BeiYin's Humor Page:  Life Wisdom Comics
Intention of the day: worm.gif (3746 bytes)"Hiding oneself..."worm.gif (3746 bytes)

Intention of the week: "Jumping out of the box"
frogjump2.gif (8184 bytes)    so what? demonio.gif (14649 bytes)

Intention of the month: ++genie.gif (87416 bytes)


Intention of the year: "Building up some security - to be free..."
+++ so what? 

Intention of one's life: "Getting something done"sisifus.gif (6561 bytes)     so what?

Intention of humanity: "To succeed in one's intention, to reach one's goal" so what? manrun.gif (5972 bytes)    or should we better...?

So what is your Intention? "To fly off to other stars?"

sparkle.gif (1459 bytes)

hawk.gif (6900 bytes)sparkle.gif (1459 bytes)

Or more realistic just relate to what shows up infront of your nose?
Without ever looking up      what might come from 'above'?

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