that, so hoping that will help.
BeiYin: It seems you are doing already something by yourself, getting out of the usual eating habits. Although this probably will not be enough to heal yourself. This must include all your other levels of existence... So is there something missing that makes it difficult that you can digest? Might it be that you are not digesting what comes in on other levels than just the body level and that is much more essential?
Jennifer: I believe in God and his power to heal. He raised the dead , he can heal us. He does provide people in our paths for help and support.
BeiYin: It is delicate to touch ones beliefs. When Jesus was teaching and trying to share his personal experiences, - that were going beyond the common mindset of his time, - then he found followers, even though they might not have understood him in the essential part of his teachings. For sure he caused resistance in people who were clinging on their established believe and also the power system of society reacted and then eliminated the 'trouble maker'. As Jesus teachings could not be undone, so then these were integrated into the existing mindset and so served the survival of the established system.
More essential is, that every body has ones own inbuilt *growing force* that also has the power to *heal* oneself, but we need to listen to this *inner force* and this we can only when we get out of dependencies to the outside conditions and people.
'Disease' is the intention of ones system to heal oneself, - to bring one into *balance* and that would finally mean: To connect one with ones *true being*, - beyond concepts and images...
Jennifer: Only the people that have had this disease 'Fibromyalgia' understand what you are going through. I have learned to. Of bother talking to others but they just can't relate. They think you are crazy. For a time, I got my life back together with a med called 'Klonopin', but it was highly addictive and stopped working after less than a year. I have been going thru my own personal hell trying to withdraw from that drug. On good Friday, I sprained my neck. I know what challenges are.
BeiYin: Until now you have been stuck in your suffering. It seems you are ready to change your view on 'disease' and you can understand, that you are NOT a victim of these conditions, but that this happening is part of your personal learning, growing and healing process. You are ready to get out of the dependencies from authorities and you are for sure able to see, that medications like 'Klonopin' are keeping you in dependency, so this must be avoided and also those, whose knowledge is limited to these manipulations.
From my experience with the medical system I can say, that I met hardly any one among them, who were not totally part of the system. I suggest, that you go to the Web site: http://plasmafire.com and tell your story through the 'contact page' to Dr. Saul Pressman, who is the owner of this Web site. He has also a Yahoo group: ozonetherapy were he gives advice to treat all kind of diseases (for free!). I see that his suggestions to treat diseases are given in the most holistic way available, (although not as far as I would like it, but for sure its far better than what is common...) I am still reading at his group and his advises are useful and can be part of ones healing. He is specialist in ozone treatments and I bought an ozone generator from his company about ten years ago and I am still using it together with my sauna. I am convinced that this was one of the most important parts of my treatments and has saved my life and I could heal my Fibromyalgia totally, so that since eight years no symptoms have been coming back. Probably he will suggest ozone treatment. But before you get your own ozone generator, you could find a med. doctor who is treating with ozone. Then when you see that it helps you, then you can get your own. That's what I have done when I was sick.
Question: What can I do to avoid 'stress' as I can see, that this would be an important part of my healing? What else can I do in my treatments?
BeiYin: You can't yet avoid stress. Before you can do this, you would have to get rid  in the first place of the cause why you are getting into stress and accumulating this. This you can't do, it only can be the result of your growing process, when you have transformed your present state of being in such a way, that not only your world view has changed, but also you are becoming aware of your personal unconscious background. This background contains all the influences you have received in your life and these have programmed you. Out of these background programs you are reacting in your daily encounters, that is causing your 'stress', because daily reality is NOT how you want it to be from the established concepts you have made to your own. Now when you realize that there is a problem, then you want to make a concept how to solve it and then trying to practise this, but this will not work: You can't make a 'new concept' and then trying to live it. That's what you have been doing all your life until now and it doesn't work... just keeps you trapped!
The most important is, to become aware what is causing the stress and then practicing a way to release the accumulated stress. This is possible when you practice the *StressReleaseExercise*, - how I call it. Actually it is 'Meditation', but this word is so much loaded with religious and spiritual interpretation, that it rejects many people who would need it urgently for their life and healing. You can find instruction how to do the exercise at: http://falconblanco.com/release/ and also at my YouTube video: "Meditation just start now"
I would suggest that beside meditation and an ozone treatment, you do a series of liver cleanses, but about this Dr. Pressman will give you probably good and detailed advises.
If you have any kind of question coming out of what you are reading here, then don't hesitate to ask me...
Jennifer: So, you were basically healed by meditation and ozone therapy? I did meditation for a long time and I did yoga as well. I eat very clean and I stay away from bad foods. The pain is unreal.  I get massages, go to the chiropractor and try to stay away from medical drs. I went to a homeopathic dr and a few naturopathics and after spending $40,000 to get well, my husband informed me that we were broke.
InkyPinkie: How is this possible, you are living in this society, were every thing is perfectly organized and you don't have a health insurance? And then you are spending $40.000 on those health business people? Unbelievable! Sorry, but doesn't this show that there is something wrong with your life style? Maybe it's 'Time to wake up'! Right?
As far as I could see from the Google satellite photo, you are living in a beautiful surrounding near a horse ranch, although I could not see a house in that you live. I can't imagine that now you live under a tree, being that much 'broken'.
BeiYin: But back to the subject: You are strong and ready, so I am absolutely sure that you can heal yourself by just letting your *own growing and healing force* allowing to take over. If I could heal myself, then you also can. So first receive this information and convince yourself. You can't yet trust yourself, but you can trust your own *growing force*! Right?
Question: How can I trust something I don't know? Must I believe in it?
BeiYin: You don't need to 'believe' in any thing. You can inform yourself by observing for example the growing force in nature. This *force* is within a tiny little seed and then a plant grows out of it and grows and grows, having flowers and fruits. Without concepts, without any body telling any thing. Just some earth and some times some water. If there is an obstacle like a rock, then the little roots have the power to break these. Isn't this enough to tell you that you have the same force within yourself?
There can't be any doubt, that the *growing* includes all levels of existence and we can observe, that having realized and being on one step, that doesn't mean that one is capable to see the next one.
For us as humans the highest form we have realized, is being 'self conscious', when we are aware of our *existence* through our senses and being identified with our mind and our emotions, what means that mainly through our reactions we experience our existence. With the not so creative result, that people constantly provoking their surrounding, because they need the opportunity to react and so being confirmed in their existence. What makes it to a big game in that every body is involved, one using the other and the most clever ones are using the most sophisticated 'scams' in this common game, to push all available buttons to get what they want, blowing up themselves more and more...
As we all experience, this 'confirmation game' doesn't work always like we would like it and so there is struggle and a lot of disappointment, - causing 'stress'! That is accumulating and as we know meanwhile: Is the first step to bring us into the state of 'disease'!
In the present step of our *growing*, what is called 'evolution', humans mainly develop their mental and emotional capacity and mostly being limited to this as 'personalities', so making it bigger and bigger...
But the *growing force* within each individual is strong and probably the strongest energy that exist. We might see the existence as 'personality' like a cocoon and in deed humanity seems to be stuck in this, struggling within this transformation to become the butterfly, instead of just letting it happen.  The problems seems to be, that when people are struggling and suffering, that this also confirms them in their existence and so still this keeps them stuck in this limited transitional state, without a real urge to go beyond...
You wrote that you did meditation. That means that you are not doing it any more?
By now it should be clear, that you are in a 'transformational process'. This mainly has to do with the development of your awareness. The best and most efficient without doubt is to practice meditation.
So then go to my page: http://falconblanco.com/release/ or to my video at YouTubeand do it again: Twice a day for twenty minutes! If you have any doubts about doing it right, then ask me.
Realize that you have been in the trap, expecting help and healing from the outside and so spending this much money. You should be ready to get out of this...
Question: I read your recent article about 'scam' and you make me see that we are all caught in a big scam, that includes every thing and every body. Not only this, we are in a scam within ourselves, when being identified with our 'personality'. - Then how can I 'trust', when there is nobody left to trust, not even myself?
BeiYin: To be able to trust yourself you will need to create first the right 'base'. That might be first: Not needing the security that comes from following authorities and what you are told. When you meditate, then you will develop also your *intuition* that will guide you, as it makes that you become aware of your own inner *growing force*. You will be capable to observe more objectively and make your conclusion. In this way gaining information that makes you see the real nature of happenings and conditions. Then out of this *realisation* you will find trust in yourself.
Jennifer: How to get energy? Get rid of physical pain? Insomnia? Gastrointestinal issues? I need to look back when you first posted because you must have had these issues and I wanted to see how you dealt with them.
BeiYin: As long as you are identified with your reactions, defending yourself in any moment, you are loosing all your energy. The moment when you will be able to go beyond your personality, - that is yet the 'battle field' on that all your suffering is happening, - then you will have access to *abundance* on all levels.
Summary: 'Disease' when not seen anymore from the position as a victim and as something negative, but as a part of ones *growing process*, then with this attitude becomes a creative base for ones healing on all levels. Allowing that *transformation* can happen and with this *real healing*!

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Betsy: After reading Jennifer's story I can clearly see she is healing right now, but she can't see it.
Instead, she is focusing on the symptoms which are the signs of the healing happening, and because she doesn't want all these 'bad healing symptoms', she sees her situation as negative.
She focuses on the painful aspect. Any time we heal whether it be old ways of reacting with mind and emotions or on a physical level of diseased to healthy tissue, we experience 'transformational pain' as the old thing goes away and new thing comes into existence.
The symptoms she is experiencing are signs of the healing, including feeling alone, lost, having doubts about her beliefs, losing weight and having muscle pain.
BeiYin: Being identified, one 'focuses' without seeing an other option. One is sucked into ones reactions and one is not capable to understand this as a 'transformational pain'. This can only happen 'when one had enough' and after some meditation practice...
Betsy: When a healing process first starts it is very hard to see you are in it, until you get years beyond it. Then with hindsight, you wonder which came first, the disease or the opening of your eyes.
Fibromyalgia is a common pre-awakening symptom, as the body starts to clear out toxins through the muscles.
BeiYin: The *truth* of this information can only be seen by some body whose 'cocoon' is causing so much pressure, that the suffering becomes unbearable and with this finally one stands up against the established dependency and even though might loose the last bit of pseudo security, one is ready to make a step beyond oneself.
Betsy: When you go on a healthy diet, it is normal to lose weight, as the next thing in line after clearing out toxins from muscles is to clean up the organs. Digestive organs are next in the healing process. It is a typical next step to fast, go on a healthy diet, do yoga, all these things, it is not an accident you are doing this. You are getting stronger, and *somehow* know what to do. When you lose weight your entire system gains energy, as when you fast. This gain in energy will help you to take the next step, to see beyond the story you are telling yourself about 'your hopeless situation'. A gain in energy will help you trust and believe you can heal. Moments of Joy will come through, motivating you to keep going, knowing you are on the right path.
BeiYin: Exactly! It is not possible to convince some body! It is possible to heal oneself when all and every authority is telling something else. Even though I always use myself as an example, telling: If I have healed myself, then every body else can also do it! With this expressed energy a suffering person might get the 'kick' and start changing ones negative destructive view...
Betsy: There showed up the question: "How can I trust something I don't know?"
The way to trust is to take a review of your past and convince yourself you are actually healing *right now*. You are not who you were before, you are growing and changing. Because you are taking measures to get better, it is getting a result. - It is just never as fast as we would like it to go.
At this point it is the most important to know that the symptoms you don't want and now see as negative are actually signs of healing.
BeiYin: Indeed, the change of ones attitude is the most important to enter into a healing process. The view from being a victim, that causes defense and closeness, to a positive attitude that opens up, from the inside and outside and gives the opportunity to receive information that will help in ones healing.
Betsy: So you see either way, you have to face pain. When you accept that pain or symptoms as part of the healing process, then you can take another step. And that is to learn how to NOT IDENTIFY with the symptoms as 'being painful'. When you distance from your mind-voice and emotions and don't engage in the 'poor me' story, then you don't experience symptoms as painful. Rather, you realize you are gaining energy and getting better. Perhaps it is an intermediate step to change the story, of I am hopeless to I am getting better... The less you resist the 'healing process', the more energy you gain and healing will accelerate.
BeiYin: I can confirm that it is possible: 'not to identify with the symptoms as being painful'. Already forty years ago I refused an anesthesia from the dentist and I could take the pain without problem! What was surprising for the dentists! But they never ask me how I did it...
Betsy: As far as I know, meditation is the MAIN TOOL to practice to learn how not to identify with the mind-voice story, which story is the MAIN RESISTANCE FACTOR to allowing yourself to be healed.
BeiYin:There is no doubt that drinking clean water is the best and even though this is a clear fact, people consuming all over the world those sugar color drinks and they get sick but still not wanting to listen... The same with meditation. There is absolutely no doubt about the benefit and so it has been my intention for many years to let people know about it. For example: About six years ago at FalconBlanco we did a big effort and we printed several thousand leaflets and booklets in several different languages and send them out all over the world. Just here on Ibiza be distributed several thousand booklets that we put all over the place: In waiting rooms of dentists and med. doctors, in hospitals, in health food shops, travel agencies and more. I talk with the owner of companies and with the Guardia Civil and Police. To make it short: No response at all, no interest! Just a few months ago, one lady from a hospital wrote a comment on facebook, telling me that she had received the information and since then had practiced the meditation and that she feels very good with it! What an effort we have done! But it was not 'for nothing'! But one can understand that I dropped my activities in that ways... As it became obvious that people are not ready for it. As long they feel kind of comfortable within their used 'cocoon', every thing that could influence them to cause a change, will be rejected. So it becomes clear as the sunlight, that *disease* is what can open up to ones real *growing and healing*!
Betsy: Becoming skilled at meditation is not something that happens in one day, you must practice regularly and make it a daily habit. You will start to notice the mind-voice more and the story you are telling yourself. You will notice that the transformational pain is actually not that painful as it was before. That experience will convince you to trust in this process and in yourself.
Jennifer: Some of those questions I didn't ask and I do have a different believe system in some areas.  I know that I will be restored by my faith in God. (Sent from my iPhone)
BeiYin: The 'StressReleaseExercise' doesn't interfere with any kind of belief system and also not with your 'faith'. I suggest that you do it regularly, beside the treatments I have mentioned. If  your 'faith' inhibits you to accept my offered thoughts here, then I can't help it, but this writings might open the eyes of others who search for a solution of their suffering...
InkyPinkie: How is this possible that you spend $40.000 on med. doctors and now that you are broken, you 'know that you will be restored by your faith in God'? I suggest that you don't wait another 15 years that your faith will 'restore' your health and do something more concrete right now, like relating  to your present life, responding with the information you are receiving! You are here, triggering precious answers and comments, so it is up to you to make something creative from it for your life and healing...
BeiYin: Betsy has written more about 'transformation' and she is just publishing her first book! You might want to visit her Web site: http://phoenixtools.org
Jennifer: I do agree with most of the conversation on 'stop focusing on the problem'. Today, I have just been told I have lost all this weight (I weigh 96 lbs) due to parasites detected in a culture. Will that go away with meditation as well? All of my food has been going right through me. While not focusing on that, it is a little alarming, would you agree?
BeiYin: To clean your body system is part of the necessary treatments and I have also done this when I was sick. The ozone does a good job with this. You can also find information at Dr. Clark's Web site about parasite cleaning. (I had built my own 'zapper' in those past days...) Meditation will help, but mostly is more effective to clean up your mind and emotions, the 'parasites' in this more subtle part of your system are more difficult to detect and to clean up...
Jennifer: What do you mean by 'growing force'?
BeiYin: I can't give you a scientific explanation, only my simple observation I could do in my surrounding: That is the force or energy that makes every thing *grow* and that is when going from one state of *being* into the next. As from a seed to a little plant, then growing into a big plant, then having blossoms, then fruits. The same with animals and humans, called 'evolution', meaning that the species develop into a higher form, what one can also observe with animals. Just with humans it doesn't look like that there is any 'evolution' happening, because the time we can observe obviously is too short. It might be, that at our present step of *growing*, humanity is stuck in a kind of 'cocoon' and within this the pressure needs to built up, so that finally the cocoon, that have given protection from influences for the necessary evolution, can then open and left behind. This is a kind of 'birth' and obviously with a lot of struggle connected. But the *growing force* is strong and nothing can really block it. That one also can observe in nature...
The resistance that is showing up every where and that is causing all of our suffering and also is visible within what we call 'disease', is part of the characteristics in every established system, that has the tendency to hold its structure together, defending it against influences and change. It would help to smoothen the process, if we could understand this and so go with the 'growing flow' to overcome our resistance, going with ones transforming *growth energy* to go beyond ones personality and all those accumulated 'properties'...

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