Where do you search?
Question: Could you tell me, when you search for answers, explanations, understandings of a spiritual nature, where do you go to?
BeiYin: I don't go anywhere. The answers are present, I just start to write and the answer appears. If not then I don't write or talk. Well there is still the option to search the Internet... ;-)Quote:
Question: When in your journey from the beginning of your spiritual awareness, where did you first go to -- to search?
BeiYin: Well, yes, in those days there was no Internet. But even before I started to search, I received answers without asking for it. This sounds irrational and that's what it was, as this answers were not containing words or even could be understood... But I was very young and wouldn't have been able to understand anyway... Later I read a lot of books, searching for something... I didn't really know what it was, but about all I read I had to say that this was not what I was looking for. At least I got so much out of it, that I practiced all kind of meditation methods, although I had done my own one long before. This is now more than fifty years ago.
Question: In other words, can you tell me about your background - pertaining to your spirituality. Your beliefs, your upbringing (as in any religion?) Who do you "believe" or who did you go to for guidance? I read earlier that you are not Christian and do not know much about the Bible. Yet the Bible for many is the foundation of our beliefs, our guiding force... I think you know what I am getting at... How did you do it? What are your beliefs based on?
BeiYin: It is obvious that your beliefs are very important for you and so it will be unbelievable if not shocking when I tell you that I don't have any beliefs and never had. So I can't give you any confirmation, but also I don't intend to influence you in your established beliefs, they will be diluted in its own time...
I gave up to go for 'guidance' when I found out that the real guidance comes from inside. I met many 'gurus' and spiritual teachers and my contact with them was good and intense, but never as being a follower, more seeing them as friends. I took them serious but never too serious and they could take it and respected it.
You are right: I don't see myself as a Christian and as I don't 'belief' in anything also not in any religion. I have read the bible among many other books, maybe I don't no much about the bible but it might be that it is more than many Christians. I found many good things and sometimes I am quoting them...
You ask me on what my beliefs are based on? So you know that I have no beliefs. It's a good question anyway, although I would put it differently: On what is your existence based on? What gives you security and the ability to confront reality? OK, I will answer this in another thread...:
Question: You amaze me with your understandings, thoughts, and the advice that you give or your insights. I am wondering how you acquired all of this? For example: do you channel? Do you have any paranormal abilities?
BeiYin: Well, I try not to interfere with the advice your psychiatrist gives you and I must stress the fact that I'm not a medical doctor or a professional of the established health system and I have enough experience with them and so not wanting to have to do with them. I share my thoughts out of friendship, but I never claim to be right as for every individual it might be differently. I relate and respond as good as I can, not wanting to manipulate or influence in a certain direction. Yes, I have some insights into human nature coming out of self knowledge and from there I can give some practical advice if I am ask for. But I don't want to be seen as authority or something similar. I always say that one must watch out not to depend on any authority and take self responsibility. Truth and anything else comes from inside...
How I acquired all of this? Again: A good question. To answer this I can say that all is freely available when one doesn't depend and is limited to concepts, beliefs, self image, identifications, projections, reactions, etc. etc.
No, I do not 'channel' at least I don't call it like this, although I feel like an empty channel sometimes and words just pouring through... Yes, I have some paranormal abilities, but I don't give any importance to these and I don't want to use them. I prefer to be a normal person with my feet on the ground and I do consciously many things to stay grounded...
Question: I can't even comprehend that you don't have ANY beliefs!!! How is this possible? Isn't belief a part of us/our soul?
BeiYin: Do you remember the story about the 'King without cloth'? He was told that he had cloth on which only for him would be invisible, so he was believing this. Until an innocent child shouted: "Hey, look the king is naked!"
Well, now with our established beliefs it might be similar: It dresses people and every body believes to be dressed, but in reality all are naked! I know that I am naked and feel also somehow like this, what sometimes being among people is not comfortable, but people can't see it as they believe in their own dress (last fashion or not) so for them it is certain that all others also wear clothes...
That beliefs are part of one's soul is part of the traditional clothing people need. Does this makes it clearer?
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