What think ye of 'God'?
Question: WHAT THINK YE OF *GOD*?  What is *GOD* to you? Moses' question to *God* as to what is His name, was mistranslated... instead of "I AM that I AM" it should have read "I AM BECOMING what I AM BECOMING" -- or "I shall be what I shall be". Meaning *God* is not static, but ever-evolving to a higher consciousness -- or whatever. And how do you regard the teachings of the One, commonly known as "Jesus"/Yeshua/Emmanuel/Issa? Of course, I would not require you to teach me these things -- I just want to know what your thoughts are. Personally, I do not take as reality the common Christian doctrine that Jesus-is-God... nor do I believe he was anything other than a mortal human, same as you or I.
BeiYin: If you ask me like this, then I must tell you that I do not think about *God*. Humans are 'conceptual beings', what means they exist mainly out of their thinking by being identified with it, getting their sense of existence from it. So they mainly try to find confirmation for their concepts, being identified with these and so fighting for it, to maintain and strengthen it. Talking about thoughts would mean to describe my concept, so that you can find confirmation for your own established concepts by agreeing with me or defending yours. I am not interested in this kind of games and I will not go into it. As long images and concepts give satisfaction, there is no need for me to talk about it. Children believe in 'father Christmas' and 'Easter bunny' and one should not disturb them in their picture world, they will grow out of these in it's time. The same with 'grown ups', just that there are extremely few humans are growing up beyond their conceptual world view and self images.
If an individual grows out of the established concepts of society, then this is nearly always connected with a serious identity crisis, because the security which came out of these picture world now is collapsing, then urgent questions are arising. Trying to answer these will fail when staying on the same level, what means on the thinking level. One must go beyond this to find an essential answer. *God* or an answer about *God* can't be found with one's thinking only with one's being. (That's the reason why in my previous article about the same topic, I suggested as a creative solution to go beyond the limited mind level, by starting to do meditation...)
The difficulty shows up when there is a real experience on the 'being level' and one wants to share it with others. Then whatever is said will immediately turn into a concept and will be included into the picture world of the established mind set and then strengthen one's self image, beliefs and concepts and so one's 'personality'...
There is no doubt that the founders of world religions had a good intention by teaching what was coming out of their personal transformation, but probably they were too uplifted in their spiritual experiences and lost the relation to daily human conditions and so had not enough knowledge about human nature and what people would do with these teachings, integrating them into their established power and self confirmation games, causing suffering and destruction, etc. and by establishing new concepts of love and other for sure beautiful concepts, giving means for idealistic goals but at the same time delivering drawing for children who are then can be kept busy filling these drawing with color of their choice, and with this blocking them to go beyond, to be able to realize the truth in these teachings.
The fact is that humans, even they are 'grown ups', are still children in their personal evolution and so they still need a father. Individuals who had unfulfilled needs in their early childhood with their father, (who had not?) will even in their adult life carry this lack with them and project their need into daily circumstances, causing reactions in others and within themselves. On the other hand all want still unconditional love and security, they never received, and so projecting their unfulfilled need into an almighty father who's sitting somewhere above all on a pink cloud and watching us... This is a subject maybe for another post, - if you wish.
Conclusion: The answer to your question 'what is god', can only come out of a personal transformation and growing process, but for sure not out of any teaching about the subject. A real teaching can happen when obstacles are removed and these are mainly the established concepts, images and one's world view, giving the tools and the information to be able to work on one's 'properties'
This I will not touch unless you ask for it...

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